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A Life in Colon Street Cebu City in the Present

In the past days I wrote about an article about Colon Street Cebu City, how it looked like in the past and in present. Old aged Cebuanos are living witnesses how this street gradually developed into a busiest Street in Cebu. For those who want to take a glimpse of the life in Colon, I would like to share with you some pictures I've personally taken that reflects how Colon Street looks like in the present and how the people managed to survived in this busy street.

Picture taken near Metro Gaisano Colon

Picture taken near Metro Gaisano Colon

Picture taken near Metro Gaisano Colon

People never stop going to and fro 24 hours. Foot traffic never stops. Sidewalk vendors take advantage of the heavy traffic it provides by selling some food or stuff and by providing instant services for an affordable price.

A baranggay-appointed street cleaner in Colon. Street Cleaners are usually scheduled in the morning and early in the evening.

A baranggay-appointed street cleaner in Colon

A pedestrian/sidewalk lane near City Savings Bank. The security guard you see is on-duty in that Bank. You can also see some ticket booth selling Boat/Passenger Vessel Tickets (SuperFerries, Cebu Ferries, Negros Navigation, Gothong, Sulpicio Lines, Trans Asia and many others)

This guy who raises his hand is a "dispatcher" (someone who calls jeepney passengers for a ride). "Dispatchers" in Colon usually earn 2 pesos for every 1 passenger they can successfully ride into a jeepney.

A woman, rubber stamp maker facing backward.

Tools of the trade of a rubber stamp maker.

A sidewalk vendor selling "Kalamay" in Colon. "Kalamay" is a sticky sweet delicacy that is popular in many regions of the Philippines. It is made of glutinous rice, grated coconut, brown sugar, margarine, peanut butter, and vanilla (optional). Regional varieties exist, the variations come from the texture and the sweetness preferred.

Jewerly Services Stall - this man repairs jewelries. Some jewerly servicing stalls in Colon also engaged in buying and selling jewelries. That 3 glasses containing an acid type of liquid are used to cleanse jewelries.

Want to eat merienda? or want to buy a cigarette? This sidewalk small grocery can provide what you want.

A small theatre in Colon: "Eden Theatre". This theatre usually shows Rated R movies. So those who like Rated R movies, you can watch it here in "Eden Theatre".

A woman selling jewelry accessories and beautiful little stuff.

Assorted plastic and wooden made earrings for Sale in Colon

Pork Chicharon for Sale. Notice how this vendor just park his trade in a sidewalk. That's how many people survive in Colon. They will just search for a vacant small space and sell something for a living. Many times they are dragged away by the real space owners of the commercial buildings.

Colonnade Mall in Colon

Other picture of Colonnade Mall

The other corner of Colon. Behind me is the Colonnade Mall.

See more new photos soon...

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Total comments : 6
Glennsanity   (27 February 2014 4:38 PM)
i miss colon, i miss cebu

Drake   (13 March 2012 7:20 PM)
Wow... just seeing a few blogs featuring colon cebu... Im into blogging but me and my team is reviewing indie films produced here in the Philippines and we wanted to know where we can ask for schedules or contact person of these cinemas in colon street.. may be you have an idea? www.pinoyindiecinema.blogspot.com

If not its okay, maybe will just visit each of these cinemas..

laurito kent   (20 November 2011 4:39 PM)
mao vah

papakjohn   (13 December 2010 5:10 AM)
hehehe marga ni ug retchie na me afghanistan kron at the sime time sa colon pud..tnx sa nag upload sa picture e apil pud ang south bus terminal ug emall...

admin   (13 December 2010 11:08 AM)
sure papakjohn, we will shoot some photos of South Bus Terminal and Emall soon. I'm sure gimingaw na jud nimo imong mga kababayan, mga classmates sauna, mga ig-agaw ug mga barkada dnhi Cebu. biggrin

aling   (21 November 2010 0:05 AM)
thanks for this nice article ...mura sad kod niadto colon cebu... smile smile smile