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How to Avail SSS Educational Assistance Loan Program

The Social Security System (SSS) of the Philippines now offers Educational Assistance Loan Program (Educ-Assist) to help workers and beneficiaries borrow or lend money for enrollment funds for college, technical and vocational courses.

The Social Security Commission (SSC) in its Resolution No. 323-s. 2012 dated April 30, 2012 approved the following guidelines in the implementation of the SSS Educational Assistance Loan Program.

Objectives of the SSS Educational Assistance Loan Program

  1. To improve access to higher education by providing financial assistance to SSS members/beneficiaries.
  2. To enhance the country's economic productivity through the development of a larger pool of professionals and skilled workers to support the country's industrial and agricultural expansion.
  3. To complement the government's aim to expand access to higher education.

Fund Allocation/Source

The total fund allocation is P7.0 billion, P3.5 billion of which shall come from the National Government (NG) and the other P3.5 billion from the SSS.

Eligible Borrowers

  1. SSS members who have paid at least thirty-six (36) monthly contributions, three of which should be within the last twelve (12) months prior to the date of application for loan;
  2. Members whose last posted Monthly Salary Credit (MSC) is PhP15,000 or below provided that his actual basic salary is not more than PhP15,000 per month; and
  3. Members who are up-to-date in the payment of salary/housing loan amortization. If with overdue amount, it must not exceed three (3) monthly loan amortization.

Covered Beneficiaries

  1. Member
  2. Legal Spouse
  3. Child of SSS member (including illegitimate)
  4. Sibling of unmarried SSS member (including half brother/sister)

Amount of Loan

  1. Degree course - Maximum of Php15,000 per semester/trimester or actual tuition/miscellaneous fees, whichever is lower; rounded off to the next higher Php100.
  2. Vocational/Technical course (minimum of two years) - Maximum of Php7,500 per semester/trimester or actual amount of tuition/miscellaneous fees, whichever is lower, rounded off to the next higher Php100.
The amount shall be funded on 50:50 basis from the NG and SSS.

A member shall be allowed to avail only once to defray educational expenses. No substitution of beneficiary shall be allowed.

All semestral/trimestral releases shall be consolidated at the end of the one-year grace period after completion of the course, including the accrued interests from the actual dates of releases up to the date of consolidation. The consolidated amount shall be the principal loan to be amortized over the preferred term.

Interest Rate and Penalty

  1. NG Portion - zero interest
  2. SSS Portion - 6% interest per annum
  3. based on diminishing principal balance until the loan is fully paid. The consolidated loan (composed of semestral/trimestral releases plus accruied interests) will be charged 6% interest per annum based on diminishing principal balance, until full payment of the loan.
A 1% penalty per month shall be charged for any unpaid amortization.


  1. SSS ID or two (2) valid IDs
  2. Accomplished application form
  3. Assessment/billing statement issued by the school of memberlbeneficiary
Any excess on the tuition/miscellaneous fees shall be borne by the member/beneficiary.

Manner of Releases

  1. The check shall be payable to the school where the memberlbeneficiary is enrolled/ applied for enrollment and shall be released to the member/beneficiary.
  2. Subsequent loan releases shall be made upon submission of another accomplished application form and corresponding assessment/billing statement from the school. Validation by the S55 may be done to ensure the continuous schooling of the member/beneficiary.

Repayment Terms

  1. Degree course - The term is up to five (5) years and loan payment shall start after 18 months for semestral courses or 15 months for trimestral courses from the scheduled last release date or from the date of last release for those who will not avail of the subsequent releases.
  2. Vocational/Technical course -The term is up to three (3) years and loan payment shall start after 18 months for semestral courses or 15 months for trimestral courses from the scheduled last release date or from the date of last release for those who will not avail of the subsequent release.
Any unpaid educational loan shall be deducted from the future benefit of the member.

Eligible Schools

The school must be accredited by the Commission on Higher Education (CHEd) for degree courses and Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) for vocational/technical courses.

Miscellaneous Provisions

  1. SS number shall be issued to a non-member beneficiary for the purpose of tracking him when he gets employed, in the event of delinquency by the member-borrower.
  2. A member-applicant who falls under the MSC of PhP15,000 shall be requested to present to the SSS Receiving Branch proof of actual basic monthly salary/income of not more than PhP15,000:
    • ay slip or pay envelope or employer's certification, if employed;
    • latest income tax return (received by the BIR), if self-employed; or notarized Affidavit of Income.
If the member-applicant cannot show proof of basic monthly income of PhP15,000 only, his application for the program shall be rejected.

The SSS reserves the right to require additional documents as deemed necessary.

Do you have any concern or problem regarding the SSS Educational Assistance Loan Program?

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Total comments : 28
Roxanne   (23 October 2017 10:42 AM)
Hello, ask ko lang po if pwede pa po ba ako mag continue sa SSS Educational Loan. Nag stop po kase ako gumamit sa isang sem, last semister (June-Oct) dail hindi naaprobahan kasi 2nd yr pa rin ang standing ko. Sabi ng teller na kailangan 3rd yr na dapat ako. Ngayong 2nd semister, 3rd yr na ang standing ko. Ask ko lang po if pwede pa po ba ako gumamit kahit nag stop ako ng isang sem? Salamat po. Magandang araw.

David John I. Talinio   (23 June 2017 5:57 AM)
Hi, Just want to inquire when is this loan gonna start? I went to SSS at SM Aura and they said that there is a pending revision by Government of the Philippines and there is no guarantee date when it will begin. May I know when should I come back to SSS to apply for this Educational Assistance Loan?

