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Mineral processing equipment manufacturer specific analysis of the basic principles

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Zhengzhou Yufeng Heavy Machinery Co.,Ltd offers various crushers, such like jaw crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher, vertical impact crusher, hammer crusher, VSI crusher, vertical combination crusher and so on. The leading products include whole set mine-selecting equipment and sandstone equipment such as Mineral processing equipment manufacturer specific analysis of the basic principles of beneficiation flotation device flotation machine selection and handling precautions.

Mineral processing equipment flotation machine non-ferrous metal, black metal and non-metallic mineral rougher, selection and the reverse flotation job essential flotation devices, may direct the completion of the flotation process, the direct impact on the choice of flotation machine floating election results, flotation equipment selection must be carefully, usually in the selection will follow the following basic principles:

(1) should be based on the nature of the ore aac machinery (such as the optional inclusion efforts, density, grade and pulp pH value, etc.) in the ore easier election requirements inflatable not the case, the choice of mechanical agitation, on the contrary can considering the selection of inflatable agitated, may make use of the the KYF type coarse in the selected ores efforts coarse, BS-K-type flotation machine and CLF coarse flotation machine. Easy election in the ore, selected for fine-grained, high grade, low pH, the choice of enrichment flotation column.

(2) should be based on the size of the processing plant, in general, large concentrator should be used in large-sized flotation machine, small and medium-sized concentrator flotation machine should be used in the medium and small size. 

(3) Featured job is mainly to improve concentrate grade flotation foam layer should be thin, so gangue separation should not be a large quantity of inflatable flotation machine, so the selection of operating rougher flotation machine scavenger job differ flotation machine. 

(4) must pay attention to the manufacturing quality of the flotation machine and spare parts availability.

Flotation equipment selection is very important, but after the operation of the flotation machine can not be ignored.

In the process of operating the flotation machine should always check the following parts: 

(1) rolling bearings in the motor and impeller body flotation cell overheating, generally bearing temperature must not exceed 35 ℃, the maximum temperature should not exceed 65 ° C.

(2) Check the drive belt tensioner, the tightness of the fit, found severe wear, should choose the length of a consistent model of the belt into a set of replacement. 

(3) Check the tightness of the seal rubber ring, in particular, should pay attention to the grease in the bearing body do not leak into the pulp, Flotator so as not to affect the flotation working properly. 

(4) Check whether there is enough oil in the lubrication point, if less oil, should be promptly added.

(5) Check the slot with or without other debris, if any, should be promptly clean up.

After the flotation machine overhaul is in commissioning precautions:

After the overhaul of the flotation machine, before the trial run should be carefully checked and clean up the flotation cell, then empty commissioning, ball mill operation and gradually add fresh water. Attention to adjust the size of loop holes during operation, check the impeller should pay attention to whether there is Manganese Ore Processing plant a bias and the impact of the phenomenon, but also pay attention to the various parts of the operation sound is normal. Start the motor, check the direction of rotation of the motor shaft, must ensure that the impeller shaft rotates clockwise ball mill (when viewed in plan).

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Mineral Processing Equipment   (16 April 2013 3:29 PM)
The post discussed here regarding to the mineral processing equipments is good. These equipments include coal and material processing equipment, stone equipment and other related equipments