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Asia United Bank (AUB) Main Office and Telephone Number

Asia United Bank Main/Head Office (AUB) in the Philippines

Main/Office Address: 34/F JN Bldg. ADB Avenue Ortigas Center Pasig City 1600
Contact-Telephone Number: 638-6888 / 910-1725 to 35
Business Type: Banking / Financial Services
Official Website: http://www.aub.com.ph

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An Overview Company Information of Asia United Bank (AUB)

Asia United Bank (AUB) is a domestic commercial bank with headquarters and main branch located at Parc Royale Condominium, Doña Julia Vargas Avenue, Ortigas Center, Pasig City. On September 25, 1997, the Bank was granted the requisite licenses by the Monetary Board of the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas to operate as a commercial bank and commenced operations on October 31, 1997. AUB is a joint venture between a consortium of reputable and successful Filipino industrialists and Taiwanese investment banks. Both groups share a common commitment of delivering superior and efficient financial services to the local communities as well as the business sector. To facilitate the achievement of such an objective, AUB will soon expand its branch network across the Metro Manila areas and nearby provinces.
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60 johnzon dacillo   (06 March 2017 4:37 PM)
good day, im here in saudi arabia and i send money last november 29, 2016 then just today february 6, 2017 ENJAZ bank here call me and saying the account no were i send money last november 29 , 2016 is already closed but still from november and last month february i keep sending at the same account...now we need to refund the money and send it as quickly as we can..total of 4 months..ENJAZ already send a message to you to confirm the said account already closed. please send and confirm asap...
thank you

59 marjun samson   (30 November 2016 10:59 AM)
why your bank today is offline i cannot withdraw to the other bank why?

58 antonette cobarde   (30 November 2016 7:48 AM)
GOOD DAY, why is it i can't withdraw even check my balance I really need money right now, its been two days, what should I do? pls I need your response asap.

57 Jeffrey Tejada   (21 October 2016 7:52 PM)
Hi good day sir/ma'am
i,m Jeffrey son of Mrs Aida Tejada PVAO/ old age pensioner, just like to ask about her statement of accounts of her loans regarding to her old age pension last December 2012 thru CAS FINANCIAL CONSULTANCY SERVICES C/O by Ms. Tin-Tin S. Cantre. she was loaned their old age pension was about P5k for five years term, i would like to request all the details and how much she received and how much the interest of that said amount. thanks you.

56 Josiah Cabanag   (01 October 2016 9:40 AM)
I cant withdraw through any of the atms and I money ASAP whats up with my Card? I cant even check my balance.

55 erlina valdez   (04 July 2016 3:44 PM)
I would like to request and kindly to send me all the details of my payments and the total balance of my properties/loan through to email. Thanks ...ASAP

54 Alexander G.Cruz   (05 April 2016 11:13 AM)
Your AUB ATM machine located at eastwood libis QC does not work. I can't withdraw because of wrong pin but your other branches such as katipunan and tomas morato branches accepts my request. I was able to withdraw so i believe its your machine in eastwood that is defective. Thank you

53 Gerlie G. Calape   (02 March 2016 2:01 PM)
Good day!.please check if i still have my account at your branch in Davao City.I would like to update it now asap.

Thank you.

52 MILLARD ANTHONY LANO   (01 March 2016 3:57 PM)
I am running out of cheque, Is it possible to buy here in Riyadh KSA? Can we ask someone in the Philippines to buy one under my checking account? If yes, does it need SPA?

51 Catherine   (03 September 2015 4:36 PM)
just like to ask if my account is still open under Catherine Ariban beacuase im the Uae right now. thanks !

50 Catherine   (03 September 2015 4:35 PM)

49 Melanie C. Sandoval   (17 August 2015 7:10 AM)
how to activate the ATM card?if the pin code is already there we must to change it or the pincode only that u have given in my ATM card? Thank You!!! hope to know your response.

48 jonalyn ciudad   (22 January 2015 2:55 AM)
hello sir /madam , it is possible to change the name of my beneficiary of my aub atm card?thanks a lot God bless....

