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Photography - Sunrise Pictures of Oroquieta City

I'm amazed how great our nature is. Contemplating with our nature is contemplating how everything around us is interrelated to each other. If there are rainy days, there are summer days. You might heard the "yin and yang". The positive and the negative, male and female, black and white, sun and moon, and so the list go on...
And as you can see there's no night without day. And if you look at the sunrise of each morning day, it will made you realize after a night of downfall, loss, disgrace, or failure, there is still hope that emanates in your life. "Habang may buhay, may pag-asa". Each sunrise of each day will tell you, "You have 2 choices in life. Either you will do good or bad. Either you will choose to be lazy or to work hard. Either you will choose to fail or to succeed". It's up to you what you want to choose to do in your life the whole day.

To help you make you realize how you are going to do in each day of your life, let me present you great pictures, sunrise pictures shoot by my photographer friend, "Zoom Morales". These pictures are taken in Oroquieta City, Philippines.

All pictures are credited to my photographer friend, Zoom Morales. I hope you find goodness in your heart whatever you do the whole day in your life.


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ken   (04 March 2011 8:43 AM) [Entry]

These pictures creates a feeling of stability...

admin   (04 March 2011 9:26 AM) [Entry]

more power to you ken! Godbless. biggrin