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5 Tips for Making Cheap or Free International Calls...

Everyone visiting or living abroad loves to keep in touch with their loved ones. But international calls can be expensive for most people if you factor in roaming charges.

Everyone needs to be able to make cheap or free international calls, given the rising inflation rates and fears of recession. 

Advanced technology and communication services are making the world feel smaller. They are also making it relatively cheaper to make international calls. Some platforms like Whatsapp allow you to make calls and send messages for free. 

However, you and your loved ones or business associates need internet access to ensure smooth communication through apps like Whatsapp. 

The good news is that some platforms can help you call contacts without internet access at reasonable prices. 

You only need to understand your call receivers and the best way to communicate with them free of charge or cheaply. That is why we are highlighting these tips to help you make inexpensive or free international calls. 

  1. Use International Calling Apps for Cheap Rates

International calling apps use voice-over-Internet-Protocol (VoIP), also known as IP telephony. VoIP transmits voice messages and other media over internet protocol networks, unlike landlines. In other words, it uses the internet rather than telephone lines for communication.

You can use VoIP services to make free or cheap international calls. WhatsApp’s calling feature is a perfect example of VoIP services. But they are only ideal if the receiver and caller have a stable internet connection. If either party has access to a Wi-Fi connection, then you can make free calls. 

But, reaching your business partners or families with no stable internet connection can be challenging. 

On the other hand, international calling apps like Talk360 use VoIP and telephone network systems.

They can come in handy to help you stay in contact with your loved ones and business contacts in Kenya and the rest of Africa. You can call Kenya free of charge or pay cheaper rates than standard roaming charges. It will help you maximize business opportunities in Kenya and Africa through premium-quality, reliable and affordable communication. 

So, international calling apps like Talk360 will help you make cheap, premium-quality calls to Kenya and the rest of the world. You'll enjoy affordable calling rates to communicate with your loved ones. 

  1. Use a Local SIM Card

Local Sim Card Picture

Depending on the length of your travel, investing in a local SIM card could be the best bet for you. This could be full-time schooling, frequent work travels, or a semester-long exchange program. 

A local SIM card will come in handy, especially if you're staying in a place with unstable WiFi.

Besides WiFi or a SIM card, mobile data is the only other available option. But we all know that could result in exorbitant fees. You can quickly drain your account faster than expected by making international calls using your mobile data.  

Therefore, when purchasing a local SIM card, inquire if it has regular options for calling overseas or a data-only SIM card. 

You'll often notice that a regular SIM card may be more expensive than a data-only SIM card. You'll keep topping up call credits with a regular SIM card, but with a data-only, you may use at least 100 GB of mobile data. This can allow you to maximize online messaging services and VoIP providers. 

  1. Leverage Free Public WiFi 

If you can't access portable WiFi or invest in local SIM cards, you can source for public WiFi.  

This is easy if you're studying or working abroad. You'll notice that many university places often have free Wi-Fi connectivity for students. 

While many businesses with foreign employees offer international phone support services, this depends on the institutions, and there could always be an exception. 

But if you're a casual traveler looking for cheap international calling rates, the nearest cafe could be your best bet. Depending on your situation, leveraging free WiFi will always work to your advantage.

You can use the WiFi Finder tool to check out where there is a free WiFi hotspot in your destination. 

  1. Leverage Virtual Phone Numbers for Affordable Calling Rates

It could be challenging if your travel destination doesn't have VoIP providers. It could be worse if  the only WIFI connection is unstable, or the international calling packages don't cover your nation. 

Virtual phone numbers are available to save you. You can use the numbers to connect with your friends or family without worrying about exorbitant calling rates. With virtual phone numbers, you can easily change your current location. 

So your call will appear to be placed in the same region as you and not like it's coming from abroad. Therefore, it is more affordable to call international to any location; the numbers can move you. 

Like other solutions, virtual phone numbers can also be more effective. If you're under a tight budget, you can use this service. It's not only an affordable but secure option to call overseas. 

  1. Use an International Call Plan if You’re Using Landline

Phone International Call Plan

Not everyone has access to internet connectivity or is computer literate. You could consider using an international call plan if most of your communication abroad is through a landline. 

A landline international call plan is similar to a mobile device's international call plan. 

You stand to gain a lot using these programs. For instance:

  • Affordable calling rates in some countries and free calling minutes in others. 
  • You can also enjoy limited, unlimited minutes, or tiered minutes.
  • A group of select nations is covered with the plan, but first, you must confirm before buying any international call package. 

Before you apply for an international calling plan, you should consider the following:

  • What's your preference? It could be a plan with higher but more generous free minutes or a plan with lower minute rates. 
  • Do you share the same provider as your TV and broadband WiFi services with your international plan? You can always check to confirm if they have affordable package deals. 
  • What would you rather choose for your frequent calls? Unlimited calls or a generous amount of minutes? 
  • You should also consider the nation you are planning to call. Is the WiFi connectivity stable enough? 

Key Take Away

You can make cheap, premium quality calls to Kenya and to the entire African continent depending on the services you settle with. Consider how much data you need, do your loved ones have access to WiFi or mobile data, and your calling budget. 

Using international calling apps like Talk360 is one of the best ways to make affordable international calls. The receiver doesn't need the app, and you can always use affordable fees to make these calls. 

Using local SIM cards is another great solution if you want high-speed data. The availability of free WiFi connection and virtual numbers also helps cut costs. Consider going for the one that works best with your needs. 


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