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Landbank ATM Card Balance Inquiry Online

Do you want an easy balance inquiry of your Landbank ATM Card? No need to go to a physical ATM machine. Just few clicks of your mouse, you can check your Landbank ATM account balance online.

A new way to access your LandBank account (savings/deposit account or checking account) is thru LandBank iAccess online banking.

You need to enroll to LandBank iAccess website (https://www.lbpiaccess.com). After successfull enrollment, you may login to your account and go to "Account Summary" where you can view the remaining balance of your account.

LandBank online balance inquiry
Inside LandBank iAccess online banking

Because LandBank has built an online banking facility of its own, the information below is no longer valid, therefore cannot be applied:

1.  Go to the official website of Bancnet (https://www.bancnetonline.com).
2.  Browse the list of Bank websites.
3.  Choose and click Landbank (pointed by red arrow in the image below):
Bancnet website with Landbank
4.  A new window will open which is the Landbank/BancNet Online Terms and Conditions. Click the I Agree button.
Landbank Online Terms and Conditions with Bancnet
5.  You will be redirected to Landbank Online ATM Banking interface. Enter the appropriate information in the given fields (ATM Card Number, Account Type and ATM PIN) and view your account balance.
LandBank ATM Balance Inquiry Online
Do you find it convenient to inquire your Landbank account balance online? Did you encounter any problems in checking your Landbank account balance online?
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Total comments: 203
203 Kimberly Rose D. Chan   (13 September 2016 9:55 AM)
Nakapag-enroll na po ako sa iaccess pero nung nglog-in na ako, invalid po daw ung userID atsaka password ko, gusto ko lng po sana malaman ung balance account ko. Thank you po.

202 John Eric   (09 September 2016 4:30 PM)
Balance check

201 raymond verceles   (08 September 2016 11:23 PM)
Gusto ko lng po icheck balance ko..

200 celso d arzadon jr   (08 September 2016 6:56 AM)
just want to check my balance

199 jasmine lucero   (06 September 2016 9:14 PM)
i want to check my account balance .... thank you

198 Jovie Bragado Bautista   (23 August 2016 8:33 AM)
Hello sir/ma'am..just want to check my balance..thanks and Godbless

197 Jessica Hinayon Guevara   (21 August 2016 6:28 PM)
Hi! I just want to make query with regards to my account balance. Thank you!

196 Nelson P Capillas Jr   (17 August 2016 7:09 AM)
I want to check my balance... And gusto ko po ma access uli yong account ko dito sa online..

195 Nasser diag malalag   (14 August 2016 8:06 PM)
Si/madam magandang hapon pa-check naman ng account ko dahil nagbalance ako can not process lumabas samalat

194 Sweetrubylee estrella   (14 August 2016 1:22 PM)
How can i check my account balance

193 Sweetrubylee estrella   (14 August 2016 1:20 PM)
How can i access my landbank account..gusto ko malaman kung pumapasok pension ng mga anak ko every month

192 aman   (14 August 2016 11:22 AM)

191 Augostine D Abrigo   (12 August 2016 12:05 PM)
Hi sir/man good afternoon tanong lang po sana ako kong pwede ko ba malaman kong ilan na ang laman ng atm landbank ko, account name AUGOSTINE D ABRIGO SA 1706571120 BAGONG BAYANI SAVINGS ACCOUNT...

190 nomer a. bartolome   (10 August 2016 4:20 PM)
I want to check my balance?

189 Denxfacci   (31 July 2016 9:02 PM)
My account number is 0977-0544-43

188 Denxfacci   (31 July 2016 9:00 PM)
Good evening! I want to check my balance, please. Thank you!

187 john john cadulong. lu   (29 July 2016 3:38 PM)
Hi sir/maam. Magandang araw po. Gusto ko po sanang malaman kung active pa po ba ang aking LBP account? ACCOUNT NAME: JOHN JOHN C LU ACC0UNT NUMBER:1006241022..Midsayap branch north cotabato..maraming salamat po.

186 Stephanie supleo   (27 July 2016 1:03 PM)
Balance inquire

185 Stephanie supleo   (27 July 2016 1:02 PM)

184 Karla Mae Requieron   (23 July 2016 10:18 AM)
Balance inquiry

183 kamramowa   (22 July 2016 9:18 AM)
want to check my account balance

182 Hector T. Namit Jr   (19 July 2016 2:45 PM)
balance inquiry

181 ira   (06 July 2016 6:48 AM)

180 Yehlen Forneste   (24 June 2016 10:12 AM)
Atm Balance inquiry please

179 MARIA LUISA   (23 June 2016 4:11 AM)

178 Gerardo M. Azarcon   (20 June 2016 2:18 PM)
Can you please tell me how I can check my US dollar account balance under my name? Its been a long time that I have not check it. Thanks!