47 Igat Mary Ann   (23 December 2014 11:08 AM)
good morning mam, i just wanna ask if when are you going to resume your banking hours

46 Alcantara Jovie   (19 September 2014 11:24 PM)
Hello madam/sir,I'm Juvilyn Almazan Alcantara requesting statement of account on my savings account could u please help me..thanks a lot godbless..my email add.Alcantarajuvy@gmail.com

45 zhang lee   (09 September 2014 9:23 PM)
I am Mrs.Sandra Bents from Germny, God has bless me with two kids and a loving husband, I promise to share this Testimony because of God favor in my life,2months ago I was in desperate need of money so I thought of having a loan then I ran into wrong hands who claimed to be a loan lender not knowing he was a scam. he collected 2,000USD from me and refuse to email me since. then I was confuse, but God came to my rescue, one faithful day I went to Court after the Case of my friend I share idea with a friend and she introduce me to ERIVAN LOAN COMPANY, she said she was given 50,000USD by MR ERIVAN , THE MANAGING DIRECTOR OF ERIVAN LOAN COMPANY . so I collected his email Address ,he told me the roles and regulation and I followed, then after processing of the Documents, he gave me my loan of 30,000POUNDS .you can contact him on via email : (erivanloancompany@yahoo.com) I am sure he will help you.

44 Jonathan Calupe Malana   (28 August 2014 4:15 PM)
How much the amount he will get if ever the Pesioner loan his 5K pension in PVAO for five year term?

43 Jonathan Calupe Malana   (28 August 2014 4:13 PM)
what are those requirements for PVAO pensioner want to file a loan in your bank?

42 Anna Mae Quitoles   (04 August 2014 8:34 AM)
HI.. may i ask if the iglesia ni cristo centennial atm is still available?? thank you

41 Guillermo Azanes Jr   (01 July 2014 10:07 AM)
ok thanks for the info regarding my old age pension loan.

40 Guillermo Azanes Jr   (01 July 2014 9:43 AM)
guillermo vergara azanes jr verifying old age pension , when will be the approval of loan

39 Elvira Magtibay   (22 June 2014 9:23 AM)
how much is the maintaining balance of your checking account?

38 Arlene Sarah B.Francisco   (04 June 2014 11:02 AM)
please emailme if you have a vacant slot for the fresh graduate, thank you

37 Arlene Sarah B.Francisco   (04 June 2014 11:01 AM)
goodmorning im asking if you are hiring for the fresh graduate, thank you

36 Gerome De Leon   (24 May 2014 10:17 AM)
may i ask the improvement of your investigation regarding the remittance from angelito de leon jr. from saudi arabia which was given to an impostor person who knew about all the information needed to claim the money including the control numbers . maam i think that one of the personnel in-charged collaborated to wrong person from laguna who indeed is the impostor person..kindly check this complain that would somehow affect the credibility of the bank if not solved promptly...
our case has already been two weeks without any received status coming from your bank.. we really need the money to pay our land!
your feedback is much appreciated.. thank you so much

35 analiza aguiire de leon   (11 May 2014 10:38 AM)
good day,ASKING FOR THE STATUS OF THE REMITTANCE of ronnie villanueva overseas worker at samsung,not yet recieve the family need it as soon as possible thanks

34 emmanuel ramos   (08 March 2014 2:07 PM)
kindly see my account balance.

33 Rolando A. Casamis   (05 February 2014 8:30 AM)
Good morning,

id like to ask about my concern...since i'm working here in bulacan,...where is the nearest branch that i can easily drop by, or a telephone number so that i will make a phone call with them...i need to deposit my check to my account so i will ask the customer care to what procedure should i do.

32 col crisanto M nafarrete (ret)   (24 October 2013 1:47 PM)
Sir/Madam, I am a PVAO pensioner, I've learned that a pensioner below the age of 70 yrs old, can avail of a five (5) yrs or (60 mos) pension loan. I had already my loan but only for 4 yrs or (48 mos) I would like to apply/reconstruct my loan and make it good for 60 months. please advise. thanks a lot.

