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Top 100 Free Article Templates (Ultimate List)

To advertisers, content marketers, writers, bloggers, journalists or reporters I have an awesome freebie for you. To make your article writing easier, faster and better, I present to you an ultimate list of 100 free article templates I've learned as a writer. This powerful templates will serve as your best guide in creating and writing a voluminous original and high quality articles.
Top 100 Free Article Templates

100 Free Article Templates

#Article Template NameDetails
1How-to Article TemplateWrite how-to articles such as guides, tutorials, instructions, procedures, steps. Readers love how-to articles. Think how how-to websites such as ehow.com and wikihow.com generate high volume of traffic. They attract huge number of readers (millions around the globe). I know people like me and you are craving on how-to articles especially if they are offered for free. Examples (titles):
  • How to Ignite Readers Attention the Super-Fast Way?
  • How to Write Highly Interesting Articles Effectively?
  • How to Remove Rusty and Broken Screw or Nut?
  • How to Recover Files from Your Damaged Hard Drive
2Top 10 Lists Article TemplateWrite Top 10 Lists or top things related to your subject of expertise. They serve as quick tips or quick reference to your readers. Examples:
  • Top 10 Famous News Writers
  • Top 10 Youngest Billionaires in the World
  • Top 10 Article Templates
  • Top 10 Ways to Increase Website Traffic
3Secrets Article TemplateOne little secret when revealed might be very interesting to read or hear especially if it affects the innermost part of your life. Tell more secrets and and more readers will be craving to know them. Examples:
  • The Secret of Getting Rich
  • The Secret of Success
  • The Secret of Successful Blogging
  • Secrets of Gaining More Readers
4News Analysis Article TemplateIf you have an intuitive and analytic mind, you can create many articles from a single news article by creating many analysis from different perspectives of that news. Examples:
  • Cost and Pollution Reduction Through the Use of Hydrogen Fuel in Vehicles
  • The Effect of Hydrogen Fuel to the Country's Economy
  • Google's Latest Search Engine Algorithm Update: Does it really increase Google's Revenue?
  • Does Blackhat methods really improves site's search engine ranking?
5Success Story Article TemplateTo find inspiration and role model, people tend to copy how other people become successful in their fields. Success stories is such a big hit to those also want to become successful. Examples:
  • Success Story of Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg
  • Success Story of Google's Matt Cutts
  • Success Story of ABS-CBN News Anchor Korina Sanchez
  • Success Story of Philippine President Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino III
6Words of Wisdom Article TemplateGreat and legendary people are often quoted with their words of wisdom. Their words are priceless and immortal. They're full of lessons to ponder and learn from. People love those words. Examples:
  • "Failure is a part of Success"
  • "To be blind is bad, but worse is to have eyes and not see."
  • "Love of money is the root of all evil"
  • "Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, small minds discuss people."
7Traditions Article TemplateYou may have traditions that might be significant to you and to a group of society. Those traditions might be new to somebody else. Share them and spark interest to everyone else. Examples:
  • Tradition of Celebrating American Independence
  • Why America Celebrates Thanksgiving
  • Filipino Dining: Kamayan-style
  • Handshake and Bowing Heads
8Overcoming Objections Article TemplateHaving disagreement? Does the new company, product, or service encounter objections. You can clear them up by overcoming those objections. Explain the objection. Tell why it's not true. Examples:
  • SEO is dead
  • Speed matters more than quality
  • Network Marketing Company payout-release postponed
  • Article spinning is the best way to generate plenty of articles.
