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InnerXpressions.com Review

A new website and said to be "the next big thing in the internet", InnerXpressions.com  is a social network that pays. It's a revolutionary social networking, e-business, and online entertainment. As of this date of post, InnerXpressions is on a pre-launch period. The InnerXpressions.com website was created on March 11, 2011. They will officially launch on August 1, 2011. They said that it's the only place on the internet that offers it all.
InnerXpressons Logo
InnerXpressions logo

InnerXpress envisions limitless possibilities and endless potential. They offer opportunities to expand not only your network but also your mind, your business, your awareness, and your income potential.

InnerXpressions photo

How to Earn Money with InnerXpress.com?

1. Cash Referral Program
You can make money by referring your friends through InnerXcash Affiliate System. With their 3 tiered program, you can earn money as your network expands.
InnerXpressions Cash Referral Program
InnerXcash photo

2. Earn profits through Buying and Selling
As a registered member, you can buy and sell products in their InnerXmall. You can buy and sell metaphysical products (softwares, apps, ebooks, games, movies), cds, books and everything you may think of. In the InnerXmall, you can see your online transactions, statistics and other financial data.
InnerXpressions InnerXmall
InnerXmall photo

What are some of the most innovative feature of InnerXpress?

InnerXpress has a built in live chat feature called "InnerXcam" which brings people together on their own personalized chat rooms that can accommodate multiple users in real time video chat.

InnerXpressions InnerXcam Video Chat
InnerXcam photo

With InnerXpress professional package, you can have the ability to charge your clients, guests or group discussions at a rate of your choice.

InnerXpress has also a live broadcasting feature called "InnerXlive". They described this as the internet news sensation. You can use to introduce your product, share your ideas or knowledge or showcase your talent. You can even set ticket prices and offer your book costs on demand.

InnerXpressions InnerXlive
InnerXlive photo

You can also watch others' book costs and expand your mind, share information, and market your business through "InnerXchange". With this you can send emails and share information the easiest way possible.

InnerXpressions InnerXchange
InnerXchange photo

Internet marketing has never been this easy. You can create blogs and press releases in one place.

You can also upload your videos for fun. Show your personality or socialize or express yourself with "InnerXtube". With InnerXtube, you can also watch cable TV and stay up to date.

InnerXpressions InnerXtube
InnerXtube photo

All of these under InnerXpressions.com, a community of like-minded business people, consumers and media seekers. All looking for entertainment, education and enlightenment.

You can customize your pages with all your favorites: cable channels, articles, e-stores, videos, etc. Simply express it all in InnerXpressions.

InnerXpressions web page

As what they envisioned, "All realms of possibilities exist beyond InnerXpressions virtual door."

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