31 mary jamie marrero   (02 September 2013 7:31 PM)
good day!i just want to ask regarding my banking i open a account here in uae,so i want to ask if ill go to philippines. do i need to activate it to the bank or its directly withdraw to the machine because i have a pin. no. also...

30 barry gibson cruz   (29 July 2013 8:02 AM)
Why I can not transfer money via AUB to AUB please supervice me for this issue... I'm worried because my family need an important financial as soon as possible, there is a problem of your online banking??? seriously im worried please remind me now I need your respond...

29 djina dirayunan   (18 June 2013 6:53 AM)
hi how and when to encash my remaining balance in my lost atm card?

28 Julie Pescadera   (28 January 2013 2:38 PM)
I am working in courier company. i want to send my business proposal. can i have the contact number of the main office together the address and also tha contact person. I want to send personally my business proposal.

Thank you so much if you have giving me a chance

27 aleli agena mantequilla   (19 January 2013 8:55 PM)
what is your atm service center number i need to block my atm

26 admin   (16 January 2013 3:28 PM)
Victoria, this is what you're looking for: Asia United Bank Bacolod Branch.

25 Flordeliza sigua   (10 December 2012 4:33 PM)
I am one of the depositor of Asiatrust Bank and at the same former employee. Prior to the acquisition, my account is under zero maintaining balance and was not informed that effective October there should be a maintaining and a 500pesos will be charged.

Since I was not informed, may I request for the waiver of P1500 below maintaining charge from October-December since I was just informed last week. I think it is your responsibility to disseminate information to your client particularly if this involved cost. Hoping for positive response on this. Thanks

24 miriam dela cuesta   (29 October 2012 5:28 PM)
How can i get a certificate of non existing loan under the name of Miriam Dela Cuesta with account number 006850044013. Thank you

23 peter bonilla   (26 August 2012 4:55 PM)
can i know if how many days berore i get the door to door remthome from Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to here in manila.

22 jineilkay   (17 August 2012 11:08 PM)
Hi, I just want to ask, how can I activate my AUB card? I keep on inquiring balance using the card but it wont work because the machine tells it is not activated yet. So how can I? Please do reply thanks

21 norman jay abellar   (04 August 2012 6:45 PM)

Just got my AUB payroll atm. I'm planning to enroll it online. where is the account number located on the atm? If it is not on the atm, how can I get it?


20 Roeder Aringoy   (01 August 2012 3:53 PM)
hello. ask ko lang po kung pwede ba magtransfer ng pera sa AUB balak ko kasing itransfer sa BDO account ko. plss. reply and how can i transfer it from AUB to BDO. what are the process?

19 marivic lariosa   (20 July 2012 9:53 PM)
Good evening sir/maam! just want to inquire if my atm is still in you're office because my brother mar lariosa told me the atm he opend to my name was arrive last feb. The asia bank of saudi told him its already arrive in the philippines. My name is marivic lariosa please do contact me on my number coz I really need the atm.. here's my number 09461420660 thank you so much looking forward to your reply.

18 Jefferson dela cruz   (18 July 2012 9:37 AM)
IS the ATM # of my AUB ..my account # as well? thanks

17 lhady_trish   (15 July 2012 1:18 PM)
can i know if how many days berore i get the door to door remthome from usa california to here in las pinas city,manila

16 trina   (26 June 2012 9:35 PM)
can you provide me the contact person's name & phone number whose in charge in all your remittances here in dubai i lost my contact. I have availed of the cash card of aub and now i want to request for a new card for my mom for it got lost a year ago and now i want to ask for replacement since my aub cash card here in dubai is still active. can you help me please i need to have a new aub cash card for my mom before month end so i can send money to her on that card

14 manilyn ordaniza plateros   (24 June 2012 10:04 PM)
hello can i inquire? my friend send me money on remithome in AUB wat is requirements to get the money from the bank? it is ok i have one valid ID only? please i need reply befor i go to bank to get the money... i need to know if its ok i have 1 valid ID only.......

