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How to Enroll for PNB Online Banking?

What is PNB Internet Banking Service (IBS)?

PNB Internet Banking (or PNB Online Banking) is one of the electronic services offered to PNB account holders. PNB Internet Banking allows you to make routine banking transactions like paying your bills, transferring funds and inquiring about your account balance securely through the Internet. Below are the steps on how to register internet online banking in PNB (Philippine National Bank).

But first you have must an account with PNB. Then, follow the procedures below.


1. To enroll for PNB Internet Banking, go to PNB website: http://www.pnb.com.ph/ . Click on "Enroll Now" link.

PNB online banking

2. Read the terms and conditions carefully and click on the "I agree” button if you wish to proceed with the registration.

3. Online registration requires you to specify any of the following accounts:
  • An ATM account
  • An account enrolled in PNB Phone Banking
  • A non-ATM account
    • Select the enrollment method which is appropriate and most convenient for you

4. You should register only one of your Savings, Checking or Time Deposit Account/s.

5. You will be asked to provide your personal details including address and contact information. You will be required to specify your preferred username and password, and your secret question and answer.

6. If you register using your ATM or Phone Banking account, you will instantly be given access to Internet Banking if you provide the correct ATM PIN or Telephone PIN.

7. If you register using your non-ATM account, approval and activation will take place within 24 hours or the next banking day.

8. After activation, you can log in to PNB Internet Banking through your username and password. It is important that you do not share your username and password with anyone.

9. If you have other PNB accounts you wish to enroll in Internet Banking, there is no need to go through the whole registration process again. Simply enroll them as your additional accounts.

10. For instructions on adding your other accounts to Internet Banking, click on "Enroll My Other Accounts” under the "My Accounts” menu. You may add your other Phone Banking Accounts, ATM Accounts or Non-ATM Accounts.
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162 Roda S. Manuel   (19 June 2017 12:24 PM)
Help me how to log in

161 minda   (05 January 2017 11:51 AM)
I've been trying for enroll in online banking with PNB for a long time now but I simply could not. I am based in the US and I opened my account when I took my vacation. I will appreciate any information on how to access my account.

160 subrata banerjee   (27 December 2016 7:02 PM)
I want to open a new savings account in PUNJAB NATIONAL BANK,BOSE PUKUR,KOLKATA.What shall I do?

159 jc   (20 December 2016 1:01 AM)
for those that only get a blank screen on the terms and condition, use a different browser like Internet Explorer. Google Chrome will give you a blank screen but Internet Explorer I got the full terms and conditions.

158 vijay sukhadeo chavan   (08 December 2016 8:02 PM)
It is so good service

157 Liezel Tinunga Tautuh   (10 November 2016 7:17 AM)
I'm trying to enroll

156 Michael Mosarbas   (08 November 2016 9:44 AM)
I was trying to enroll in personal internet banking in Philippine National Bank. I always encountered invalid atm card. What should i do?

155 Richard Cabrera   (02 November 2016 5:50 AM)
i forgot my password and even the user name...is there is any possible way to open my online banking

154 Joel Balladares   (20 October 2016 8:16 PM)
My problem is the page for the terms and conditions is blank. I tried to refresh it many times but still the same. I tried using my cellphone and on my laptop upon enrolling but still the same. What's the problem then? How to fix this?

153 norilyn   (29 September 2016 10:27 AM)
I was trying to enroll in personal internet banking in Philippine National Bank. I always encountered invalid atm card. What should i do?

152 Alice Abad   (25 September 2016 11:51 AM)
Can you please send me the enrollment form for Internet Banking Enrollment?

151 Leanne Cecil Amat   (14 September 2016 7:40 AM)
Hi. I was enrolling in personal internet banking in Philippine National Bank,I would like to ask why always invalid atm card number ang lumalabas when i submit na. please help me how to enroll in that internet banking. thank you.

