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How to Install Fonts

If you're a newbie, you're probably wondering can fonts be installed in my computer? How can fonts be installed in a computer?

Fonts are typefaces you see in your computer screen. Fonts such as Times New Roman, Arial or Microsoft Sans Serif are some examples of fonts that are already installed in your computer. If you're a graphics lover, graphic designer or font collector you might be interested with my collection of fonts. You can see some of my fonts collection here: http://www.affordablecebu.com/load/fonts/download_free_fonts_modern_style/20-1-0-47.

If you have already downloaded it, I will show you how to install these fonts in your computer. It is required that you are using Windows Operating System.

Follow these Steps on How to Install Fonts in Your Computer:

The name of the font that we are going to install is Bedizen Font.

Here is the thumbnail of the Bedizen thumbnail:

1.  We are going to install this Bedizen font. Copy the file.

2.  Go to Control Panel. Switch to Classic View. You should see the Fonts Folder like the image below. Open it.

3.  Paste the Bedizen font in this Fonts Folder. You're now done.

Very simple isn't it. You can now see your newly installed Berdizen font in you Microsoft Word. Check it.

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