9Stress Awareness Article TemplateDid you experience stress? Tell what stress you had, how did you feel, how did it bother you, and how did you cope with that stress. Examples:
  • Unblock the Writer's Block
  • Basic exercises to stop mouth stuttering
  • Cool exercises to avoid stroke
  • Simple ways to eliminate smoking habit
10How to Start Article TemplateEvery endeavor has a start. Why not make an article on how to start "something"? Examples:
  • How to start a website
  • How to start a business
  • How to start writing articles
  • How to start playing basketball
11Tools You Need Article TemplateTools makes your everyday life easier and convenient. What tools do you use for creating, improving or repairing something? Tell us why and how do you use them. Give us some tips. benefits. Examples:
  • Tools You Need To Polish Your Car
  • Tools You Need In Creating an Article
  • Basic Tools You Need For Troubleshooting Cars
  • Tools You Need In Creating a Simple Chair
12The Best Routine Article TemplateYou have an old routine and you implement a new routine then, and you notice an improvement. Tell us how that new or best routine help you improve something. How do you implement that new routine. Examples:
  • Proper Article Creation Routine
  • Time Management Routine
  • Better Exercises Daily Routine
  • Make a Writing Routine Like a Pro
13Book Review Article TemplateIf you have favorite books, you can make reviews about them. Introduce the book as a whole, the author and the benefit of reading your review. Tell the main points and issues. What's your point of view of those issues and evaluate them. Examples:
  • Rich Dad Poor Dad Book Review
  • Doctor Sleep Book Review
  • David and Goliath Book Review
  • Sycamore Row Book Review
14Product Review Article TemplateSame as book review, you can also make a review on products such as cars, computers, tablets, mobile phones. You may include the reasons why do you like or dislike the product. Examples:
  • 2013 Hyundai Santa Fee Car Review
  • Samsung Galaxy S3 Phone Review
  • Intel i7-990X Processor Review
  • Toyota Fuel Cell Vehicle (FCV) Review
15Movie Review Article TemplateYou can review latest movies that you've watched. The audience who haven't watch the movie can better grasp what's the movie all about. Examples:
  • The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug Movie Review
  • The Legend of Hercules Movie Review
  • Maleficient Movie Review
  • Son of God Movie Review
16Personal Story Article TemplateSometimes, a personal story of yours might be a blessing or a lesson to others. Share it and how you've learned from it. Examples:
  • 3 days and 3 nights studying without sleep
  • 127 hours trapped under a boulder
  • Growing without parents
  • Hacking the Harvard University Computer System
17Saving Time Article TemplateThere are plenty of methods or ways on how to save time on something. Create them and see how you can also save more time to more people. Examples:
  • 15 Ways to Save Time While Writing Articles
  • 6 Ways to Save More Time Going to the Office
  • Essential Time Saving Guide for Busy People
  • 10 Steps to Save Time in Grocery Shopping
18Quick Quiz Article TemplateMake an interesting question and answer portion. Explain in more details how you've come up with that answer. Examples:
  • Which is better, a general website or a niche website for traffic?
  • SEO is dead: True or False?
  • Why do dogs wag their tail?
  • Do vampires exist?
19Changing Times Article TemplateTime evolves. Knowledge progresses. Old days have old method or concepts. You can present new methods that are better than the old methods/concepts and explain the changing concept. Examples:
  • Latest Television Technology
  • Latest Car Technology
  • Hydrogen-fueled cars vs Petroleum-fueled cars
  • The New Generation of Technology-Driven Society
20Pleasure Principles Article TemplatePleasure can be derived from the positive experiences. You can share those experiences that brought you joy, benefits, advantages, or something better. Examples:
  • Amazing Health Benefits of Daily Jogging
  • Advantages of Biking To Work
  • Positive Effects of SEO'ed Website
  • Good Side of Global Warming
21Goal-Setting Article TemplateThose who achieved greatness have goals in mind. Set goals and show the benefits of achieving them. Explain the ways to achieve them. You can also list the obstacles and the ways to overcome them. Examples:
  • The Goal To Grab Readers Attention Instantly
  • The Goal To Build Authority Website
  • The Goal To Attract Unlimited Website Traffic
  • The Goal To Lose Weight in 60 Days
22Things to Avoid Article TemplateIn order to have a better something, there are things that you need to avoid. What are they? Identify them and list the strategies on how to avoid them. Examples:
23Inspirational Article TemplateInspiration is something that give us motivation to do and to achieve something different and something worth fulfilling. Why not write about your inspirational story? Inspire others by your heroic deeds. Examples:
  • From Street Vendor to Mall Magnate
  • From Average Blogger to Internet Guru
  • College Drop-out Billionaires
  • The hare and the tortoise
24Pain-Avoidance Article TemplateHumans tend to avoid pain as much as to seek pleasure. Nobody wants pain. Do you have problems or issues related to your life or field? Write those steps that reduce or eliminate the issues and problems. How do those steps solve the issues? Examples:
  • How to avoid internet scams
  • 10 SEO Mistakes to Avoid
  • Basic Grammar Mistakes To Avoid as a Pro-Writer
  • Things to Do to Avoid Google Penalty
25Pros and Cons Article TemplateYou can write pros or cons of a product or service. Examples:
  • Pros and Eating of Eating Vegetables
  • Pros and Cons of Computers for Kids
  • Pros and Cons of Article Spinning
  • Pros and Cons of Using Touch Screen Monitors
26Q and A Article TemplateEveryone likes their concern or question to be answered. Tell and explain the answer of a question related to your niche. Q and A format. Examples:
  • What are the common mistakes of creating Article Title?