150 marcelo ojas   (02 September 2016 10:53 AM)

149 bailawan sultan dimaporo   (18 August 2016 4:29 PM)
gusto ko lang mag open ..para na check ko kung dumadating na ba ang hulog sa akin na pera ...goodbless po sa inyong lahat

148 Alfie salalila   (16 August 2016 5:07 AM)
Pano ko makikita yung balance ng ATM ko patulong naman please.

147 mayshel p panes   (07 July 2016 2:19 PM)
How to nroll in pnb internet banking

146 Purva   (24 March 2016 10:16 PM)
i have activated my existing account for netbanking but while logging in it is saying a message that 'default login' page is not recommended for you... i can only select Dashboard....please give me solution

145 Lilian Caylan   (28 February 2016 12:05 PM)
I would like to have access online on my PNB account that I opened in the Philippines

144 Ramon ozaeta   (11 January 2016 5:07 PM)
How to inquire my saving true internet please help me

143 Florabel   (30 December 2015 10:35 PM)
I just received my new ATM card...i want to register for online banking but I cannot proceed because of error...system claiming indicating my ATM number and pin is invalid...any assistance please

142 girly r. monforte   (21 December 2015 9:12 PM)
your in good hands

141 ilao delia gutierrez   (17 December 2015 2:51 PM)
I have a checking account in your bank.How can i enroll for online banking?Can i have the IBAN No. and swift code no.


Ms. Delia Ilao

140 Francisco San Esteban   (11 December 2015 5:26 AM)
How come I couldn't open using my userID and password.I want to check my saving account online and view my statement of account.


Francisco San Esteban

139 sharon therese lacerna   (04 December 2015 11:13 PM)
i forgot the password and even the user name...is there any possible way to open my online banking

138 manuelmeriales   (04 September 2015 10:32 AM)

137 manuelmeriales   (04 September 2015 10:27 AM)
balance inquiry of my global filipino

136 Vivian diago brillantes   (06 August 2015 10:07 PM)
Please check my account if already deposit, thank you.

135 Rolando Mina   (06 August 2015 5:39 PM)
Balance enquiry of my current account

134 freddie catriz andres   (20 July 2015 9:58 AM)
hello gud day kindly check my account if allready have a money thank you

133 freddie catriz andres   (20 July 2015 9:45 AM)
please check if already deposit my boss in my account,thank you

132 freddie catriz andres   (20 July 2015 9:40 AM)
good day,i want to check my account if it is ok,and it have already a money thank you,,,,

131 Mary Ann Evilla Soriano   (30 June 2015 5:21 PM)
I don't know how to register internet banking because I just use passbook?please help me

130 Greatel Mago   (30 June 2015 1:44 AM)
I forgot my online activation code. Please advise. thank you.

129 noel c dumayas   (28 June 2015 12:52 PM)
how can i check my saving account in on-line

128 Manuel C. Matei Jr.   (03 June 2015 3:13 PM)
I want to my Saving Accoumt

127 Marie M Barrozo   (24 May 2015 2:35 AM)
i want to know how much my total account or view the statement of my account

126 Ireluis Austria Toribio   (12 May 2015 11:20 AM)
Want to view my statement of accounts

125 Renztine   (08 March 2015 3:33 AM)
Good morning ! can you please help me how to get a new ATM pin code because i forgot. Thanks in advance!

124 Lore Yuki   (09 January 2015 2:32 PM)
How to see my balance in my account

123 Cherry Aguilar Manulat   (31 July 2014 3:47 AM)
i want to know my email add.&password i use in order update my current balance.

122 Jefferson Castorico   (03 July 2014 9:36 AM)
pls heLp me . .i did not receive an email as i register my account .. i cant activate my account . . . also theres no button in this site that would say resend email . .

somebody Plz

121 Fely S. Salinas   (20 June 2014 3:09 PM)
For convenience, i would like to learn to use this on-line banking.

120 Emiliano M Laroza   (12 June 2014 9:56 AM)
I already have a savings account number ( US dollar). How can I access my account online to check the total amount I already had deposited ?

