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2012 Search for Outstanding Public Officials and Employees

The Civil Service Commission (CSC), under the auspices of the Honor Awards Program (HAP), announces the 2012 Search for Outstanding Public Officials and Employees. The Search aims to recognize outstanding public officials and employees, individuals and/or group of individuals, who have shown excellent or utmost dedication and commitment in the public service.
Enclosed is a copy of the mechanics, requirements and procedures for nominations. The guidelines, forms and related materials may be downloaded at the CSC website www.csc.gov.ph. The Regional/Division Program on Awards and Incentives for Service Excellence (PRAISE) Committee shall screen and evaluate all nominations for the different types of awards. The nominations must be duly signed by the Chairperson of the PRAISE Committee in conformity with DepED Order No. 9 s. 2002 and must be approved/endorsed by the Regional Director.

The nominations must be submitted using the enclosed forms with the complete set of nomination documents to the DepED PRAISE Committee, c/o the Employees Welfare and Benefits Division (EWBD), DepED Central Office not later than February 29, 2012 to give time for the PRAISE Committee to evaluate the nominees before endorsing the same to the CSC on or before March 30, 2012.

For more details, please contact the Honor Awards Program Secretariat, Public Assistance and Information Office, Civil Service Commission at telephone nos.: (02) 931-7993; (02) 932-0381; telefax no.: (02) 932-0179; CSC Hotline (02) 932-0111 and CSC mobile phone no.: 0917-8398-272 or through e-mail and social networking sites: hap a webmail.csc.gov.ph, paio(cl)webmail.csc.gov.ph, www.honorawardsprogram.wordpress.com, www.facebook.com/HAP.


The Honor Awards Program (HAP) shall cover all officials and employees in the career and non-career service of the government. This also includes appointive barangay officials and employees recognized as government employees pursuant to CSC Resolution No. 01-1352 dated August 10, 2001 which provides, as follows: 1) their respective appointment papers are submitted to the CSC for records purposes; 2) their positions have fixed salary in accordance with the salary schedule provided for in Local Budget Circular No. 63, s. 1996; 3) they meet the qualification requirements set in the Local Government Code of 1991; and 4) their attendance and service records are kept and maintained in the barangay office. However, employees, whose nature of employment fall either under job order or contract of services, as defined in Sections 1 and 2, Rule XI of the Revised Omnibus Rules on Appointments and Other Personnel Actions are excluded from the coverage of the program.
A. Awards for Outstanding Work Performance

The awards for outstanding work performance are the following:
  1. Presidential or Lingkod Bayan Award is conferred on an individual or group of individuals for exceptional or extraordinary contributions resulting from an idea or performance that had nationwide impact on public interest, security and patrimony. The contribution may be a suggestion, innovation, invention or superior accomplishment; and
  2. Civil Service Commission Pagasa Award is conferred on an individual or group of individuals for outstanding contribution/s resulting from an idea or performance that directly benefit more than one department of the government;
The term "group" shall refer to the following:
For Presidential or Lingkod Bayan and CSC Pagasa Awards Category
  1. Two or more individuals bound by a common objective, a task force, a technical group or a special working team, formed/created/organized formally or informally to undertake certain projects/programs. Maximum membership for both Presidiential or Lingkod Bayan and Civil Service Commission Pagasa Awards group/team shall not exceed 10 employees.

  1. Noteworthiness of Outstandina Performance/Contribution/s - The degree of uniqueness and originality of outstanding performance or contribution/s.
  2. Impact of Performance/Achievement - The extent to which the idea, suggestion, innovation or invention is being used, whether it has far-reaching effect; the number of persons benefited; the paradigm shift it has caused and the amount of money saved.
  3. Reliability and Effectiveness - The extent to which the innovation/idea has effectively and efficiently addressed a pressing need/improved service delivery.
  4. Consistency of Performance - The degree of consistency of the individual/group nominee as manifested by consistent outstanding performance based on historical data/work record.
  5. Demonstrated Teamwork, Cooperation, Camaraderie and Cohesiveness - The extent the group members motivate and support each other or the degree to which group members positively influence each other (for group/team nominee).
B.    For Exemplary Conduct and Ethical Behavior (Outstanding Public Officials and Employees or the Dangal ng Bayan Award)
  1. Quality and Consistency of Behavioral Performance - The level of consistency to which the nominee has manifested exemplary conduct and noteworthiness of behavioral performance.
  2. Impact of Behavioral Performance - The extent to which the extraordinary act has created a powerful effect or impact on the organization or public.
  3. Risk or Temptation Inherent in the Work - The degree of risk and temptation substantially present in the work.
  4. Obscurity of the Position - The lowliness or insignificance of the position in relation to the degree of performance and extraordinary norm's manifested.
  5. Years of Service - the cumulative years of service that the nominee has rendered in the government vis-a-vis his/her accomplishments.
  6. Other similar circumstances or considerations in favor of the nominee.