  • Why do people procrastinate?
  • How do expert writers write high quality articles?
  • Who are the best bloggers in the world?
27Golden Rules of "X" Article TemplateThough simple, people think of "Golden Rules" to be powerful and enlightening. Write them and make your readers or audience perceive you as a highly credible author. Examples:
  • Golden Rules of Effective Article Writing
  • 8 Golden Rules of Getting Unlimited Website Traffic
  • Golden Rules of Achieving Financial Freedom
  • 7 Golden Rules of Making Your Wife/Husband More In Love With You
28Checklist Article TemplateA human being doesn't have a perfect memory. Checklist can really help do those things that are needed to complete a task. It serves as a list of reminder of the "things to do". Examples:
  • Effective Article Writing Checklist: 5 Things To Do Before Writing an Article
  • Checklist of Things To Bring Before Traveling for Vacation
  • Buyer's Checklist: 15 Things You Need To Do Before Buying a House
  • Checklist of Things to Prepare Before Wedding
29Survey Results Article TemplatePeople love survey results especially if those results have a positive or negative impact on their lives or niche. Show and explain to them the results in a brief an concise manner. How do the results affect their lives or niche? Why are they important? Examples:
  • Customer Satisfaction Survey Results
  • Effective Search Engine Optimization Techniques Survey Results
  • Survey Results of How Companies and Marketers Are Satisfied with the Business Value They Achieved in Using the Major Internet Marketing Channels
  • Survey Results Regarding Younger Adults At Risk of Heart Attacks
30Principles of "X" Article TemplatePrinciples could be governing laws or rules of a system and if any of them are ignored, the effective operation of that system would not be achievable. Basically, principles are very important. Write an article of the principles of something (x), present why it's very important. Enumerate those principles. Explain each and tell why they're important. Examples:
  • 9 Basic Principles of Becoming an Effective Leader
  • 10 Principles of Attracting Readers
  • 7 Principles of Good Writing
  • 6 Principles of Writing for Users
31Service Review Article TemplateLive making Product or Movie Review, you can also create a review on the type of service that a business offers. Do you love or hate the service that the company offer? And explain why do you love or hate it. Examples:
  • Google Customer Service Review
  • CDR-King Customer Service Review
  • Ebay Customer Service Review
  • Amazon Customer Service Review
32"A" vs "B" Article TemplateCompare or contrast product "A" and product "B" Or can be also presented as keyword "A" vs keyword "B". You can create unlimited articles by comparing or contrasting two things, products, services, businesses, etc. Examples:
  • SEO vs SMO
  • Intel Processor vs AM Processor
  • Wordpress vs Blogspot
  • Google vs Yahoo
33"Which is better or faster" Article TemplateWhich is better: method "1" or method "2"? product "A" or product "B"? company "A" or company "B"? Start from that question and explain why "A" is better, bad, faster, or slower than "B". Enumerate the details and the reasons. Examples:
  • Writing Articles in the Morning or in the Evening: Which is Better?
  • Which is better: Intel Processors or AMD Processors?
  • Which is faster in terms of page-load: Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox?
  • Which is better: Using Laptop or Using Desktop Computer?
34Similarities between A and B Article TemplateSimilarities between two interesting things or two popular people can grab readers attention. Introduce why the similarities matter. List the similarities and explain each. Examples:
  • Similarities between Obama and Hitler
  • Similarities between Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy
  • Similarities between news article and feature article
  • Similarities between SEO and SMO
35Differences between A and B Article TemplateOn the other hand, you can also tell the differences between "A" and "B". Explain each differences. Examples:
  • Differences between Mass and Weight
  • Differences between Male Brain and Female Brain
  • Differences between Google+ and Facebook
  • Differences between Earth and Mars
36Free Download Article TemplateMost people on the internet are searching for something they want to download for free like ebooks, documents, music, videos, movies, softwares or apps. You can make that ebook or something and share it to the world. Examples:
  • Free Download "SEO Optimization Techniques" Ebook
  • Free Download "100 Ways to Create a Massive Powerful and Effective Articles" Ebook.