119 Norma Meneses   (02 June 2014 7:52 AM)
I want o enroll in internet banking

118 haidee tuazon sigua   (04 March 2014 4:47 AM)
Im applying to this application in order to check my statement of account on line. I hope everything will be kept confidential using this account, this is to facilitate me easier access with my account in the Philippines. Thank you very much and hoping for your continued support.

117 Filomena David Nubla   (03 March 2014 11:42 AM)
I want to enrol on Internet banking

116 Mario S. San Juan   (22 January 2014 5:21 AM)
I want to enroll in ATM internet banking. Will my SSS Pension Account with your bank qualify?

115 Mario S. San Juan   (22 January 2014 5:17 AM)
I want to enroll in ATM Internet banking.

114 Joselito C Paggao   (17 January 2014 12:34 PM)
I want to check my previous transactions

113 joelbalbuena   (21 December 2013 1:36 AM)
why my account cannot open?

112 lilia guibao   (18 December 2013 11:35 AM)
I want to know how much money in my account

111 Myrna Giganto Original   (28 October 2013 9:39 AM)
Hi i want to know my current balance in my account. thank you

110 Marlene B> Balayon   (26 October 2013 6:07 PM)
how many times i registered on your internet online but not success?

109 DIOGENES CAYAB VALENZUELA   (26 October 2013 1:03 PM)

108 Lenny A. Cadano   (23 October 2013 1:41 PM)
i want to know how much is in my account, and how to enroll so that I can check every time there is a transaction. thanks

107 MAYSON J. VIDAL   (08 October 2013 6:48 PM)

106 mila delos trinos   (25 September 2013 8:22 AM)
help me pls.

105 mila delos trinos   (25 September 2013 8:20 AM)
just want to check on my account how to enroll

104 dinesh kumar   (13 September 2013 9:20 PM)
I want internet banking pls help me thanks

103 dinesh kumar   (13 September 2013 9:18 PM)
I want to change my cell number

102 Ofelia Amawan   (12 September 2013 6:20 PM)
I want to know my balanace amount in my account.thanks

101 rohane m. derogongan   (11 September 2013 6:05 AM)
how do i now update of my checking account?

100 ROSALIE B. ADAPTAR   (08 September 2013 11:02 PM)
i want to know the updates on my account.thanxz

99 Sandra   (28 August 2013 7:05 PM)
I am trying to complete my account but I don't know what is the online activation code?? How to know my online activation code??

98 patria veran   (25 August 2013 6:15 AM)
I am trying to enroll into your internet banking but it give me and hardtime typing so many things again and again those code

97 Lilibeth D. Garcia   (23 August 2013 6:24 PM)
Please send to my email address my statement of account

96 M.Sivaramakrishna   (14 August 2013 10:14 PM)
could please active internet banking.

95 ranjeet kumar   (13 August 2013 11:09 AM)
mujhe online net banking chalu karna he

94 reza tomas   (10 August 2013 8:00 AM)
New Hope New Day

93 reza tomas   (10 August 2013 7:58 AM)
Pls acsses my accnt. also do my favor,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, thanks a lot

92 dolly ann arambulo   (24 July 2013 6:59 AM)
how can i reactivate my atm account on pnb that i apply when i attend on my "PEDOS"?

91 sonamjit kaur   (19 July 2013 6:52 PM)
i want to know my current balance in account

90 sonamjit kaur   (19 July 2013 6:50 PM)
i want to know.....how many balance in my account.....please urgent

89 sunil kumar   (07 July 2013 5:08 PM)

88 sunil kumar   (07 July 2013 5:03 PM)
Nice bank

87 Paul Anthony T. Miranda   (30 June 2013 8:40 PM)
I want to know may Current balance of my Savings Account Non ATM

86 jem   (26 June 2013 7:38 PM)
i cant register also..it says my personal account is not illegible for enrollment..

