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I love you in Bisaya/Cebuano?


What is "I love you" in bisaya/cebuano?

What is I Love You in Bisaya-Cebuano?


The bisaya/cebuano translation of “I love you” is “Nahigugma ko nimo” (pronounced as Nah-hih-guhg-mah kuh nih-muh). Other translations of “I love you” are:

  • Gihigugma ko ikaw. (Geh-hih-gug-mah kuh ih-kao)
  • Love taka. (Love tah-kah)
  • Love ka nako. (Love kah nah-kuh)

I know we live in a modern world in which foreign culture greatly influence the Bisaya culture including the language.

The modern way of saying “I love you” to a Bisaya/Cebuano person is “Love taka” or “Love ka nako“.

If you want to say “I love you” in a superlative degree such as “I love you so much!”, its bisaya translation is “Love kaayo ka nako!” (Love kah-ah-yuh kah nah-kuh!).

Here are some phrase/sentence variations of “I love you”:

  • I’m deeply in love with you. – “Grabeh kaayo ko nahigugma nimo”. (Grah-beh kah-ah-yuh kuh nah-hih-gog-mah nih-muh).
  • I’m falling in love with you. – “Nahulog akong gugma nimo.” (Nah-huh-lug ah-kung gug-mah ni-muh).
  • I’m in loved with you. – “Na-inlove ko nimo.” (Nah-inlove kuh nih-muh)

Example sentences using “I love you” in bisaya/cebuano translation:

  • I love you. Do you love me? – “Love ka nako. Love ko nimo?”
  • I love you. I can’t live without you. – “Love ka nako. Di ko mabuhi kung wa ka.”
  • I love you. You’re so beautiful. – “Love ka nako. Gwapa kaayo ka.”
  • I love you. You’re so pretty. – “Love ka nako. Gwapa kaayo ka.”
  • I love you. And I will never leave you. – “Love ka nako. Di ko mubulag nimo.”
  • I love you. I want to marry you. – “Love ka nako. Gusto ka nakong pakaslan.”
  • I love you. You’re the one missing in my life. – “Love ka nako. Ikaw lang ang kulang sa akong kinabuhi.”
  • I love you. And I will go there in the Philippines. – “Love ka nako. Muanha ko dinha sa Pinas.”
  • I love you. I can’t wait to see you in personal. – “Love ka nako. Di ko kahuwat makita ka sa personal.”
  • I love you. My heart melt every time I see you. – “Love ka nako. Malanay akong kasingkasing kada makakita ko nimo.”
  • I love you. God gave me you. – “Love ka nako. Gihatag ka sa Diyos para nako.”
Do you have any English terms or sentences that you want us to translate in Bisaya/Cebuano language? Just tell us in the comment below.

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