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Lite Ferries Shipping Cebu-Tagbilaran Vice Versa Schedule (Latest)

Here's the latest travel schedule of Lite Ferries (Lite Shipping Corporation) for travel destination Cebu-Tagbilaran vice versa.

Provided also with ticket prices.

Cebu-Tagbilaran Vice Versa Travel Schedule of Lite Ferries (Lite Shipping Corporation)

Cebu to Tagbilaran
Ticket Price:
Monday 1:00PM
Tuesday 12:30PM (1st trip)
10:00PM (2nd trip)
Wednesday 1:00PM
Thursday 12:30PM (1st trip)
10:00PM (2nd trip)
Friday 12:30PM (1st trip)
10:00PM (2nd trip)
Saturday 1:00PM
Sunday 12:30PM (1st trip)
10:00PM (2nd trip)
Tagbilaran to Cebu
Ticket Price:
Monday 12:00NN (1st trip)
10:30PM (2nd trip)
Tuesday 12:00MN
Wednesday 12:00NN (1st trip)
10:30PM (2nd trip)
Thursday 12:00MN
Friday 12:00NN (1st trip)
10:30PM (2nd trip)
Saturday 12:00NN (1st trip)
10:30PM (2nd trip)
Sunday 12:00MN

For more information, contact:

09778225483 (Globe)
09989995483 (Smart)
09253475483 (Sun)

Lite Shipping Corporation Main Office

Cebu Main Office: 09176315060, 09176315075
Cagayan de Oro: 09177027234, 09273805463

Do you have any concern with Lite Shipping Corporation?

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