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How to Type Euro € Symbol in Computer?

Most people doesn't know how to type the EURO (€) symbol in the computer. It's because most keyboards sold in the market don't have a EURO (€) symbol button in them. Only the dollar sign ($) is visible im most computer keyboards. The other reason is most  european countries are usually using the EURO symbol (€). If you do not know how to type or make the EURO (€) symbol, here are some options to do it. You can bookmark this page for future reference.

How to Type Euro Symbol

Option 1

Hold Alt button in your keyboard while pressing 0128.
  • Alt + 0128 = €

Option 2

Copy any of these symbols below and paste it anywhere you want (copy and paste). This is the quickest way to type or create a EURO (€) symbol.

€  €  €  €  €  €  
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Are you having any problems typing or creating the EURO (€) symbol on your computer?
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