85 sarah paglala ebalan   (26 June 2013 9:00 AM)
good day maam/sir pls help me to register internet banking cause its to hard to register pls maam thank you

84 fria t. fiel   (09 June 2013 4:06 AM)
why I cannot register to ur website?

83 devi retuya   (07 June 2013 2:39 PM)
PNB is not a good bank. Something is wrong with your their service. As far as I know their internet banking is so stupid it is not customer friendly. No wonder when I go to their bank they have few customers compared to BDO which has a lot of customers but even if they have a lot of customers it don't take time for me to have my turn. To bad some of the people who is to send me money has an PNB account.

82 Floriza   (06 June 2013 3:03 PM)
It says that my username is not correct, how come it doesnt work when pnb emailed me of my username already.

81 josephine   (01 June 2013 5:38 AM)
I tried a million times to get in "Online banking" with this PNB , until now my account isn't verified yet. I opened a savings account last Jan 2013, now its june ..what a slow process.

80 MANOJ KUMAR SINGH   (27 May 2013 9:10 PM)

79 robin gupta   (23 May 2013 3:05 PM)
how can i check my account deposit/withdrawl in internet

78 LILIBETH O. PATOSA   (16 May 2013 5:25 PM)
Im trying to access to retail internet account & enroll for "Additional account menu" but I cant get through on it. I can't find also the information that need to be filled up. Pls. help. Thanks

77 Divina Berenguer   (14 May 2013 5:54 AM)
I'm trying to enroll for Philippine National Bank internet banking. Please help. I tried to follow the instruction on this previous page but can't find the click now or for the information to be filled. Thanks.

76 angelita nales palma   (09 May 2013 1:14 AM)
how can i check my account deposit in internet..

75 rogemson bombasi   (08 May 2013 5:12 AM)
how to register my account in an online banking help me please,. thank you!

74 Rogelio Grino   (06 May 2013 8:12 PM)
I want to transfer fund from my pnb savings to my wife pnb account savings

73 naiter joshi   (02 May 2013 8:18 PM)
want to use PNb net banking

72 janet manaay malonzo   (13 April 2013 9:42 PM)
please..send me user ID number and password pnb net banking.

71 cony nebrada yokoyama   (08 April 2013 12:35 PM)
I have been issue password , pls guide me how start internet banking

70 cony nebrada yokoyama   (08 April 2013 12:33 PM)
Please guide me how to start internet banking

69 gracellaver   (03 April 2013 2:25 PM)
I got my username and password but everytime it say may account is temporarily block.. please do give advice I'm tired I tried how many times still cannot access my acct.

68 mariano delatorre   (21 March 2013 12:25 PM)
how to register internet banking i tried many times i cannot able to se my balance in my account

67 piytush kumar singh   (12 March 2013 3:22 PM)
dear sir i want net banking registration

66 Saravanan   (09 March 2013 5:05 PM)
Dear sir,
Please guide me to register net banking,

65 marites c. francisco   (02 March 2013 5:56 PM)
Dear sir/mam,
Please guide me to register internet banking i cant sign in becease .it says dat my username password are incorrect can you please send me my username ang password please. thanks

64 pavan kumar bhinda   (25 February 2013 5:48 PM)

please send my user id no.and password for pnb net banking
my account no. 0527000110068622

63 abhishek   (25 February 2013 1:16 PM)
sir please user id and password for pnb net banking

62 ASHISH DIXIT   (22 February 2013 8:28 PM)
sir please user id and password for pnb net banking

61 MANORAMA   (13 February 2013 6:14 PM)

60 md mozammil   (24 January 2013 3:49 AM)
sir i want to internet banking registration

59 Sumeeka Angural   (22 January 2013 1:08 PM)
Sir, I have forgotten my atm pin code please help me

58 sanu kumar   (14 January 2013 7:30 PM)
i want open account in pnb

57 tanmoy chattopadhyay   (10 January 2013 2:21 PM)
I need userid and password for pnb netbanking