177 Guia Espiritu Aquino   (16 June 2016 2:36 PM)
My question is how can I get a statement of account for the month of May 2016. I need this as a requirement to my travel to Australia as a tourist/visitor to my sister. I am residing in the US. Can LBP send me to my email?
I need it the soonest possible time.

Please advise. Thank you.

176 Jessica Polo   (08 June 2016 9:42 AM)

I would like to inquired how to open the ATM in Land Bank.What papers need,and how much to open the ATM.Thank you..


175 Hazel Gay Julie   (07 June 2016 2:34 PM)
How to inquire my balance ?

174 Eden A. Sag-od   (03 June 2016 3:39 PM)
Please let me know if my salary is downloaded to my account. Thank you

173 Roger m hufano   (31 May 2016 3:41 AM)
Thank you

172 mariafeh   (18 May 2016 11:13 PM)
Pano po mg inquire Ng balance Sa online?

171 joy kenneth t. Raagas   (17 May 2016 10:03 AM)
Balance inquiry

170 love joy villafuerte   (16 May 2016 11:33 AM)
Balance inquiry

169 Glory Jane Adlawan Yap   (15 May 2016 9:04 AM)
balance inquiry

168 manolo g balmaceda   (11 May 2016 4:14 PM)
balance inquiry

167 Janet L. Calyaen   (07 May 2016 6:50 AM)

Good morning , I would like to check my atm savings account.

Thank you!

166 EVELYN HERRAS   (05 May 2016 5:28 AM)
balance inquiry

165 jean rebarter   (13 April 2016 11:55 AM)

i would like to inquier how to open ATM in LAND BANK whet papers need and how much to open the AtM?



164 sharra jane lencioco   (17 March 2016 4:09 PM)
i would like to know my balance

163 soriate tang   (04 March 2016 12:58 PM)
i would like to know my balance

162 Lorie Mae G Ampo   (03 March 2016 10:10 PM)
i would like to know my atm balance please

161 Lorie Mae G Ampo   (03 March 2016 10:06 PM)
i would like to know my atm balance

160 Lorie Mae G Ampo   (03 March 2016 10:03 PM)
Check balance

159 Khalid A. Adilao   (02 March 2016 2:28 PM)
Check balance

158 rannie   (02 March 2016 10:36 AM)
i would like to know my atm balance

157 Marrynel C. Page   (22 February 2016 1:54 PM)
check balance

156 elmer ramirez barizo   (24 January 2016 4:25 PM)

155 Leany B. Gamiao   (24 January 2016 11:48 AM)
Check balance

154 lezel abu cabatay   (23 January 2016 1:44 PM)
want to check balance

153 carmel s. calam   (16 January 2016 8:42 AM)
check balance

152 grace pitogo   (15 January 2016 3:10 PM)
good afternoon,,,i would like to know how to inquire my balance,,,in my atm savings account of landbank?thank you

151 Marlon cunanan isip   (29 December 2015 4:37 PM)
Check balance

150 hermie   (29 December 2015 11:17 AM)
please check my balance at land-bank

149 norma   (20 December 2015 11:36 AM)
check balance

148 melsonramos   (19 December 2015 10:32 AM)

147 Katherine M Tongol   (04 December 2015 1:03 PM)

146 Mary ann macaldo   (30 November 2015 12:11 PM)
Want to inquire the account of my mother

145 Tirso Fuentes Purificacion   (19 November 2015 8:10 AM)
me dumating po kasi na gsis ecard sa akin atm ng landbank diko po alam kung ano yung account number dito sa atm

144 Raian m. Latawan   (17 November 2015 5:46 PM)
Check balance of my savings account

143 rosa   (07 November 2015 1:04 PM)

142 angel grace s. sabijon   (31 October 2015 0:32 AM)
Check my account

141 Princess   (23 October 2015 1:22 PM)
Why we can't do or inquire our ATM balance in landbank through internet???!

140 Bienvinido   (21 October 2015 8:54 PM)
check my balance

139 Bienvinido, Jr.   (21 October 2015 8:51 PM)

138 prasanjit barman   (21 October 2015 0:20 AM)

137 editha b. ballon   (10 October 2015 5:37 AM)
check my balance

136 joelizza   (18 September 2015 6:42 PM)
I can't click

135 joelizza   (18 September 2015 6:40 PM)
I cant open it

134 joelizza lastomen   (18 September 2015 6:28 PM)
Can i check my balance

133 Joseph   (18 September 2015 10:14 AM)
I just want to know my balance in my cash card ATM.?

Thank you.

