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Talisay City Emergency Phone Numbers

These are telephone numbers that you can call during emergency situations in Talisay City, Cebu (Philippines). Please call these numbers according to your needs:
Office/DepartmentTelephone Number
Mayor's Office(032) 272-0669 / 273-1425
City Administrator(032) 272-8977
City Health Department(032) 272-2623
  • Rural Health Unit 1
(032) 272-3776
  • Rural Health Unit 2
(032) 273-4622
  • Rural Health Unit 3
(032) 272-5599
Department of Social Welfare and Services(032) 272-5249
Talisay District Hospital(032) 272-3225
Minglanilla Emergency Hospital(032) 490-2937
Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center(032) 253-9891
South General Hospital(032) 272-2020
Cebu City Medical Center(032) 255-7141
Talisay City Fire Department(032) 272-8277
Talisay City Police Department(032) 273-3636
City Talisay-Traffic Operations & Development Authority (CT-TODA)(032) 512-3374

Do you have any emergency situations happening in your place?

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Total comments : 2
kim   (24 March 2017 11:05 PM)
Hello I'm Kim Rafols how can I reach you if there's a group of people I want to report for public disturbance. I'm leaving in phase 1 Deca Homes Talisay City. It's 12am already and they are still making noise.. They are diaturbing those people who are trying to sleep, especialy those who came from work. Please post your mobile no. So that we can reach you immediately. Thank you and God Bless

L. Martin Rosenfeld   (19 August 2013 9:31 AM)
OPEN LETTER TO The Hon. Jonny De Los Reyes, Mayor and the City Legislature.

My name is L. Martin Rosenfeld, My Wife and I are the owners of MJR Foodcarts (Master Siomai Franchisee in Talisay City.

We would like to establish a SOUP KITCHEN for the poor and indigent of Talisay city primarily for the children and disadvantage of the City. this SOUP Kitchen will supply Meals of a healthy variety to the hungry and destitute of the City.

Unfortunately, we have no way of contacting the mayor or the legislature as no contact details appear on your city website.

If you are interested in us to estabish this soup kitchen gratis to the city, please contact us at 0917-621-5757 our company address is MASTER SIOMAI, South Central Square, Hi-Way Lawaan, Talisay City.

Thank you and may god Share his Blessings upon you.

L. Martin & Jennifer Rosenfeld