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Beware of the Purified Drinking Water You Drink!

Do you buy and drink purified water everyday? The purified water that is sold and contained in 5-liter gallons by many Water Refilling Stations in the Philippines? And are you sure it is safe to drink? If you are not sure, you must read this.
5-liter gallon

You might not be aware that the purified water you drink everday is safe or not. Here's my experience that tells you to be careful in choosing the right distributor or supplier of purified water from Water Refilling Stations.

One day, I was drinking a glass of purified water. While drinking, I saw something inside the 5-liter gallon of purified water where we drink water everyday. Did you know what I saw? I saw a small wriggler joyously swimming inside the gallon of purified water ("wriggler" is "waya-waya" in bisaya or "kiti-kiti" in tagalog). This is true. I was able to ask myself, "how did this small wriggler enter inside a galloon of purified water?". We are using a very clean and maintained  water dispenser. But how the heck is this happening.

Wriggler inside a 5-Liter Gallon of Purified Water

So I let somebody investigate how come did this wriggler swimming around our 5-liter galloon of purified drinking water. Someone went to the refilling station where we bought our everyday drinking water and saw how dirty this water refilling station is. The water refilling station employees don't even carefully wash the gallons/plastic containers. They let dirt stick into the tip part of the galloons. They are not wearing hand gloves and their shirts are wet. So irresponsible and bad service.

Yacky isn't it. But that's the reality nowadays to some of those who are operating Water-Refilling business. So, if you want to make yourself and your family safe from the dirty tricks of some purified water distributors, be sure to check their water-refilling station first.

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gin   (09 November 2012 11:13 AM)
i experience the same way. too bad because the water is really very dirty. panu pag na inom namin yun. what did you do. nag inom ka ba nang pang patay non sa loob nang tummy. huh worried talaga ako