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House and Lot for Sale in Cebu...

Are you searching for House and Lot for Sale in Cebu? How about affordable or cheap house and lot for sale? Find nowhere. AffordableCebu.com is the answer.
AffordableCebu.com provides you a very comprehensive listing of real estate such as house and lot for sale here in Cebu. AffordableCebu is an entertaining and informative free classified ad website in Cebu, Philippines. Not only it promotes Cebu's local products or services, it also invigorates Bisaya-Cebuano culture through Bisaya Version Jokes and Bisaya Version Videos.

How and Where Can I Find House and Lot for Sale in Cebu?

To start searching House and Lot for Sale in Cebu. Go to the Real Estate category and there you can find House and Lot for Sale in Cebu listings.

In case you find the house and lot for sale you're looking for, please contact the person through his contact numbers, email or other means indicated in the ad posted.

I'm a Foreigner and I Don't Know What's House and Lot for Sale in Cebuano or Bisaya?

If you're a foreigner who wants to buy a house and lot here in Cebu, Philippines, you might be curious or want to know what's the Cebuano or Bisaya Translation of "House and Lot for Sale". I guess you want to relate or communicate better in Cebuano.

The word "House" is translated as "Balay" in Cebuano. The word "Lot" is translated as "Yuta" in Cebuano. And the phrase "For Sale" is translated as "Baligya". See the table below:

balay (pronounced as bah-lai)
yuta  (pronounced as yu-tah)
for sale
baligya  (pronounced as bah-lig-ya)

So "House and Lot for Sale" is fully translated as "Balay ug Yuta Baligya" in Cebuano or bisaya. You can now communicate or tell the seller of the house and lot, "How much is the "balay ug yuta baligya" you're selling?".

House and Lot for Sale Listings in Cebu

Website that Offers House and Lot for Sale in Cebu

There are more than a thousand of websites that offers listings of house and lot for sale in Cebu. But few made it to the top in terms of Alexa Global ranking (traffic and domain age). You can see a list of websites that offers house and lot for sale in Cebu at "Top Real Estate Websites in Cebu, Philippines".

AffordableCebu.com made it to the top 10 of real estate websites in Cebu. And I'm sure affordablecebu.com will go up in ranking and will gain more exposure and popularity to the web especially in terms of house and lot for sale in cebu listings. We are working hard to achieve the desired position to be at the first page of Google results using the keywords "house and lot for sale in Cebu". This is not an easy task.

House and Lot for Sale Keyword for Webmasters

Google Adwords estimated an average of 4400 global searches and 1900 local searches of the keyword house and lot for sale in Cebu. This means "house and lot for sale in Cebu" keyword is not very competitive. Using "house and lot for sale in Cebu" keyword for webmasters could not earn them more traffic and more revenue.

There are better keywords that are recommended to use. Below are the keywords that could bring webmasters more traffic and more revenue to advertisers. These are high traffic keywords.
  1. house and lot for sale - 49,500 google local searches, and 90,500 google global searches
  2. philippine real estate - 33,100 google local searches, and 49,500 google global searches
  3. house for sale - 74,00 google local searches, and 2,240,000 google global searches
  4. lot for sale - 90,000 google local searches and 201,000 google global searches
  5. for sale lots - 110,000 google local searches and 301,000 google global searches
If you are using this keywords more often in your website, these could bring you more lots of traffic and more money.

We will be also using these keywords as our experiment if these really works. We will update you regarding this experiment on the next article.

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