Any individual or organization with extensive knowledge of the outstanding work performance and/or exemplary ethical behavior of the official or employee or group/team may nominate an individual or group of individuals for a specific category in the Honor Awards Program.
D.    Certification issued by the nominee and in the case of posthumous nomination's, certification issued by the highest ranking Administrative Officer or Legal Officer that he/she has not been found guilty of any administrative or criminal offense involving moral turpitude, and in instances that the nominee/s has/have pending administrative casels, there should be no final judgmentlruling on administrative or criminal case at the time of nomination.
E.    Detailed information on dismissed/decided casels, if any.

F.    Certification of No Unliquidated Cash Advances and Disallowances for previous accountabilities except for current (FY 2012) accountabilities secured from the Commission on Audit (COA).

G.   Copy of the 2010 or 2011 Statement of Assets, Liabilities and Networth of the nominee certified by the highest ranking Administrative Officer in the employing agency (for individual nominees).

H.    Clearances issued in the last three months from the following agencies in the nominee's locality:
  • National Bureau of Investigation;
  • Office of the Ombudsman;
  • 2011 BIR Tax Clearance (applicable for individual nominees only); and
  • Commission on Human Rights; (applicable for AFP, PNP, BFP & BJMP nominees only)
For appointive Barangay officials/employees, Certification issued by the Barangay Chairperson that the nominee meets the conditions provided under CSC Resolution No. -01-1352 dated August 10, 2001.

Any misrepresentation made in any of the documents submitted shall be a ground for disciplinary action against the certifying nominee/authority pursuant to applicable CS laws and rules.

All nomination folders and documents submitted shall be considered as records of the Commission, thus, shall no longer be returned to the nominee/s.

A.    For Presidential or Lingkod Bayan, Dangal ng Bayan and CSC Pagasa Awards
  1. Except those of Heads of Departments, Agencies and elective officials, all nominations must be submitted in the prescribed Nomination Form to the office,
Where the nominee is the Agency Head, endorsement by the superior official is required, as follows:
Endorsing Head of Agency
Department Secretaries
Executive Secretary
Heads of Bureaus and Agencies attached to or under the Departments
Department Secretary
President of SUCs
Chairperson of the Board of Regents
President of Corporations
Chairperson of the Board of Trustees or the Secretary of the Department to which the Corporation is attached

The following information must be adequately provided:
  1. For Group Nomination (Presidential Lingkod Bayan and CSC Pagasa Awards):
Names of group or team members, including disqualified member/s, with their respective positions and contributions enumerated in detail. For group nominee with member/s who failed to qualify, state the reason for his/her disqualification. Only members who meet the qualification requirements shall be included in the grant of award if chosen as awardee. Please refer to HAP Form No. 1-A for details.
  1. For Individual Nomination (Outstanding Public Officials and Employees or Dan gal ng Bayan, Presidential Lingkod Bayan and Civil Service Commission Pagasa Awards):
On Summary of Accomplishments/Norms of Conduct Manifested, the following information should be provided:
2.1 Highlights of outstanding accomplishments or exemplary norms manifested for the last five years. Presentation of accomplishments or norms manifested should be in order of significance, complete with descriptions, justifications and should adhere to the following pointers:
  • Use specific terms.    Define/clarify terms such as "assisted", "contributed" or "facilitated";
  • State outstanding accomplishments of exemplary norms displayed and impact in brief, factual and in bullet form; and
B.    Any misrepresentation of information made in the Nomination Form and in any of the documents submitted;

C.    Non-compliance with the instructions in accomplishing the Nomination Form; and

D.    Nominees requesting Member/s of the Committee on Awards and/or Member/s of the HAP Secretariat, directly or thru intermediaries, special favor or consideration.

Nominations to the 2012 Search for Outstanding Public Officials and Employees under the Presidential or Lingkod Bayan, the Outstanding Public Officials and Employees or the Dangal ng Bayan and CSC Pagasa Awards categories must be submitted to any Civil Service Commission Provincial/Field or Regional Office on or before April 30, 2012.

A.    Presidential or Lingkod Bayan Awardees

The Presidential or Lingkod Bayan Awardees, individual and group, shall receive a gold-gilded medallion and a plaque containing the citation and signature of the President of the Philippines, P200,000.00 cash reward and other forms of rewards and incentives provided for under Section 5 of Executive Order No. 508 entitled "Instituting the Lingkod Bayan Award as the Presidential Award for Outstanding Public Service" dated March 2, 1992.

B.    Outstanding Public Officials and Employees or the Dangal ng Bayan Awardees

The Outstanding Public Officials and Employees or the Dangal ng Bayan Awardees shall receive a trophy designed and executed by National Artist for Sculpture Napoleon V. Abueva, P200,000.00 cash reward and other forms of reward and incentives provided for under Section 6, Paragraph 3 of Republic Act No. 6713 otherwise known as "Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards for Public Officials and Employees" dated February 20, 1989.

C.    CSC Pagasa Awardees

The CSC Pagasa Awardees, individual and group, shall receive a gold-gilded medallion, a plaque containing the citation and. signature of the Chairperson of the Civil Service Commission, and P100,000.00 cash reward provided under Section 6 (b) of the Omnibus Rules Implementing Book V of Executive Order No. 292.

Download Enclosures:

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