56 Pankaj Dhir   (09 January 2013 6:34 PM)
i hv been issued with pass word for internet but unable to start internet banking. plz guide how to start

55 gauravsrivastav   (06 January 2013 1:19 PM)
I Want online registration for net banking

54 Anu prakash Gupta   (03 January 2013 11:01 PM)
I want online registration for net banking.

53 amrita mattoo   (03 January 2013 7:07 PM)
I want to activate my no. for the balance enquiry shown monthly in my cell no.

52 shobhittomar   (31 December 2012 2:17 PM)
i have an account with onb bracnch khera pilikhuwa hapur please my online banking password

51 purita   (29 December 2012 2:18 AM)
I have an account with PNB Lucena City branch. I registered for online banking, have user id & password, but can not login to my personal account. HELP....

50 inderjit singh   (28 December 2012 3:49 PM)
how can i register online account please help ,and try again i am dead teried please help me..

49 RAJEEV KUMAR   (24 December 2012 4:12 PM)
I have registerded for netbanking and got customer ID and TXN NO.Whenever i tried to log in my account, i have been asked to change my customer id which has never been accepted.i need your guiance to operate my account availing net banking facility
A/C no 293900101934551

48 BALRAJ SAHNI   (23 December 2012 3:06 PM)
i hv been issued with pass word for internet but unable to start internet banking. please guide how to start

47 ronaldvidad   (19 December 2012 0:40 AM)
i want to regester how to online?

46 Noor Ahmad   (16 December 2012 1:45 AM)
I want to internet banking.

45 Noor Ahmad   (16 December 2012 1:41 AM)
Please tel me how to go online

44 sushil kumar   (07 December 2012 8:41 PM)
i am online bank

43 sushil kumar   (07 December 2012 8:40 PM)
new user online banking

42 SHAMBHU SAHU   (05 December 2012 4:23 AM)
i am online bank

41 rahul   (03 December 2012 0:16 AM)
i want to internet banking

40 owen reyes   (22 November 2012 10:35 AM)
how can i retrieve my username and password?and even my email address that i used before..i have forget my password too...how can i update my accnt..

39 Catherine Cabaneros   (10 November 2012 6:10 PM)
how much the penalty if in two years i did not deposited or withdrawn.

38 sameer patel   (30 October 2012 6:58 PM)
name-sameer patel pnb account no-1943001500078927 city-kota pincode-324009 state-rajasthan mobileno-9693804321

37 rajender singh   (27 October 2012 10:50 PM)
i have tried to registered on line banking service not registered showing error

36 santan kumar   (26 October 2012 1:44 PM)
how we can apply the pnb netbanking.

35 edzradeen   (24 October 2012 3:25 PM)
we tried to register million times but we are just receivng an error message: the host is unresponsive. we also e-mailed the PNB customer service to ask for help but no one made response.

34 gilbert marzan   (13 October 2012 2:27 PM)
me n my wife working abroad,i open new account n pnb branch dagupan my sister in law will deposit money in my new account n pnb dagupan branch how should i know if the money already deposit to my account and how to check it.

33 Allan Benez   (12 October 2012 11:15 PM)
I want to check my account. BUT DON´T KNOW HOW do i need to enroll online AND HOW TO ENROLL

32 Atu mishra   (10 October 2012 2:14 PM)
i wanna check my account details in my computer so how can i do

31 Atu mishra   (10 October 2012 2:12 PM)
i wanna check my details online in my pc so suggest me how i check my account balance

30 Manrico G. Magpayo   (03 October 2012 1:45 AM)
i have two atm both pnb, i want to transfer an amount in one atm...what will i do>

29 anil singh thakur   (14 September 2012 8:09 PM)
i want open pnb acount online..........

