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Best Essay about Teaching/Teachers - LATEST

Here's a sample of one of the best essays about teaching or teachers - LATEST.

"Pupils do not quit on their class, the quit on you - TEACHERS."
Best Essay about Teaching/Teachers - LATEST

"Striking, right? This was one of the lines I could never forget from the speaker when I attended personal and professional enhancement training for teachers and school heads. Indeed, the role of a teacher in the life of a pupil is very crucial. A teacher can either make or break the future of a learner.

As teachers, we are always labeled as the second parents of the pupils. It is because we also play a big part in the development of the children. In fact, they even spent more time in school with us, teachers, than at home with their parents. As second parents, we have the responsibility to develop the minds and mold the character of our learners. It is part and parcel of our duties and responsibilities to develop them to become productive agents of change in our society in the future because as what Dr. Jose Rizal said, "The youth are the hope of our fatherland."

During my first years of teaching in public schools, I really felt the needs of Filipino learners. The need of someone who will not just teach the minds, but someone who will also touch their hearts so that, in turn, they will become productive agents of social transformation. In my classroom, I really tried my best to let the pupils feel that they are the most important part in the teaching-learning process. As second parents to learners, we must always have the diligence and discipline of a good father and heart of a loving mother. The diligence required from us, teachers, can be seen through our preparation of well-planned daily lessons. Of course, this must be coupled with innovative teaching strategies that would give the learners opportunity to be at their fullest potential and relevant instructional materials.

In as much as God blessed me with enough resources, I personally bought a LCD projector for use in classroom instruction. Aside from that, I really tried my best to provide them with worthwhile and relevant learning activities so that they will not just mere recipients of the knowledge that I'm going to teach them, but they are the ones involved in the learning process. In this way, they will become more motivated to study their lesson and become more interested and actively involved in the learning process.

I always believed that what keeps pupils in the classroom is relationship. If the relation between the teacher and the pupils is positive, then the pupils will also develop positive attitude towards the subject and studies. We must always remember that learning is a very emotional experience for the pupils. Pupils may forget your class, but they will always remember how you made them feel. This is one way of increasing their motivation to attend classes regularly and even perform better in their subjects. Let us always remember that as we choose to enter the Department of Education, we also submit ourselves to be part of this noble ministry - more than being a profession but a vocation. As a teacher, I am called to be like our greatest teacher - Jesus Christ. Inspired by the Lasallian pedagogy of teaching, I am called to teach minds, touch hearts, and transform lives of every learner.

Teachers, let us all be a source of inspiration and motivation to our learners. Let us make it a point that pupils stay in their classes because of us - TEACHERS - because teaching is an affair of the heart.

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