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Top 20 Most Valuable Companies in the Philippines 2016

Here's a list of the Top 20 Most Valuable Companies in the Philippines in terms of market capitalization. They're publicly listed in the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE). Market capitalization is calculated by multiplying the total outstanding shares by the current market price of each share (Outstanding Shares x Market Price of 1 share = Market Capitalization). It's highly important to determine the market capitalization of a company because it reflects market value and investors are willing to pay for company's stocks with growing market capitalization. The higher the company's market cap, the greater the growth potential.
The holding company SM Investments Corporation is now the no. 1 most valuable company in the Philippines. Industries such as utility, real estate and banking are booming in the Philippines.

You can see in the graph below how SM Investments Corporation outranks other Philippine companies in terms of market cap.


This is the list of top 20 most valuable companies in the Philippines as of February 18, 2016 (in terms of market capitalization):
  1. SM Investments Corporation - Php 666.54 billion
  2. SM Prime Holdings, Inc. - Php 615.13 billion
  3. Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company (PLDT) - Php 509.03 billion
  4. JG Summit Holdings, Inc. - Php 492.44 billion
  5. Ayala Land, Inc. - Php 469.52 billion
  6. Ayala Corporation - Php 433.73 billion
  7. Universal Robina Corporation - Php 414.27 billion
  8. BDO Unibank, Inc. (BDO) - Php 365.27 billion
  9. Manila Electric Company (MERALCO) - Php 362.92 billion
  10. Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) - Php 354.40 billion
  11. Aboitiz Equity Ventures, Inc. - Php 321.87 billion
  12. Aboitiz Power Corporation - Php 312.74 billion
  13. Globe Telecom, Inc. - Php 251.41 billion
  14. Metropolitan Bank & Trust Company (Metrobank) - Php 242.33 billion
  15. Jollibee Foods Corporation - Php 233.19 billion
  16. GT Capital Holdings, Inc. - Php 217.88 billion
  17. LT Group, Inc. - Php 175.09 billion
  18. San Miguel Corporation - Php 170.06 billion
  19. DMCI Holdings, Inc. - Php 159.06 billion
  20. Metro Pacific Investments Corporation - Php 158.67 billion
Top 20 Most Valuable Companies in Philippines 2016


Top 20 Most Valuable Companies in the Philippines
(as of February 20, 2015)

RankCompany NameMarket Capitalization (in billion pesos)
1SM Investments CorporationPhp 734.86
2Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company (PLDT)Php 689.22
3SM Prime Holdings, Inc.Php 568.34
4Ayala Land, Inc.Php 527.58
5JG Summit Holdings, Inc.Php 485.64
6Universal Robina CorporationPhp 475.57
7Ayala CorporationPhp 460.24
8BDO Unibank, Inc.Php 402.85
9Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI)Php 388.19
10Aboitiz Power CorporationPhp 328.56
11Aboitiz Equity Ventures, Inc.Php 320.98
12Manila Electric Company (MERALCO)Php 312.21
13Metropolitan Bank & Trust Company (Metrobank)Php 259.93
14Alliance Global Group, Inc.Php 258.80
15Globe Telecom, Inc.Php 252.19
16Jollibee Foods CorporationPhp 241.95
17International Container Terminal Services, Inc.Php 228.85
18GT Capital Holdings, Inc.Php 210.03
19DMCI Holdings, Inc.Php 206.33
20San Miguel CorporationPhp 184.31


Most Valuable Companies in Philippines 2015


Top 20 Most Valuable Companies in the Philippines
(as of February 7, 2014)

RankCompany NameMarket Capitalization (in billion pesos)
1Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company (PLDT)P 562.61
2SM Investments CorporationP 543.85
3SM Prime Holdings, Inc.P 405.05
4Ayala Land, Inc.P 363.54
5Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI)P 337.30
6Ayala CorporationP 312.30
7Aboitiz Equity Ventures, Inc.P 278.85
8BDO Unibank, Inc.P 283.96
9Manila Electric Company (MERALCO)P 278.39
10Alliance Global Group, Inc.P 277.28
11Aboitiz Power CorporationP 262.70
12JG Summit Holdings, Inc.P 262.44
13Universal Robina CorporationP 250.87
14Globe Telecom, Inc.P 222.87
15LT Group, Inc.P 211.02
16Metropolitan Bank & Trust Company (Metrobank)P 207.92
17International Container Terminal Services, Inc.P 195.05
18Emperador, Inc.P 172.50
19DMCI Holdings, Inc.P 161.99
20Jollibee Foods CorporationP 158.92