28 Noel fornelos   (13 September 2012 10:41 PM)
i enrolled on PNB net banking but i cant access my bank account because i cant give an account activation code,my account was enrolled by a bank teller in PNB Lipa branch,so how can i open my account online

27 SARITA KAUSHIK   (31 August 2012 4:42 PM)
Dear sir plz. provide the internet banking User ID & password.

Thanks & Regard
Sarita Kaushik

26 aceiong   (27 August 2012 5:12 AM)
just wanna ask wat is the possible risk if i didnt change my pin, I have ofw card given by the PNB representative during our PDOS unfortunately I was unable to change the PIN before i flew to KSA and still Im using d same pin provided by d bank,is there any possibilities that I lost the money that I deposited on the atm?please..response...

25 melba sapaden   (20 July 2012 7:57 AM)
how can i register online? can someone in the philippines deposit money in my account if i open one...

24 cherry   (13 July 2012 11:04 AM)
hi there..
i have a account in the philippines. cant I transfer money through online in my account in hawaii...

23 rosalina m gavino   (09 July 2012 0:12 AM)
Please send me how to register or enroll pnb bank on line

22 rosalina m gavino   (09 July 2012 0:08 AM)
please send me step how to open bank on line and how to register bank on line

20 arjun singh   (30 June 2012 7:22 PM)

19 Jerry flor ricanor   (26 June 2012 7:36 AM)
Pls teach me how to check my balance online

21 admin   (30 June 2012 7:23 PM)
Jerry, you must enrol in PNB's online banking.

18 marilou yabes   (18 June 2012 4:34 PM)
please send me the process on how to go online n net banking... so that i could check my transaction account or my statement account!.. thank you....

17 rodelia managbanag   (09 June 2012 4:16 AM)
Hi! There.
Please send me how to go online ,just to check my passbook saving accnt.
Hoping for your cooperation.

Thank you.

16 Ulrich Minckwitz   (04 June 2012 8:34 AM)

im not able to see my bankaccount online, evern i give in my user id and my paasword.

15 FERNEIL VILLAS ELECCION   (27 May 2012 10:56 PM)
i have a global pinoy card,i have a remittance for past 6 months now from usa,is it possible to track or to get a transaction records or a bank statement for the past 6 months from your bank?hope to hear from you the soonest.thank you so much and more power!

14 SURESH KESAVAN   (24 May 2012 1:49 PM)
please sent me all proceedure of online process for net banking

13 Manak Chand   (22 May 2012 9:05 PM)
please send me all online net banking process

12 Fujita erlinda   (07 May 2012 3:37 PM)
Please teach how the procedure step by step of internet banking thank you

11 danish nasim   (09 April 2012 7:42 PM)
please send me all online process for net banking

10 Grace Mojeca   (21 March 2012 11:49 AM)
I am trying to download your PNB C@shnet Enrollment form in your website,but unfortunately, I can't find it?

9 Joey Picaso   (20 January 2012 4:14 PM)
I am unable to enroll my PNB account, just after I filled up details in ATM number and optons savings account etc, and PIN it always shows "done but error on page".

I'm in Saudi Arabia, Please advise.

8 alvin ericcar s. carpio   (09 December 2011 9:42 AM)
how to enroll through internet banking

7 gherdz   (06 December 2011 8:33 AM)
how to know the account balance using this site

6 Md Adil Hussain   (14 October 2011 3:00 PM)
please send me all online net banking process

5 rahul kumar / rohit kumar   (25 August 2011 5:08 PM)
online banking

4 arnish kumar   (25 August 2011 4:05 PM)
please help me for my net banking registering process, please send the process

3 yogita patel   (04 August 2011 4:56 PM)
i am agree

2 rakesh yadav   (26 June 2011 7:23 PM)
please send me all online process for net banking

1 Amol dhade   (18 June 2011 2:32 PM)
please help me for my net banking passward ,plese send the proccess on my e mail iedi.