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Hongxing experts help to preserve rotor of a crusher...

The influence of crusher rotor to the machine itself is really huge, so it is necessary for you to maintain it regularly. In the long rotor maintenance period in our company, we find that many customers do not pay attention to its care and application, thus the rotor has short service life and is easy to be damaged. For this reason, in order for the customers to have a clear knowledge of the necessity and advantages, experts from Hongxing Machinery put forward to the following seven questions regarding to the problem in the hope of helping our customers.

1. Where is the dangerous area of the rotor?

From the analogue simulation stress analysis cloud picture made according to finite-element structural analysis, we can see clearly the dangerous areas are mainly distributed in the hammer handle, axle hole, external aid, hammer axle and other parts.

2. Why is it necessary to regularly analyze the rotor work, predict its service life and maintain it with plan?

The hammer crusher impacts and crushes the limestone through its high-speed rotating hammer, due to the long time of impact and friction, so that it is inevitably for the composing part to wear down, get out of shape and damaged without abnormal working ability. So if you do not analyze its working state and predict its service life, once an emergency occurred, it would bring serious loss of whole production line halt to the enterprise.

3. What are the main malfunctions due to excessive worn?

The hammer axle breaks down, the main axle changes its position, the bearing becomes hot; if it is very serious, and the bearing may be destroyed.

4. What are the advantages of regularly repairing the rotor?

As we all know that preparedness ensures success and unpreparedness spells failure. So periodically inspect the rotor can prolong significantly its service life, reduce the malfunction rate, increase its use rate so that the total output can be improved.

5. What is the main content of repairing?

The axis and bearing inspection of the jaw crusher, restoration, change of the hammer of the impact crusher.

6. What are the advantages of Hongxing crusher processing, repair and modification?

According to the mechanics characteristics in the crushing process, Hongxing Machinery applies widely the worldly famous design and analysis software and uses the finite element computing technology which is the most popular in the mechanics business and the most advanced in the world in order to compute and design the easy wearing part of the crusher. Since we adopt the changing trochanter inertia design, the grinding efficiency and the total output of the crusher is improved and the fineness is decreased.

Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery Co., Ltd is a large-sized concrete crusher, electromagnetic vibrating feeder manufacturer, and the mining equipment we researched and developed with great concentration plays an active role in the mining and ore beneficiation industry and is one of the indispensable mining crushing equipment in the mining industry.

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