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Tsaang-Gubat (Carmona Retusa) Healing Powers Discovered by NRCP Research Project

The NRCP (National Research Council in the Philippines) Research Project headed by Dr. Irene M. Villaseñor discovered the healing powers of a common plant called "Tsaang-Gubat", also known as Carmona retusa.

Picture of Tsaang-Gubat Plant

"Tsaang-Gubat" is a common plant here in the Philippines. It's a beautiful shrub (small tree) having many erect small branches covered with glossy dark green coarse leaves. Due to its aesthetic value, "Tsaang-Gubat" is usually used as ornamental plant, beautifying landscapes such as home gardens and parks.

Many Filipinos don't even know what "Tsaang-Gubat" could do to our health. Until recently, a group of researchers headed by Dr. Irene M. Villaseñor of the Institute of Chemistry, University of the Philippines conducted a research study of the chemical compounds found in "Tsaang-Gubat".

Through a spectral analysis, Dr. Irene identified and isolated chemical compounds called Pentacyclic triterpenes from "Tsaang-Gubat" extract. According to her, Pentacyclic triterpenes are complex and very volatile biochemical compound which evaporates quickly. She added that this kind of chemical compound is rarely found in the oil extracts of trees. "Tsaang-Gubat" is one of the few kind of small trees that has the ability to produce this kind of chemical compounds. These chemical compounds are known to cure or remedy diarrhea, diabetes, skin infections.

Dr. Irene and her group evaluated and tested the effectiveness of the triterpenes chemical compounds against diabetes. Using white mice, with dosages of 100mg and 250mg/kg, tritepenes exhibited 29 percent to 55 percent anti–diarrheal activity or effectiveness. This experiment further showed that at a dosage of 100mg, there was no significant difference between the effectiveness of immodium (commercially known available drug) and triterpenes to diarrhea.

In addition, the results of these tests also showed a 150mg of that a 150mg of triterpenes is more effective than Glipzide (known commercially available anti–diabetic drug).

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any reliable source to get Tsaang-Gubat in the usa ?