132 kriseljoy   (17 September 2015 11:47 AM)
I just want to know my Balance

131 jonathan   (04 September 2015 1:57 PM)

130 Nimfa postrero delpilar   (08 August 2015 8:08 PM)
I just want to know my balance in atm

129 LA Dagami   (31 July 2015 8:10 AM)
Same problem here... Cannot open the bank name... What should I do?

128 Marilou onas   (27 July 2015 1:55 AM)
Can I open an account online? And how

127 Marilou onas   (27 July 2015 1:54 AM)
Good evening I what to know how to open an account online at your bank

126 josiah   (24 July 2015 3:50 PM)
I cant click the bank name..and I cant enter my pin number

125 maricel mapile   (23 July 2015 8:39 AM)
bank name can't be opened!

124 rainielo acosta limba   (16 July 2015 8:22 PM)
i can't log.in

123 rainielo acosta limba   (16 July 2015 8:21 PM)
i can't click bank name and i cant enter my password

122 joan l. aragon   (10 July 2015 11:39 AM)
I want to know my balance

121 lene grace B. Nera   (07 July 2015 11:09 PM)
I can't click bank name

119 Richard N. Ang   (03 July 2015 6:37 PM)
I can't click bank name

118 Diosdado O. Antonio, Jr.   (03 July 2015 0:11 AM)
Antonio, Jr

117 Christian Bala   (02 July 2015 4:52 PM)
I can't click the bank name!

116 Chegui   (28 June 2015 8:50 AM)
balance inquiry

115 Guiller T Pegarido   (28 June 2015 8:10 AM)
balance inquiry

114 ranel   (25 June 2015 8:49 PM)
i could not check my balance account cause your choose bank button could be clicked nor have any selections!

113 dorothy   (24 June 2015 5:12 AM)
when i click the bank,, LandBank is is included in the options

112 dorothy   (24 June 2015 5:11 AM)
when i click the bank their is no Land bank in the options.

111 ARGIE   (23 June 2015 8:42 PM)

110 ARGIE   (23 June 2015 8:40 PM)

109 hezel143   (23 June 2015 5:56 PM)
I cant click the bank name..and I cant enter my pin number

108 nhildz   (23 June 2015 3:30 PM)
the toolbar in steps number 5 stated in choosing the bank and pin number are not active or not clickable

107 nhildz   (23 June 2015 3:28 PM)
You will be redirected to Landbank Online ATM Banking interface. Enter the appropriate information in the given fields (ATM Card Number, Account Type and ATM PIN) and view your account balance.

the toolbar of the bank and its pin not active

106 AUGUSTO B. GAN   (21 June 2015 6:23 PM)
can i check my account

105 AUGUSTO B. GAN   (21 June 2015 6:21 PM)
balance inquiry

104 suwaib   (16 June 2015 6:33 PM)
cant click the choose bank

103 phillip   (05 June 2015 7:10 PM)
cant i check my acoount

102 rosalia bual   (04 June 2015 12:52 PM)
I can view my balance

101 carlos del rosario sta.ana   (03 June 2015 10:57 PM)
please view the balance and withdrawals for the month of may 2015 this is the account of my husband that he was retired last may 29,2015.

thank you

mrs. sta.ana

100 Mercedita E. Espares   (30 May 2015 9:02 PM)
God bless

99 Mercedita E. Espares   (30 May 2015 9:02 PM)
good job

98 marivic nise canillo   (30 May 2015 8:21 PM)
balance inquiry

97 RHEA L MARANO   (26 May 2015 7:01 PM)

96 jocelyn s.cinco   (22 May 2015 1:18 PM)
Verify my balance

95 Jenneth Pagaduan   (22 May 2015 11:48 AM)
balance inquiry

94 Mercedita E. Espares   (20 May 2015 2:05 PM)

93 ruby apolinario   (15 May 2015 1:48 PM)
balance inquiry

92 elvira b.pelagio   (13 May 2015 11:43 AM)
balance ininquiry

91 arlene reyes   (11 May 2015 12:08 PM)
Balance Inquiry

90 benilda i. jala   (30 April 2015 11:03 AM)
Verify my balance

89 romeo_b_bermudo   (29 April 2015 5:08 PM)
I can't open this page. how can I inquire my balance?

