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Daily Maintenance of Some Accessories of the Classifier

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The transferring part of double classifier spiral separator includes an electric motor, coupling, reducer, and a pair of cylindrical gear, two pairs of bevel gear auxiliary. 

The main stoppages of transferring part are as follows:

First, the space between the coupling rod pin is larger or broken, causing deceleration machine not running smoothly, impacting the normal cylindrical gear meshing, thereby affecting the auxiliary drive bevel gear.

The wearing state of holding pin should be checked regularly, and master the replacement cycle. Replace timely to avoid affecting the entire transmission system running smoothly.

Second, cylindrical gear or bevel gear wear more serious, resulting in vibration, affecting the entire drive mechanism. 

Timely replace the standard gear wear.

There are many factors that can influence the service life of rotary bearing, which make it hard to control the using period of the classifiers, so generally it should be checked once a month.

If the feeding slurry broke the bearing, it should be replaced, and the cost would be high.

Some users change the rotary bearing into rubber or polyurethane bearing support, and add steel cover to the lower short supporting bearing.

The service life of the supporting bearing could reach three to six months, and that of steel cover is eight to twelve months.

Their using period is easy to be controlled, and after that, the planned maintenance and periodic replacement of supporting bearing and steel cover can be effective, which has a low requirement on the sense of responsibility of the workers, and the cost is low. 

There is a much easier way of maintenance.

Remove the rotary bearing, sealing cover, feeding materials and the front and behind pressing cover, but keep the outer cover of the support.

Rotate an old transferring belt to rubber belt ring, whose width is the same with the radial width of the outer cover, the outer diameter is a little bit smaller than the cover’s inner diameter, and the inter diameter is subtly larger than the outer diameter of the short supporting bearing.

Put it into the cover and insert the short bearing.

A simple lower rubber belt bearing is successfully made.

Attentions should be paid when rotating the belt on the rotating direction, that is to say, the rotary direction of the belt should be reverse to the rotary direction of short supporting bearing to make sure there is pressure between belt and the cover of the supporting bearing when the spiral bearing rotates. http://dryermachine.wordpress.com/


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