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I’ll kiss you in bisaya


What’s the bisaya/cebuano translation of  "I’ll kiss you"?


"I’ll kiss you" is translated in bisaya (cebuano) as:

  • "Kissan ka nako." (pronounced as Kis-sahn kah nah-kuh.). This bisaya version of "I’ll kiss you" is more modern and not awkward to the ears of the modern bisaya especially to the younger people.

But you can also use the following bisaya translations of "I’ll kiss you":

  • "Hagkan ka nako." (pronounced as "Hahg-kahn kah nah-kuh".)
  • "Halukan ka nako." (pronounced as "Hah-luh-kahn kah nah-kuh.")
  • "Ako kang halukan." (pronounced as "Ah-kuh kahng hah-luh-kahn")

Example usage in sentence:

  • "I’ll kiss you if you don’t stop crying". (Kissan ka nako kung dili ka muundang ug hilak).
  • "I’ll kiss you in the forehead." (Kissan ka nako sa agtang.)
  • "I’ll kiss you in the cheeks." (Kissan ka nako sa aping.)
  • "I’ll kiss you in the nose." (Kissan ka nako sa ilong.)
  • "I’ll kiss you in the lips." (Kissan ka nako sa lips)
  • "If you dont stop laughing, i’ll kiss you." (Kung di ka muhunong ug katawa, kissan ka nako.)
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