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List of Traffic Signs in the Philippines

To get a DRIVER'S LICENSE in the Philippines, you need to pass the LTO (Land Transporatation Office) Driver's License Exam. And part of that exam is identifying the traffic signs and road signs in the Philippines. If you want to pass the exam and get a high score, you need to study the common traffic/road signs in the Philippines. These traffic signs are the signs that you see installed at the side or above the road. Be aware of these signs when you drive or travel in the road.

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The Philippines follows its rules towards traffic and road signs from the Vienna Convention on Road Signs and Signals, alongside with other countries such India, Greece and Italy.
The Vienna Convention on Road Signs and Signals is an international treaty designed to increase road safety and aid international road traffic by standardizing the signing system for road traffic (road signs, traffic lights, and road markings) in use internationally.
The Convention classify all road signs into a number of categories:

Here's a huge list of traffic signs in the Philippines.

Danger Warning Signs

Warning signs can indicate any potential hazard, obstacle or condition requiring special attention.
Warning Sign - Warning Sign
Congestion Sign - Congestion Sign
Crossroad Sign - Crossroad Sign
Y-Junction Sign - Y-Junction Sign
Traffic Circle Sign - Traffic Circle Sign
Two-way traffic signs - Two-way Traffic Sign
Gentle Curve Signs - Gentle Curve Signs
Sharp Curve Signs - Sharp Curve Signs
Hairpin Curve Sign - Hairpin Curve Signs
Winding Road Signs - Winding Road Signs
Combined Curve Signs - Combined Curve Signs
Lane Ends Signs - Lane Ends Signs
Traffic Signal Ahead Sign - Traffic Signal Ahead Sign
Traffic Control Stop Ahead Sign - Traffic Control Stop Ahead Sign
Pedestrian Crossing Sign - Pedestrian Crossing Sign
Pedestrian Sign - Pedestrian Sign
Farm Animals Signs - Farm Animals Signs
Narrow Bridge Sign - Narrow Bridge Signs
Speed Humps Sign - Hump Sign
Slippery Road Sign - Slippery Road Sign
Falling Rocks Sign - Falling Rocks Sign
Reduced Visibility Sign - Reduced Visibility Sign
Electric Shock Sign - Electric Shock Sign
Sharp Curve Chevron Signs - Sharp Curve Chevron Signs
Sharp Curve Signs - Sharp Curve Signs
Flagman Ahead Sign - Flagman Ahead Sign
Men At Work Sign - Men At Work Sign

Priority Signs

Priority traffic signs indicate the order in which vehicles should pass intersection points. Common examples of these are:
Stop Sign - Stop Sign
Go Sign - Go Sign
Yield Sign - Yield Sign
Yield to Pedestrian Sign - Yield to Pedestrian Sign
No Entry Sign - No Entry Sign
Yield to Oncoming Traffic Sign - Yield to Oncoming Traffic Sign
One Way Roadway Signs - One-Way Roadway Signs

Prohibitory or Regulatory Signs

Prohibitory traffic signs are used to prohibit certain types of maneuvers or some types of traffic. Common examples are:
Speed Limit Sign - Speed Limit Sign
Mass Limit Sign - Mass Limit Sign
Height Restriction Sign - Height Restriction Sign
Length Restriction Sign - Length Restriction Sign
Excessive Noise Prohibited Sign - Excessive Noise Prohibited Sign
Unauthorized Vehicles Prohibited Sign - Unauthorized Vehicles Prohibited Signals
No Left Turn Sign - No Left Turn Sign
No Right Turn Sign - No Right Turn Sign
Left Turn Ahead Prohibited Sign - Left Turn Ahead Prohibited Sign
Right Turn Ahead Prohibited Sign - Right Turn Ahead Prohibited Sign
No U-Turn Prohibited Sign - No U-Turn Sign
Overtaking Prohibited Sign - Overtaking Prohibited Sign
No Parking Sign - No Parking Sign
No Stopping Sign - No Stopping Sign
No Pedestrian Allowed - No Pedestrian Allowed
No Bicycle Allowed - No Bicycle or Pedal Cycle Allowed
No Taxi Allowed - No Taxi Allowed
No Bus Allowed - No Bus Allowed

