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Novisof 400 mg Sofosbuvir Tablet in Philippines for Hepatitis C Treatment

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Brand Name: Novisof
International Trade Name: Sovaldi
Composition: Sofosbuvir
Manufactured by: Wockhardt Ltd.
Strength : 400 mg
Form: Tablets
Packing: Pack of 28 Tablets
How to Order: Online
Uses - Novisof 400 mg Tablet is an antiviral medicine used in the treatment of chronic hepatitis C infection.

Advantages of using HCV treatment

You can be cured of HCV. This can reduce the risk of liver-related and HIV-related illness and death.
Being cured can improve liver health by reducing inflammation.
Effective treatment may reverse fibrosis.
You will no longer be infectious to sexual and drug-using partners.
Clearing the virus removes the risk of mother to infant transmission.
Treating HCV before HIV treatment reduces the risk of liver-related side effects from HIV drugs later.
Treatment is usually three months or less, not lifelong.

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