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How to Enroll for PNB Online Banking?
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What is PNB Internet Banking Service (IBS)?

PNB Internet Banking (or PNB Online Banking) is one of the electronic services offered to PNB account holders. PNB Internet Banking allows you to make routine banking transactions like paying your bills, transferring funds and inquiring about your account balance securely through the Internet. Below are the steps on how to register internet online banking in PNB (Philippine National Bank).

But first you have must an account with PNB. Then, follow the procedures below.


1. To enroll for PNB Internet Banking, go to PNB website: http://www.pnb.com.ph/ . Click on "Enroll Now" link.

PNB online banking

2. Read the terms and conditions carefully and click on the "I agree” button if you wish to proceed with the registration.

3. Online registration requires you to specify any of the following accounts:
  • An ATM account
  • An account enrolled in PNB Phone Banking
  • A non-ATM account
    • Select the enrollment method which is appropriate and most convenient for you

4. You should register only one of your Savings, Checking or Time Deposit Account/s.

5. You will be asked to provide your personal details including address and contact information. You will be required to specify your preferred username and password, and your secret question and answer.

6. If you register using your ATM or Phone Banking account, you will instantly be given access to Internet Banking if you provide the correct ATM PIN or Telephone PIN.

7. If you register using your non-ATM account, approval and activation will take place within 24 hours or the next banking day.

8. After activation, you can log in to PNB Internet Banking through your username and password. It is important that you do not share your username and password with anyone.

9. If you have other PNB accounts you wish to enroll in Internet Banking, there is no need to go through the whole registration process again. Simply enroll them as your additional accounts.

10. For instructions on adding your other accounts to Internet Banking, click on "Enroll My Other Accounts” under the "My Accounts” menu. You may add your other Phone Banking Accounts, ATM Accounts or Non-ATM Accounts.

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137 manuelmeriales   (04-September-2015 10:27 AM)
balance inquiry of my global filipino

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Please check my account if already deposit, thank you.

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please check if already deposit my boss in my account,thank you

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good day,i want to check my account if it is ok,and it have already a money thank you,,,,

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I don't know how to register internet banking because I just use passbook?please help me

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I forgot my online activation code. Please advise. thank you.

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how can i check my saving account in on-line

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Good morning ! can you please help me how to get a new ATM pin code because i forgot. Thanks in advance!

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How to see my balance in my account

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