Mandatory Signs

Mandatory signs are road signs which are used to set the obligations of all traffic which use a specific area of road. Unlike prohibitory or restrictive signs, mandatory signs tell traffic what is must do, rather than must not do. Common examples are:
Maximum Speed Limit - Minimum Speed Sign
Maximum Gross Weight Sign - Maximum Gross Weight Sign
Keep Left Sign - Keep Left Sign
Keep Right Sign - Keep Right Sign
Pedestrians Only Sign - Pedestrians Only Sign
Taxi Only Sign - Taxi Only Sign
Bus Only Sign - Bus Only Sign
Pay Toll Sign - Pay Toll Sign
Roundabout Sign - Roundabout Sign
Switch Head Lamps On Sign - Switch Head Lamps On Sign

Information, Facilities or Service Sign

Service Signs are those that indicates a specific facility by which many can find useful, especially those that can be used for medical purposes, security, and food. Common examples are:
Parking Area Sign - Parking Area Sign
Hospital Sign - Hospital Sign

Other Traffic or Road Signs

You can also study the traffic signs below. These are the International Standard Signs:
Traffic Signs in the Philippines
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Do you have any problem identifying the traffic signs in the Philippines? Or do you know other traffic or roads signs not included above. Let us know in the comment below.

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Gilbert Valencia   (12 July 2020 12:23 PM) [Entry]

Ask ko lang po if sa 3lane road na ang traffic light ay naka red, at ako ay nasa outermost lane and walang signage na "No Right Turn On Reg Signal" bawal daw po sa Manila. Kasi ang paliwanag nila, dapat daw nakalagay "Turn Right Anytime with Care". Very basic daw na traffic light ang mag gogovern kapag wala signage at discretion ng TE kung allowed kumanan.

Joe King   (02 February 2019 12:56 PM) [Entry]

Excellent article but one could be forgiven for thinking they drive on the left looking at some of these signs.

Jae hee Choi   (13 February 2018 6:22 AM) [Entry]

What are you doing?

Jae hee Choi   (13 February 2018 6:19 AM) [Entry]


Paolo Banares   (25 November 2017 10:49 AM) [Entry]

ano po ba ang tama definition ng NO PARKING sign? dahil ang iba dinasabi basta hindi aalis ang driver sa sasakyan kht matagal hindi pa ito hindi daw masasabi naka park ito

Roma Grecen Camaya   (21 November 2017 1:53 PM) [Entry]

What does a big number 2 traffic sign means?

Ron   (22 August 2017 10:48 AM) [Entry]

What does 851, 850 or any 3 three figured numbers backed with white on a big square signs on the road means? They can be seen on highways. please?

Dario Unidad Orca   (07 August 2017 12:19 PM) [Entry]

What is the big number sign like 501 or 611 means. The number is color black with white background.

Cleo Midis   (31 January 2017 9:11 AM) [Entry]

What is the cancellation sign? How is one supposed to know until where a prohibition (speed, parking, overtaking etc.) is valid?

miko   (09 January 2017 11:01 PM) [Entry]

what is the road sign (number 7 or 9) placed in each side of the road?

Moriah   (12 September 2016 10:28 AM) [Entry]

Is there a complete list of all road signs that are used here in the Philippines? Is it too much to ask if you could send it to me via e-mail? Please and thank you!

Benj Luad Libarnes   (09 August 2016 11:41 AM) [Entry]

Can you please featured some road markings?

admin   (10 August 2016 8:55 AM) [Entry]

Benj, we'll be posting them soon.

Benj Luad Libarnes   (09 August 2016 11:39 AM) [Entry]

can you send me also the different types of road markings. thank you.

denis deloyola   (29 July 2016 9:29 AM) [Entry]

can i ask pictures or diagrams regarding yellow lines for road safety, thank you very much.

Hamloy   (30 May 2016 10:58 AM) [Entry]

Good day to all,

I would like to know about the standard and its measurement of Pedestrian signage. In my observation in the hi-ways, I observed that three signage (pedestrian, road left, and pedestrian crossing ahead) in one stand. My question is, is that standard, if it is may I know the details and its measurement of this?


Dr. Disi Yap Alba   (28 February 2016 9:30 PM) [Entry]

I would like to know the Philippine law that limits the speed limit of vehicles and noise passing in a hospital area? Because we would like to put up a sign for vehicles to slow down in hospital area and no honking nor creating noise in passing in a
hospital area. thank you so much if ever you can give me the law.