15 admin   (24 June 2012 10:20 PM)
manilyn, yes you can have one valid id only such as driver's license, school id, or company id. but it's better to bring at least 2 valid id's just to be sure.

13 Glenn Dequina   (03 June 2012 6:48 PM)
Can i get the address of AUB bank in Cavite or binan...complete address thanks

12 karen a. echon   (30 May 2012 9:00 PM)
good day.pakicheck naman po balance ko.nagwithraw po kc ako sa landbank mamburao branch ng 10,000 last may 27,2012,9:00 AM.ndebit sya sa atm ko.nabawas sya pero wala lumabas na pera.sabi po kc sa landbank makikita daw po yun sa computer nyo.baka po pwede paki update ng balanse ko.acct name:Jouie N. Echon.Acct.#-6804103587.sa husband ko po yun account pero ako gumagamit.this is his wife.thanks

11 Mia   (16 May 2012 1:20 AM)
can't access my atm too! I was just trying to change the password through the machine and then it was suddenly blocked! :|

10 jovalyne hangdaan   (11 May 2012 5:25 PM)
please answer us, why my account said sorry ur account is block when i inquire,check my savings tru inquiry only, please i need your resp0nd to it..pano po ung savings q,..

9 jovalyne hangdaan   (11 May 2012 5:23 AM)
bakit dq na po ma check ung savings q d2 s aub , my account is block when i inquire my balance, ready money is my card, paan0 po b ung mga savings namin, please help ,been worried pauwi p nman aq un lang po ang savings ko.t

8 Joel Bristol   (10 May 2012 8:50 AM)
Hello! to the management of AUB Im an OFW working in HAITI! How come that beside your office gave my monthly amortization and i never have a delay but your office never give a certificate after I settle all my credit account, Im so upset for this... im a law abiding citizen but why you do this on me?????????????????

7 jane   (02 February 2012 2:31 PM)
I am jane and i ma the daughter of Carmelita Lavador..Mrs.Carmelita is one of the dealer of nourskin at agusan del sur..she has now problem of her atm coz she want to inquire her atm but she cannot coz she accidentally lost her paper where the pik number written.Her atm bank is AUB and her account number 00673 503321 0...account name is Carmelita P. Lavador...thnak you and please reply....contact us...09066711463 or 09261127105...thank you...or you can email us ..summer_foxy07@yahoo.com

6 marlyn rodriguez   (01 December 2011 3:26 PM)
why it takes so long my rimettance?express?but it takes 3days?why?

5 daisy paragat   (08 September 2011 4:14 PM)
hi just want to ask if the transaction that was sent by my bf last august 28 has been successfully turnover to MLhuillier?coz up to now we cant still claim the money.we urgently need the money for my baby`s milk.the control#h11082412151085.plz...verify this transaction.....please!

4 evangeline b.lapitan   (05 September 2011 10:50 AM)
kindly follow up we sent last dated september 2,2011 ref # CXIT02091101996 P.# CEG00X......3227 still not in our account badlyneeded .Please your consideration is highly appreciated

3 maria theresa porcioncula   (03 September 2011 12:10 PM)
i am trying to keep in touch with the marketing representative of AUB Qatar for the money transfer via MLhiullier which was sent last september 2 with Ref.code: CER00X 0000000000 5634. unfortunately, up to now, we were'nt able to retrieve. Why such incident was happening? the said amount was small to be neglected like that how much more if we were to sent huge amount? kindly help us Sir. That amount was intended for school tuition fee.

2 hubert e brown   (17 August 2011 8:03 PM)
i am trying to wire money into my wifes AUB account but can not find a routing # or a ACH number

1 caridad   (02 August 2011 5:56 AM)
hi,just asking why my acct has block when i enquire tru online enquiry balance.my card is ready money.im worried kc im here in abroad.hndi ko na cya magagamit at paano po ung saving ko.please help me