88 Evelmente G Malano   (21 April 2015 6:10 PM)
My account balance

87 Jam joble   (20 April 2015 8:23 PM)
I cannot inquire balance. The although i already opened my bank's name, when it's asked, i cannot see it on the list

86 annaliza panganiban   (20 April 2015 4:44 PM)
want to see my atm balance

85 Leonardo Tolentino   (17 April 2015 8:26 PM)

84 CRISTINO TANEO PATIGDOS   (06 April 2015 7:00 AM)
i cant open my acount,i cant see my balance,,,,,,

83 akishafate   (11 February 2015 9:09 AM)
i can't check my account balance, every time i click bank nothing appear name of bank. please help.

82 Jamzkim Borres Dignom   (04 January 2015 9:39 PM)
I can't inquiry my balance

81 Gerolyn Liza Espada   (23 December 2014 7:18 AM)
i cant check my account balance. every time i click bank i agree button it appears that i must choose a bank but i cant choose a bank every time i click it. please help

80 edselpalmero   (20 November 2014 3:30 PM)
how to deactivate my account?

79 Rima Yomara   (20 November 2014 12:14 PM)
how can i know if my atm card was still active?

78 Marilyn Librando Caneo   (14 October 2014 2:04 PM)
Good day! I already choose and click landbank after I go to the official website, when I check my balance inquiry, and I click I agree butoon, BUT the word choose your bank still appear and do not change it to landbank although I click the landbank before. Why I do not inquire balance anymore but I can some months ago? Please reply, it is 2nd time I write these comments.

77 Marilyn Librando Caneo   (29 September 2014 3:16 PM)
everytime i choose and click landbank, pointing by red arrow, it is not redirected to land bank online, and still "choose your bank" still appear

76 Fher Archer   (03 September 2014 2:52 AM)
i cant choose the bank what happen ?land bank please explain why???

75 Lafayette Julia San Andres   (26 August 2014 9:57 PM)
Pls enroll ur account using iaccess.. much faster

73 Saadah Abubacar   (25 August 2014 4:11 PM)
can't open the landbank website. it's so frustrating. it is useless to register online.

72 Cherry Rose Perez   (22 August 2014 4:27 AM)
hi sir and mam why I cant check my landbank atm everytime I will check my balance they show choose account even I choose already landbank,what will I do to check my balance coz I really need to see hope u will response thanks and godbless u.....

74 Jevany Ubando Bartolome   (26 August 2014 12:49 PM)
me too..

71 Cherry Rose Perez   (22 August 2014 4:25 AM)
why I cant check my balance account what happen to your bank?i cant click the choose your bank?
will u pls reply me...

70 Choy Choy   (20 August 2014 7:27 PM)
It worked when i first used it few months ago but ever since last month when i tried to inquire online again, its ****. Please try to repair your system. Its not convenient at all. It keeps saying to choose the bank even if its already chosen fixed therein. And it doesnt require for the member number anymore. I remember it does asked for my member number when this thing was still functional.

The spam message is hidden. Show
69 Sheng Cheong-Lukman   (18 August 2014 3:29 AM)
Its lanbank but why need to choose bank if il click its not coming something wrong????pls help i need see my balance in my atm tnx

68 Stephen Chow   (17 August 2014 2:01 AM)
why your balance inquiry is not working[color=blue][size=7]

67 Stephen Chow   (17 August 2014 2:00 AM)
why the balance inquiry not working

66 Analiza Andaya   (12 August 2014 11:11 AM)
Why not working your keypad for balance inquiry? How can I check by online?

65 Joan Meraveles Estigoy   (24 July 2014 11:02 AM)
i can't choose the bank

64 Leah Pearl Antonio   (18 July 2014 3:40 PM)
Theirs anything wrong with your site? That's why we cant access?

63 Leah Pearl Antonio   (18 July 2014 3:39 PM)
i cant access the choose the bank..why?..please help me

62 James Pagente Duallo   (15 July 2014 8:59 AM)
But I Can't Click the Choose The Bank?

61 Elmer Emie Felisilda   (09 July 2014 2:34 PM)
How to inquire my balance online

60 Nadine Maxuin Olaget   (09 July 2014 1:48 PM)
the box for choosing what bank is not available for writing.. so i can not see my balance

59 Edgardo A. Sarne jr   (18 June 2014 2:52 PM)
Pls help me to retrieve my card no.

58 Edgardo A. Sarne jr   (18 June 2014 1:43 PM)
How to balance my account online

57 lejen g.dapiton   (17 June 2014 3:15 PM)
fast pls

56 april c. nery   (16 June 2014 3:50 PM)
I want to know my balance account...