Jane Camille Paguia   (21 June 2017 9:34 AM)
Hi, may availble na po slot educational loan this year?

Wil   (18 June 2017 2:13 PM)
My available n po b slot sa educational loan?

Goc-ong Mary Jane   (20 March 2017 2:19 PM)
Good day
How can I ask for the application on this loan program? Is there a site that can provide me a print out of the form?

julie   (23 February 2017 6:33 PM)
Good evening po
ask ko lang po update sa 2017 sss educational loan kasi ipapasa ko nalang po yung requirement ko sbe sakin wait ko daw yung update so sana po magreply thanks po

junard   (07 January 2017 9:10 PM)
good evening po. ask lang po ako if pupuwede po ba akong maka avail nang sss educational assistance loan? out of school po ako at plano ko po mag aral this s.y.2017-2018. 5years na po ako naghuhulog. salamat po. sanama replyan po ako.

melaniemarquez   (20 December 2016 11:01 AM)
good noon po.
ask ko lang po sana if existing pa itong sss educational assistance ngayong year 2017?
kasi balak ko po mag avail. 4years na po akong naghuhulog ng sss pero nitong year 2016 hindi po completo yung hulog ko i think feb,april and starting again september up to present ang hulog ko.
pwede po ba akong mag avail for the school yesr 2017-2018

Cristene Sheryle Amores   (09 November 2016 6:52 PM)
GOOD DAY! I'll just want to ask on how to pay the sss educational loan assistance program kasi po pinadalhan na kami ng notice galing sa sss na bayaran na daw yung nagamit na loan nang ama ko na ginamit sa pag aaral ko. Nag inquire na po kami sa sss dito sa amin pero sinabi lang po nila na mag email lang daw. Please we need your help kasi po tutubo po yung interest at kailangan na naming magbayad para hindi lalaki yung babayaran namin.

Philip Tesiorna   (20 October 2016 12:49 PM)
I already have a contribution in SSS for almost 4 years. It was just halted when I lost my job. My last contribution I think was on year 2013. Now I'm currently studying a 4 years course. I'm already in my third year second semester this coming enrollment. I want to avail your Educational Assistance Loan Program. It would be of great help in my studies. Am I still an Eligible Borrower? Hope I am, because this would really be of great help. Thanks and more power. God bless.

Dummy Yaga   (17 August 2016 7:49 AM)
Hi po, pwede po bang maka avail ng educational loan kahit 6 months palang ung contribution?, but still nag babayad parin ako ng salary contribution.

karentorillas   (10 August 2016 8:10 PM)
good evening tanong ko lang po kung paano po mag register sa loan for student ? working student po ako at nagtatrabaho na sa aking kumpanya ng 3 taon maraming salamat

mary rose ann cericos   (01 August 2016 3:22 PM)
Hello Good afternnon, May I ask if can I avail educational loan for masteral degree. Im currently employed as a guidance facilitator and has above 24 months contribution, I began the contribution since last 2010. No history of borrowing yet.

JENNIFER R. VALLECER   (13 July 2016 2:17 PM)


Jeen Serrano   (18 June 2016 1:12 AM)
Just asking if its true that eligible member for the Education loan, salary should not exceed more than 15k? Please click on the link below, as it says eligible member salary must have at least actual monthly salary is not more than than 25,000 pesos per month. I went to SSS branch twice and they keep declining may application, please advise which information is accurate.

Mark gil invinto baron   (06 May 2016 9:07 PM)
..,sana po mareplyan nyo ako agad, malapit na po kasi pasukan,

Mark gil invinto baron   (06 May 2016 9:04 PM)
..,good pm, magtatanong LNG po if nag relest na ang sss sa educational loan sa ngayon. ,,?? If naaprove na vha. Yong pag apply ko ng educational loan ,?? Reply me thanks a lot and more power,

Merlita Dela torre   (02 March 2016 3:26 PM)
sir/ma'am i want to ask if until now SSS offered educational Loan . thank you

danielle christine endaya   (14 September 2015 3:41 PM)
good afternoon ma'am/sir
can i loan even im not yet working and i'll use the money that I loan to enroll but I graduate I will work in SSS company

Christy sinca   (24 July 2015 10:32 PM)
I go to sss to apply the educational loan assistance but they say that it was close because of luck of funds is it true i apply from SSS MALABON BRANCH. please help cause my son need to go school for college...

Kris   (25 May 2015 12:15 PM)
what if I forgot to use capital letters in filling up the form, would you still consider my application?

marlon   (18 May 2014 11:15 PM)
can I avail educational loan if I start to enroll this second semester?

REYNIE BANZON   (15 April 2014 8:01 PM)
i would like to ask if I can avail educational loan assistance of my daughter, even if I have a salary loan?

cathy doronio   (06 January 2014 11:59 PM)
I want to avail SSS Student Loan Program. I want to finish my studies. Can i avail it?

joey   (29 October 2013 11:15 PM)
I'd like to verify of the statement in the number 1 for Eligible Borrowers if it is really 36 monthly contributions? Because I downloaded a file from the website of SSS on terms and conditions for eligibility requirement and I find out that it is only 12 monthly contribution. Which is true? Thank you.

Hoping for your immediate response.

sparkle mae   (27 June 2013 9:10 PM)
I have 2 valid ID's only. Are they enough?

florencia miranda   (18 June 2013 11:36 AM)
how many days it will take to process and approve the educational assistance loan>

mario tayao   (12 June 2013 11:19 AM)