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How to Apply for BPI Online Banking
The largest bank in the Philippines in terms of market capitalization, net income, number of ATMs and number of branches, Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) provides an easier way of online banking application compared to other banks.

No need to fill-out an application form in the bank for enrolling in online banking. You can go directly to BPI's website to enroll for online banking.

But you must have an account first with BPI before you can apply for their online banking.

First thing to do to apply for BPI's online/internet banking is to open a deposit account or a credit card account in BPI.

If you have already an account in BPI, follow the 3 steps below to enroll for online banking:

Step 1

Go to the official BPI website (https://www.bpiexpressonline.com/) and click the Enroll Now button.

BPI online banking


Step 2

Follow further instructions. Instructions are easy to follow.

Step 3

After processing the online application, you will then receive a confirmation email from BPI like this:

"Dear ********,

Thank you for enrolling in BPI Express Online. We are currently processing your application. As part of this process, a BPI representative from our Fulfillment Group will call you to verify your enrollment details. This is being done for your own security. To authenticate the call of our representative, please ask him/her to quote your confirmation number which is 000012****************

Should you have questions, comments, or suggestions, please e-mail us at expressonline@bpi.com.ph. You may also call 89100 and dial 0 to talk to a Phonebanker. These communication channels are available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Thank you for choosing to bank with us online!

From the BPI Express Online Team"

Activate Your BPI Online Banking Account

You can activate your online banking account by going to any BPI atm (machine). And follow further instructions below:

activate BPI online banking account


activate BPI online banking account

activate BPI online banking account 2

activate BPI online banking enrollment

And you're all set.

Inside BPI Online Banking Website

You can access your BPI account, balance and transactions online.

Inside BPI online banking website

Accessing BPI's online banking is free of charge.

You can pay your bills (electric, phone or internet bills, credit card bills, etc.).

Pay bills online

Load your cellphone online.

Load your cellphone online

With BPI's online banking, you can enjoy the following services:
  • Access your BPI account in BPI website anytime and anywhere for free.
  • Free balance inquiry
  • Transfer funds in any of your enrolled accounts free
  • Pay your bills (electric bills, phone bills, government agencies' services, etc.) with no extra charge.
  • Load your mobile phone online with no extra charge.
  • Access your BPI investment funds
  • and many more...
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28 anarose salmasan   (28-April-2016 10:00 AM)
i would to know my bangking savings
account in bpi.

27 anarose salmasan   (28-April-2016 10:00 AM)
activate my online bpi banking account

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I would like to know my current Savings Account in BPI.

24 Rey anthony antipala   (07-February-2016 11:39 AM)
I would like to know my current Savings Account in BPI. What shall I do? I want to know my current PHILIPPINE PESO SAVINGS ACCOUNT and FOREIGN CURRENCY DEPOSIT ACCOUNT(USD)? I am currently living here in Japan. Please help...

23 Emily   (18-November-2015 8:45 PM)
I would like to know if my atm is still active.its been long time that im not use it.thank you

22 Galelio   (09-October-2015 5:40 PM)
hi, i have my card a year ago but how can i inquire for the balance of my account?
i also want to enroll in online banking however, is it really necessary to send the printed and signed documents to their main office?

21 katheren simugan   (01-August-2015 1:35 PM)
i got already the confirmation but how i can activate my account I'm residing out of the philippines?

20 mae gallo   (01-August-2015 6:45 AM)
I want to inquire my bpi account

19 zhcarlet binas   (29-July-2015 6:43 PM)
I want to inquire my bpi account

18 Roslie daza   (23-July-2015 11:19 PM)
i need to inquire my account thank you

17 Carmina M. de Dios   (15-June-2015 1:06 PM)
I want to know how much money i have now in my account, it is not activated yet since i haven't gone home since i opened my account. May i have it through email? Thanks.

16 jennifer p. naval   (11-June-2015 7:17 PM)
how do i check my balance

15 SHERWIN E. PREGLO   (03-April-2015 1:52 PM)
can i know my balance now

14 Rodolfo Deleon   (17-November-2014 6:05 AM)
hello..i just want to activate my online banking account, there is bpi atm machine here in doha qatar? tnx..

13 Selene Doton   (15-October-2014 12:11 PM)
I just want to know my account balance if the money I transferred is already deposit. I cant registered in your online services

12 Selene Doton   (15-October-2014 12:10 PM)
Can I know my balance now If the money I send is already deposit?

11 ianbandola   (08-October-2014 9:09 AM)
Ianson P. Bandola
good morning i would like to request statement of account of my atm from the month of april to september 2014 please email to my account bandolaiansonp@yahoo.com . thank you godbless

10 elizabeth P. Apulog   (26-May-2014 0:28 AM)
Hi i just want to know how to apply for the online banking in order for to access or to inquire my balance...thanks

9 rosanna pestano lambanecio   (23-April-2014 7:42 PM)
i have bpi peso savings account ,i was not able to add deposit but i have the maintaining balance for a year.no danger that my acct will be closed?thanks

8 Miley   (27-March-2014 10:03 PM)
Hi good evening po gusto ko Sana mag balance inquiry sa BPI account ko at gusto ko mag register online .
Dapat pa ba talaga ng pumunta sa ATM machine pra e activate?
Salamat po sa sagot.

7 edmon   (25-August-2013 2:11 PM)
thanks bpi

6 Mary Grace Hingco   (02-July-2013 9:28 PM)
i just wanna know how can i log in to the bpi express online in able for me access or inquire for my balance account.. thanks''

5 Helene D. Daya   (19-May-2013 7:17 AM)
I have been trying to open my account thru online banking but many time the satement" You have been logged off due to inactivity" appears. What does it mean? u .

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Me iknow my balance on my saving account?

3 magnolia g ilao   (14-March-2013 3:58 PM)
may i now my account balance in bpi saving bank

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