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Thank You in bisaya/cebuano?


Could you translate for me "Thank you" in bisaya/cebuano?"

Thank You in Bisaya/Cebuano


"Thank you" is translated in bisaya/cebuano as "Salamat" (pronounced as sah-lah-maht).
Example usage in sentence:

  • Thank you. You’re so kind. – Salamat. But-ana nimo oi. (Sah-lah-maht. Buht-ah-nah nih-muh uy)
  • Thank you. I will not forget your kindness. – Salamat. Dili nako kalimtan imong kamaayo.
  • Thank you for the gift. – Salamat sa regalo.
  • Thank you for all the good things you’ve done to me. – Salamat sa tanang kamaayo gihatag nimo kanako.
  • Thank you God. – Salamat Ginoo.
  • Saying thank you is not enough – Dili igo ang magpasalamat ra nimo.
  • Thank you for your love.- Salamat sa imong gugma.
  • Thank you. You’re such a blessing – Salamat. Grasya jud ka.
  • Thank you honey. – Salamat honey.
  • Thank you mom – Salamat ma.
  • Thank you dad – Salamat pa.
  • Thank you sister (older sister) – Salamat ate
  • Thank you sister (same age or younger than you)
  • Thank you brother (older brother) – Salamat kuya
  • Thank you brother (same age or younger than you) – Salamat brod.
  • Thank you everyone. – Salamat sa tanan.
  • Thank you classmates – Salamat classmates.
Do you have any English term/sentences that you want us to translate in Bisaya/Cebuano? Just tell us in the comment below.

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