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We love you in Bisaya Translation

You may ask, "What is the bisaya translation of "We love you"?

We love you bisaya translation


The bisaya translation of "We love you" is "Gimahal ka namo" or "Nahigugma me nimo".

Gimahal ka namo is pronounced as "Ge-mah-hal kah nah-muh"

Nahigugma me nimo is prounced as "Nah-hih-gohg-mah mih nih-muh"

Other bisaya translations of "We love you" are:
  • Nia me pagmahal nimo
  • Nia me gugma nimo
  • Nahiguma kami kanimo
"Gimahal", "gugma" or "nahiguma" are bisaya translations of "love".

While "Me", "ka" or "kami" are bisaya translations of "we".

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