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Apoy, Bagyo, Kalamidad: Dibuhong Pambata (ABKD) Poster Making Contest for Children
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The Citizen's Disaster Response Center (CDRC), Inc. will conduct the annual Poster-Making Contest for Children entitled "Apoy, Bagyo, Kalamidad: Dibuhong Pambata (ABKD)."

The contest aims to generate children's perspective on disaster preparedness through artworks.

The contest will be conducted in two (2) categories:

Category A
(7-9 years old)
Category B
(10-12 years old)
Volcanic eruption/Lahar
War/Armed Conflict
Environmental destruction due to mining, illegal logging, and other projects
Climate Change

The contestants will think of ways how they can help their own community prepare for disaster, express their ideas in a poster, and choose from the above-mentioned themes according to their age category.

The deadline for submission of entries is September 16, 2011.

For more information, contact the Citizens' Disaster Response Center, Inc. 72-A Times St., West Triangle Homes, Quezon City, telephone nos.: (02) 929-9820/(02)929-9822, or email address: rpid@cdrc-phil.com.

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1 eunice gayoma • 12:43 PM, 12-September-2011
nice poster!

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