37Software Review Article TemplateMake a review regarding a software. What is its function? The positive and negatives sides of the software. How can it improve a task or performance. Is it a better or worst software compared to related softwares? What can you say about the developer of that software? Examples:
  • Norton Antivirus Software Review
  • Article Submission Software Review
  • TypingMaster Software Review
  • Article Marketing Software Review
38Website Review Article TemplateThere are over 600 million websites in the world. Why not create reviews on your favorite websites? List explain the reasons why do you like those websites? What are some of its pitfalls or negative sides? Do you have any ideas on how to improve the website? Examples:
  • Facebook Website Review
  • GoDaddy Website Review
  • The New York Times Website Review
  • GMA Network Website Review
3910 Facts About "X' Article TemplatePeople love facts especially those life-changer facts. Introduce why those facts are important to the readers. Enumerate the facts and explain each. Examples:
  • 10 Facts of Writing Sexy Articles
  • 10 Facts of Influencing People
  • 10 Facts of Website Development
  • 10 Facts of Planning a Vacation
40What you don't know about "X" Article Template
There a lot of things that people would like to know about. Show them the things they don't know yet and gain reputation as an authority. Examples:
  • What you don't know about buying your first home
  • What you don't know about credit cards
  • What you don't know about eating rice
  • What you don't know about investing stocks
41Things To Learn from "X" Article TemplateTeach people the things they want to learn on your field of expertise. Or teach them the experience of other people. Teaching something is a great way to build your reputation as an author. Examples:
  • 10 Things to Learn from the Hobbit
  • Things to Learn from Homeless Man Coder
  • 8 Things Women Must Learn From Men
  • 6 Things to Learn from Yolanda (Haiyan) Typhoon Incident
42The Biggest, The Largest, The Best Article TemplatePeople are very proud if they have something which they regarded as "the best", "the biggest", or "the largest". Make those people more proud by writing an article about those "biggest", "largest or "best" things they have. Examples:
  • The Best Article Writers in the World
  • The Best Authors in the World
  • The Biggest Crocodile in the World
  • The Largest Dome Arena in the World
43The Richest Article TemplateMost people give a high respect or honor to those who belong to the top 1% of the population - "The Richest Men in the World". Write about those richest men. How much are their net worth? What are their companies and businesses? How they become successful on their fields? Examples:
  • The Richest People in America
  • The Richest Man in China 2014
  • The Richest Man in Russia 2014
  • The Richest Man in Philippines 2014
You can also write about the richest countries, the richest cities, the richest politicians, the richest celebrities or the richest athletes.
44Famous Speeches of "X person" Article TemplateFamous speeches are timeless jewels that are valued from generations to generations. Write or transcribe those famous speeches by famous or ordinary people who have great impact to the society. Examples:
  • Famous Speeches of Benigno "Ninoy" Aquino Jr.
  • Famous Speeches of President Barack Obama
  • Famous Speeches of GMA News Anchor Jessica Soho
  • Famous Speeches of Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago
45History or Biography of "X" Article TemplateHistory teaches a us a lot of lessons. Write a history of someone or something. It involves introducing the "X" or subject (person, place or thing). Tell its past condition, its present condition. How "X" evolves? Present its major turning points. In conclusion, tell the moral lessons, principles, or influence to the society. Examples:
  • History of the United States
  • Biography of Apple Founder Steve Jobs
  • Biography of Microsoft Founder Bill Gates
  • History of Google
46Advantages and Disadvantages of "X" Article TemplateKnowing the advantages and disadvantages of a product, service, method, or any item is one of the signs of a wise and serious buyer or researcher. Enumerate the good and the bad things about "X". Explain why and how they became good or bad. You can support them with case studies, researches, or personal experience. Measure out which of them outweighs the other one. Examples:
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Wireless Internet Connection
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Writing Articles in the Morning
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Using a Laptop
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Dancing Zumba Workout
4710 Mistakes Article TemplateIt's human nature. People do commit mistakes. Let those mistakes be the lessons for other people. List those mistakes. Why did you commit those mistakes and explain how can other people minimize or avoid them. Examples:
  • 10 Mistakes To Avoid Before Buying Your First Home
  • Article Writing: 10 Common Mistakes
  • 10 Common Mistakes of Guest Blogging
  • 10 Marriage Mistakes
485 Steps Article TemplateSteps, methods or instructions. We all need them to get the job done or to achieve something. Enumerate those steps and clearly explain each. If there are technical terms used, define and explain it in an understandable manner. Examples:
  • 5 Steps to Apply for Citibank Online Banking
  • 5 Steps to Court Your Girl
  • 5 Steps to Make A Guy Like You
  • 5 Easy Steps To Lose Weight in 5 Weeks
4910 Weird Things About "X" Article TemplateWeird, strange, or unusual things can ignite people's curiosity. Give your audience the weird things about a subject. Usually, this type of article can generate a lot of comments and controversies. Examples:
  • 10 Weird Things About Your Eyes
  • 10 Weird Things Humans Do Everyday
  • 10 Weird Things Smart People Do in a Club
  • 10 Weird Things Dumb People Do in School 
5010 Hard to Forget Facts About Article TemplateThose things that affect or hurt us personally, physically, emotionally, financially, religiously or psychologically may be hard to forget. Share them to your audience. They serve as powerful lessons and insights. List and explain each facts. How do they become memorable to you or to other people? Examples:
  • 10 Hard to Forget Facts About United States of America
  • 10 Hard to Forget Facts About Year 2014
  • 10 Hard to Forget Facts About Google Search Algorithm Update 2013
  • 10 Hard to Forget Facts About Harvard University
5110 Things You Should Know About Article TemplatePeople aren't aware of some important things in their lives. These things that they should know about might be helpful or useful for them. So share those 10 things. Examples:
  • 10 Things You Should Know About Writing Articles
  • 10 Things You Should Know About Procrastination
  • 10 Things You Should Know About Eating Vegetables
  • 10 Things You Should Know About Daily Excercise
52Reminders Article TemplateSimple solutions of the things you commonly forget might be powerful solutions to other people. These reminders can add extra value to many people who commit the same "I forgot" thing. Examples:
  • Top 10 Reminders Before Writing High Quality Articles
  • Reminders Before Going to Sleep
  • Reminders Before Eating Meals
  • Reminders Before Kissing Your Boyfriend/Girlfriend
53Discussion Article TemplateValuable discussions from authorized persons or people with authority in their respective fields can be a great source of article writing ideas. Make an article from that discussions and other people with the same concern can greatly benefit from the article. Examples:
  • Discussions about SEO 2014
  • Discussion about Business Trends 2015
  • Discussion about Recovering from Google Search Engine Penalty 2014
  • Discussion about Latest Article Marketing Trends
54Niche Jargon Article TemplateSome complicated topics, difficult-to-understand or new concepts about your niche can be a source of article writing ideas. Write about them to educate your audience. If you're the first one who write about that new or complicated concept, other sites would happily link to your site.
55Symptoms to Watch Article TemplateHealth industry is booming. A growing number of people are searching for the symptoms of the illness they're suffering. They want to know what illness or disease they're currently experiencing through the symptoms they felt. Examples:
  • Symptoms to Watch: Signs of Depression
  • Symptoms of Lung Cancer
  • Symptoms of Ovarian Cancer
  • Symptoms of Heart Disease
56"Dear Annie" Article TemplateEmails, messages, comments or questions from your audience are great sources for writing articles. It may start with "Dear ________", "Dear Webmaster", or "Dear Author". Provide solutions, tips or insights to the topic of the message sender.
57Reflections on History Article Templateto be updated soon...
58Resolutions to Consider Article Templateto be updated soon...
59Methods for Saving "X" Article Templateto be updated soon...
60Location-Based Article Templateto be updated soon...
61Beware of "X" Article Template...
62What If? Article Template...
63Motivational Triggers Article Template...
64Myth-Busting Article Template...
65Controversial Opinion Article Template...
66Predictions Article Template...
67I'm Grateful for...Article Template...
68Holiday/Seasonal Article Template...
69Year-in-Review Article Template...
70Industry Trends Article Template...
71Current Events Article Template...
72Pain Points Article Template...
73The (3) Stages of "X" Article Template...
74Traps and How to Escape Them Article Template...
75Things To Do Article Template...
76Top 7 Tips Creates 8 Articles Template...
77The Checklist Article Template...
78The I Love Article Template...
79Lessons My Mentor Never Thought Me Article Template...
80X Reasons Why You Should Y Article Template...
91Top Shortcuts Article Template...
92The Hard Lesson Article Template...
93Recipe for Success Article Template...
94Freedom Article Template...
95Looking Back Article Template...
96Tips and Tricks To Do...
97The Perfect Cure Article Template...
98Where to Buy Article Template...
99Famous Quote Article Template...
100Cure of Article Template...

Actually, there are more article templates that can be made aside from the templates above. I'll be modifying these and add another templates soon. Share, bookmark or save this page for your future reference. This will be your "go-to" page in case you run-out of article ideas.

With these templates and ideas now held in your hands, are you ready to create original and high quality articles?
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