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VECO (Visayan Electric Company) Contact/Telephone Number

The second largest electric utility in the Philippines, Visayan Electric Company also known as VECO is founded by a group of businessmen in Cebu: M. Levering, A. Bryan, R. Landon and A. Pond. It provides electricity in the cities and municipalities here in Metro Cebu, Philippines. It is owned by the Aboitiz Power Corporation and Vivant Corporation. It has approximately 800 individual shareholders to date.
Visayan Electric Company VECO logo
VECO logo

Whatever problems or concerns you have, you can contact VECO at this telephone number: (032) 230-8326

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ELAINE JOYCE BACUNADOR   (20 February 2018 11:55 AM)
veco please do some actions regarding with your customer service hotline I keep on calling yet no ones' answering the call. How can I raise my concern if your customer service hotline doesn't work?!...please give some considerations to those who want to call you.

Liona Mie Gonzaga   (06 December 2017 7:08 PM)
We have a problem here in our boarding house about an illegal wire tapping from the post. Actually we do not really know that the bulb outside in our boarding house was actually from the main line. The sad thing is that we used the bulb for the meantime because the light inside in our boarding house was not working. And sad to say the field inspector from the veco inspectioned it. Now my questions is so we really have to pay for the charges and have a public apology eventhough we were not the one who connected the wire from the main line?

virginia arnejo   (27 September 2017 12:56 PM)
our Account Id NUmber is 2213420000-9 account name under richard arnejo and meter no. 510074-GS6. Please help me with this one .Inspect it ASAP and replace it with a digital one. Thank You.

virginia arnejo   (27 September 2017 12:51 PM)
I want our meter to be inspected if its funtioned properly or not for our billing is always increasing in its amount. If possible I want it to be replaced wi a digital one. Thank you .

virginia arnejo   (27 September 2017 12:46 PM)
I want my meter to be inspected if it function properly or not because our billing are always increasing in its amount . I hope you can helpme with this one. If possible I want it to be replaced with a digital one. Thank you .

Corazon Llamedo   (19 April 2017 11:06 AM)
Good pm... Ask ko lng po bakit hangang ngayon, wala pa kami kuryente dito,kapon pa po ito nag start, hangang ngayon, still no electricity. Sana po ma actionan na ito kaagad kasi po, sobrang init na po lalo na sa panahon po ngayon. Please paki check po sa mga lines dito sa Sitio Ufeba Bulacao Pardo Cebu City,bakit po wala pa kaming kuryente hangang ngayon. Salamat po.

irish   (30 January 2017 2:52 PM)
sir/maam makitanong lang po ako kasi sa december pa kami nagpa lagay nang kuryenti kaso hindi pa na i top nang taga veco or lineman hanggang ngayon paano ko malalaman or kailan kami malagyan ng kuryenti?

ma patrocinio gayotin   (29 May 2014 2:02 PM)
inquiry is kindly provide us the rate per appliance:
electric fan
rice cooker
light bulb

Herbert Kwan   (09 November 2013 5:20 PM)
Useless hotline!! No connection whatsoever!! We cant even call to receive updates regarding our situation!!!

Kathrin kaiser   (09 November 2013 5:18 PM)
31 hrs has passed by and STILL NO ELECTRICITY here in MABOLO CEBU!!!!! please do something about this! Other areas already have their electricity back!

Teng Potian   (09 November 2013 4:43 PM)
Please be informed that until now the area in Paknaan Mandaue City has no electricity. kindly look into the matter maraming kids and maperwisyo. Thanks and more power!

William Hewitt   (12 August 2013 8:34 PM)

This is in regard to improper billing of electrical usage in Park Tower 1, Ayalla, Cebu 6000. Specifically, 1105. Ms. Asnar is my landlord there. The electricity has been entirely shut off to the unit yet more than 7000 in fees has been charged over tha past 90 days. Pwede... Please attend to this immediately.

I have close friends who are the bankers to Aboitiz Family and we hold your family high. Please fix this immediately and email me back.

Salamat ka ayo
William Hewitt

augusto cuyos jr.   (09 May 2013 5:48 PM)

Iam a renter of wilfreda caballero house we have no electric bill since april and may 2013
pls.check our electric bill so that we can pay our bills...thank you,iam waitng for your response godbless.....

Genevieve T. Lumontad   (06 November 2012 8:13 AM)
Good Day..

I am a resident at UP Lot, Lawaan 1 , Talisay City since 2000 and until now we have no electrical connection yet, can you please give us a way how can we apply for it.

Please reply to my email.. Thank you and God Bless

kate   (07 June 2012 12:36 PM)
hi...i know a friend from abroad who is willing to help us install solar panels in areas that do not have electricity yet..however, he wants to know what are the possible rules in installing solar panels especially the rules about FIT..

is there a particular office or person i can approach regarding this concern?

i hope to hear from your end..thank you and more power..


John Calleno   (24 April 2012 7:59 PM)
Sir Good day...
There was this incident this afternoon that an inspector who appeared and who introduced as a member of VECO came to our house and reported that the seal of our meter was lost and he even blamed us and appointed us or shall i say that accused us that we are the ones who did that for our own benefits,he even insisted to go inside our house and want to inspect our appliances...well as a matter of fact he even had a partner who carried a shot Gun....

well in our side...

1st we are not the ones who removed the seal from the meter,only the veco authorized personnel has the authority to do such job for it is their duty and responsibility....

2nd what would be a significant or valid reason if we do such thing...i mean does he mean that he accused us for such things without any proof and if he thinks that it would lower our bill in electricity then maybe he should think thrice or even a hundred times...why? coz we haven't experienced low payment of electric bills....is this his basis? well then,before he confronted us he must have checked first the data base regarding the billings last month..or maybe this is just a frame up for us to have a bad record in your company...

3rd as i said awhile ago we are not the ones who removed the seal,maybe it was the inspector Last month who cut our electricity supply for we are not able to pay our bill for your office was closed at that time since there was an earthquake...he may forgot to put the seal back..or maybe it was them who removed it for they are the ones who were caught in the act holding our electric meter...

4th is it necessary that a VECO inspector to carry a deadly weapon?are they authorized to do that?

well then to prove that we are innocent about the issue we even called the barangay Tanod to stand as witnesses about the issue...

does a veco personnel authorized to inspect our appliances inside our house? does an electric company have the right to inspect electrical appliances connected outside or after the electric meter specially at home?

please do reply for this complain and question of mine...
please do end your answer at my email ad...
I am just an ordinary citizen...