Top 20 Most Valuable Companies in the Philippines 2014


Top 20 Most Valuable Companies in the Philippines
(as of January 6, 2013)

RankCompany NameMarket Capitalization (in billion pesos)
1Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company (PLDT)P 572.55
2SM Investments CorporationP 568.15
3San Miguel Brewery, Inc.P 451.53
4Ayala Land, Inc.P 365.80
5Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI)P 347.99
6Ayala CorporationP 322.93
7Manila Electric CompanyP 304.32
8Aboitiz Equity Ventures, Inc.P 295.42
9SM Prime Holdings, Inc.P 290.14
10Aboitiz Power CorporationP 279.26
11JG Summit Holdings, Inc. P 274.27
12BDO Unibank, Inc.P 266.78
13San Miguel Corporation "A"P 250.04
14Metropolitan Bank and Trust Company (Metrobank)P 214.94
15Universal Robina CorporationP 189.79
16Alliance Global Group, Inc.P 172.94
17DMCI Holdings, Inc.P 148.44
18International Container Terminal Services, Inc.P 145.29
19Bloomberry Resorts CorporationP 145.08
20Globe Telecom, Inc.P 142.73


Top 20 Most Valuable Companies in the Philippines
(as of March 23, 2012)

Most Valuable Companies in Philippines 2012

Below is the graph of the Top 20 Companies with Highest Value (Market Cap) in the Philippines 2012:

Top 20 Most Valuable Companies in the Philippines 2012

Note: Figures are collected from the Philippine Stock Exchange Website and press releases.

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reytz   (07 June 2016 7:55 PM) [Entry]

ayala most valuable than sm

reytz   (07 June 2016 7:54 PM) [Entry]

ayala mas malaki kay sa SM pag pinagsama ang ari arian ng ayala

remar lisondra   (03 February 2016 5:49 PM) [Entry]

the firms are very inspiring
i like to have one..........

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John Mark   (17 August 2015 5:30 PM) [Entry]

im a distributor at alliance global group

pj   (07 August 2013 12:38 PM) [Entry]

why is it that coca cola phil. is not included in the list?

lhen balbaboco   (03 August 2013 8:26 AM) [Entry]

i would like to follow up for the re connection of meter at blk 55 lot 5 manalo st. we already paid the bills, until now no meralco personnel visit the said address. pls do help us. thank you so much for your fast action and all assistance will be highly appreciated. godspeed.

echo   (11 June 2013 10:50 AM) [Entry]

what ang daming gn tao ngayun 105720 644

elyboy   (22 April 2013 5:22 PM) [Entry]

Add Ayala also - Globe Telecom / Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) / Ayala Land, Inc. / Manila Water Company / Integrated Micro-Electronics etc ...

admin   (22 April 2013 5:25 PM) [Entry]

elyboy, the Ayala brothers also truly hold substantial economic prowess in the Philippines.

jayjay   (16 April 2013 4:49 PM) [Entry]

just add up the SM prime holdings and SM investment corp, PLDT would just be in second place.

admin   (16 April 2013 6:11 PM) [Entry]

jayjay, it seems that the Sy family holds too much economic power in the Philippines. biggrin

Geraldine Pama   (15 April 2013 4:37 PM) [Entry]

Can you send me list of top 20 companies in the Philippines as of December 31, 2000? Thanks

supremo   (17 February 2013 9:49 AM) [Entry]

Why Digitel/Suncellular telecom company not in the top corporatios in the philippines considering the company is the 2nd largest telecom in the country?

mae   (11 January 2013 6:14 PM) [Entry]

nothing to say.

rachelle   (02 October 2012 12:12 PM) [Entry]

hope that me too have a business like that!!!!!!!!!!!!!

University of Rizal System   (09 August 2012 3:25 PM) [Entry]

please send me a list of Corporations which are related to agribusiness, specially in swine and poultry productions.

hoping for your response, those corporations will be used in my dissertation.

thank you


admin   (06 January 2013 9:18 PM) [Entry]

Calata Corporation engages in agribusiness.

lani leonor   (31 July 2012 10:41 PM) [Entry]

is it possible that we also have a list of top Networking Companies in terms of Taxes paid.

Millionaire Maker Team   (26 June 2012 2:55 PM) [Entry]


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Happy   (10 May 2012 11:43 AM) [Entry]

Your informatioh would be better if you could cite your source.

admin   (13 May 2012 1:33 PM) [Entry]

Happy, we included a note (which is the source of the figures) below the table.