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SM City Cebu Information and Contact Number

SM City Cebu, Philippines

Company Name: SM Prime Holdings, Inc.
Cebu Address:  North Reclamation Area, Cebu City, Cebu
Business Mall Hours: 10:00AM - 9:00PM (daily)
Contact No. / Telephone No.:  (032) 231-0557 | (032) 231-3446 to 47
Fax Number: (032) 231-2079

Email Address:  [email protected]
Official Website: http://www.smsupermalls.com
Type of Business: Real Estate / Mall / Retail /

SM City Cebu

More Information About SM City Cebu

SM City Cebu was successfully built and opened on November 27, 1993. It is the premiere shopping destination in the Visayas! It is the 4th largest SM Supermall in the Philippines, and the 11th largest mall in the world! SM City Cebu is developed by SM Prime Holdings, the country's largest shopping mall owner and developer. It is the company's first shopping mall outside of Metro Manila and the 4th largest shopping mall in the Philippines.

On an average day, more than 100,000 people visit SM City Cebu, with the figure increasing to 140,000 to 150,000 on weekends.

SM City Cebu has a land area of 11.8 hectares and a gross floor area of 268,611 m² (2,891,305 sq. ft.), becoming part of the world's 15 largest shopping malls and making it the 11th largest shopping mall in the world in 2009.

With almost 500 retail stores, outlets, restaurants and cafes, it offers the most discerning Cebuano the best and latest in fashion, electronics, home and furnishing, personal care and services, a wide array of local and international cuisines, family-fun and entertainment. All within the convenience of one amazing city - SM CITY CEBU!

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Total comments : 29
Donnabelle Casipong   (08 November 2017 12:47 PM)
Good afternoon Maam, Sir,


This is Donna from Lasol International , Korea. Our company is one of the leading distributing company of different Korean products such as Korean spicy noodles, shampoo, cosmetics and one of the newest in product that we had is the NIKO toothpaste that will help someone to quit smoking. We want to introduce some of our products in your establishments. We will give you all the necessary information you need through mail.Can you provide us her/ his contacts?

Joy Lyn Gustilo   (29 May 2017 11:59 AM)
Dear Sir/Madam,

Good Afternoon i would like to inquire how much the space
For rent for food stall.please email me the prices and terms.looking forward to hear from you.

Thank You,
Joy Lyn Gustilo

Debbie Harlene Rivera   (02 March 2016 0:07 AM)
Good day I would like to ask if there's a lost and found Driving liscense ? The name is Jacqmin Cabigon , it was lost on monday Feb. 29 , 2016 . please do contact me if ever there is . 09254850437

jimmy ng   (16 February 2016 9:48 AM)
Need to contact your leasing department, can i have cellphone numbers (globe, sun, or smart).
thank you. jimmy

Pilar   (15 January 2016 4:16 PM)
i wanna ask for the contact number of konika there in SM?

Thank You

Renz Sotto   (14 December 2015 11:02 AM)
can i haVE Contact numbers of Globe? Thank You

Angel Accad   (03 December 2015 1:16 PM)
TO: Leasing Department

Our company will hold an event on January 2016. May we ask for contact details of SM City Cebu leasing department to secure area and get list of requirements.

Thank you,

Rosalie   (21 September 2015 8:27 PM)
Dear Sir,

Kindly give me a right number of your costumer service particularly food court area. I left my brown envelop this afternoon before 4 PM.I call many times your costumer Tel. number nobody answer me.

I am hoping for your help with this matter.

Thank you.


Christine Marie Pogado   (30 August 2015 1:34 PM)
Hi po, Can I ask if Daniel Padilla Road Tour Cebu this October 10, 2015 . Are the tickets available? If not now, when wil it be available? :))) Reply as soon as possible please. Thank you.

Wilfredo   (22 August 2015 7:30 AM)
Dear Sir/Mam,

Kindly considerate my complain, regarding the services rendered by your employees. I would like to raise a concern about usage of elevator. Being new in Cebu I am not familiar unto where the different stores are located. Which forces me to ask assistance to your elevator employee. Unfortunately they instructed me the wrong location. I would also like to suggest that you more prioritize the senior citizen and the disabled ones.

Hoping for your Kind Consideration, God Bless.

dude   (13 June 2015 1:25 PM)
very frustrating, customers cannot get through their telephone numbers

let   (30 May 2015 1:05 PM)
hi,i would like to ask for the purchasing department e- mail address cause I want to make some proposals

Marygrace D Lisondra   (14 February 2015 11:04 AM)
Hi I would like to ask for contact number for CebuFlorist.com, it says that they have their Cebu office at SM

Anica   (18 June 2014 3:30 PM)
Hi, I would like to ask Sun Shop Contact numbers. O have some inquiries about there post paid plans offers. Thank you.

Anica   (18 June 2014 3:11 PM)
Can I have the number of Sun shop? Thanks

jai   (21 May 2014 2:15 PM)
Can i have the sun shop landline number or any mobile number?just need it very badly coz until now my new number has not been activated and my old number has no service..thanks

leodiz hernandez   (23 April 2014 7:58 PM)
Hi ...good day...can I ask....do you have a trans world courier branch in sm cebu? Thanks"!!

Mel   (15 April 2014 3:41 PM)
Can i ask the number of smart?

joandel   (15 March 2014 11:29 AM)
i wanna ask for the contact number of octagon store there in SM?

joandel   (15 March 2014 11:28 AM)
i wanna ask for the contact number of octagon store?

clancy   (21 February 2014 2:26 PM)
Do you have a contact # in Smart Center in sm cebu??

june abundo   (23 January 2014 3:02 PM)
I need to get the SM city Cebu Marketing Dept. email address as I need to submit a proposal.. Need to get it asap as the email address [email protected] does'nt work.


april   (23 January 2014 9:34 AM)
Hi Do you have an ice skating rink in SM Cebu?

april   (23 January 2014 9:34 AM)
Hi, do you have an ice skating rink inSM Cebu?

jonah john j. rodriguez   (26 December 2013 4:08 PM)
good day!

i just wanna know if you have Clarks boutique in SM Cebu?

leen   (06 September 2013 2:03 PM)
good day!

do you have a up coming trade show that we can join and inquire.

thank you

micki   (02 September 2013 4:01 PM)
Hello! Do you have the contact numbers of the acoustic bands that have played in you Atrium? Specifically....Adlib and Acushla? Thank you and more power.

louis rubigny   (15 May 2013 4:18 PM)

Ruth L. Lacano   (05 January 2013 6:09 PM)
just want to know about leasing spaces at sm city cebu and in the coming sm seaside city cebu city...interested to know more about the details of your spaces for lease.