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Fall Protection - Control Hierarchy

Fall Protection - Control Hierarchy
"""What should be taken into account when working at heights?

A fall protection plan that specifies how to handle work at heights should be put in place by workplaces that recognize any danger of injury from a fall from a height. These policies and procedures may cover a variety of topics, including the usage of fall prevention devices and the assembly, maintenance, use, and disassembly of tools like ladders, scaffolds, and platforms for working at heights. When choosing the safest approach, employers must take the hierarchy of control into account. This document contains details on the hierarchy of control for fall protection. For general information, please refer to the OSH Answers ""Hierarchy of Control "". PLEASE NOTE that this paper does not cover all necessary needs. It might be challenging to apply the hierarchy of control when working at heights. For detailed information, always check with your jurisdiction and the law that is relevant to your circumstance. The material that follows is simply meant to serve as advice.

How can height-related work be eliminated?

Eliminating the necessity to work at a height is the most effective control strategy. Examples comprise: constructing or mechanically designing the project so that working at heights is not necessary setting up a sturdy platform or floor Transferring the object to a level that is not above eye level (e.g., control panels) utilizing robots, cameras, or drones to examine and clean machinery bringing the thing down to the ground (e.g., lights that can be lowered by a rope or chain) using a tool that enables handling of the material from a secure place (e.g, an extended pole to reach higher areas instead of using ladders when painting or changing light bulbs)

What engineering safeguards are available to lessen work at heights?

Engineering controls are procedures that are incorporated into the design of a plant, piece of equipment, product, or other physical component of the workplace.

For instance, guardrails are fixed (permanent) stationary equipment designed to safeguard employees. Because it doesn't require that the worker be trained to operate or wear a fall protection device, the system is an engineering control. Additional illustrations of engineering controls include: covering the hole with a cover Static or movable scaffolding raising work platforms for transport

What administrative measures are possible?

Workplace policies and regulations that train employees on fall protection techniques might be considered administrative controls. Examples of administrative fall prevention controls include: Policies and procedures used in the workplace to handle work at heights, such as safe work practices, emergency rescue protocols, weather monitoring, etc. Warning lines: Teach and remind staff members not to cross them or enter dangerous areas. Zones with controlled access Putting together parts on the ground to cut down on time spent working at heights (e.g., assembling roof trusses on the ground before hoisting)

What types of personal protective equipment are there?

Personal protection equipment uses a variety of techniques, such as: Travel Restraint: By preventing people from falling over the edge, a travel restraint device restricts workers' movements in the fall hazard region. For cutting-edge work with an exposed floor, roof, deck, or other walking or working surface, travel restraint is frequently used. Fall Arrest: In the case of a fall, the worker will be caught by the fall arrest system. The worker may sustain injuries during the fall, including the possibility of bottoming out, if the fall arrest system is not properly planned, developed, and installed. Safety nets: Safety nets are deployed either beneath the work to catch a worker who is falling or as a barrier to prevent a fall. They are considered a passive fall prevention system. Safety nets are intended to lessen the distance of a fall, absorb the energy of a fall, and lessen the possibility or severity of an injury.""" - https://www.affordablecebu.com/

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