55 Analie s.nario   (16 June 2014 2:56 PM)

54 jay paul sagsagat   (12 June 2014 9:44 PM)
Can you help me retrieve my card no. I dont remember.thanks

53 andiona p. domdom   (12 June 2014 9:14 PM)

52 florie amanda pascua   (04 June 2014 7:41 AM)
I dont know my member number at landbank..please help me retrieve it.thanks

51 happy   (29 May 2014 12:08 PM)
Please where can we find my card number?

50 bhai7274   (28 May 2014 7:06 PM)
Please where can we find our card number?

49 oliver ganzon   (24 May 2014 5:40 PM)
How can I access

48 joy   (23 May 2014 8:53 PM)
i can't access..b'coz i don't know the member number were do i find it..

47 joy   (23 May 2014 8:50 PM)
what is member number..i want to know my balance..

46 robel   (07 May 2014 11:26 AM)

45 LORENA B.GLODEVIZA   (24 April 2014 8:12 PM)
i want to know if the money sent on me from sweden are ready to withdraw

44 margie aplacador   (22 April 2014 5:24 AM)
i want to inquire my landbank account........

43 cairon Diamla   (15 April 2014 11:46 AM)
How Should i Unlock My ATM?

42 vIRNA Nerida   (09 April 2014 7:21 PM)
What is the swift code of Landbank San Pablo city branch.

41 roberto s. rayla   (20 March 2014 3:35 PM)
i forget my pin pls help me

40 andy regala   (15 March 2014 7:50 PM)
I forget my pin number, What shall I do? pls... help me...

37 chito caga   (26 February 2014 1:14 PM)
i forgot my LBP cash card PIN what should i do? pls help...TY

38 admin   (26 February 2014 9:38 PM)
chito caga, this might help you: http://www.affordablecebu.com/load....0-29221

36 erma pama   (07 February 2014 2:38 PM)
I forget my pin number, What shall I do? pls... help. thanks

39 admin   (26 February 2014 9:38 PM)
erma pama, this might help you: http://www.affordablecebu.com/load....0-29221

35 luz s. espejo   (03 February 2014 2:29 PM)
I want to know how much is my Atm balance as of today. Thank u n God bless

34 daniel g. quilay   (01 February 2014 11:28 AM)
i would like check my balance online.

33 Marissa L. Duran   (30 January 2014 3:03 PM)
I would like to see my atm transactions online.

32 jun aco   (29 January 2014 2:55 PM)
i want to check my friend's balance online

31 jessie peralta sinohin   (28 January 2014 12:57 PM)
I want to check my atm card account balance at landbank

30 nestor juan fabros   (28 January 2014 0:21 AM)
i want to inquire my balnce to my atm card at landbank

29 cristinalubos   (23 December 2013 10:22 AM)
i want to inquire my balnce to my atm card at landbank

28 rachelle ramos   (19 December 2013 2:47 PM)
do i get something in my landbank atm

27 rachelle ramos   (19 December 2013 2:44 PM)
i want to inquire my landbank atm balance cos i dont have any balance in my atm card

26 imelda n cacho   (17 December 2013 6:49 PM)
i want to inqiure my balance to my atm card at landbank

25 Azila Canonigo   (12 November 2013 4:53 PM)
Swiss wire transfer to landbank of the philippines they do transfer on november 7,2013 it is possible that i receive today?

24 jennifer   (24 October 2013 5:04 PM)
cash card holder can we inquire online? coz i've tried many times but it's only it was not supported...

23 clodualdo   (22 October 2013 9:09 AM)
what is this MEMBER NUMBER being ask by the bank to access your account? only landbank requires that field to be filled up.

22 Joel Cebua Najarro   (22 September 2013 1:05 AM)
Newly member of Landbank Overseas ATM Card holder, i need to make a balance inquiry

21 anonymous praning   (16 September 2013 6:26 PM)

20 anonymous praning   (16 September 2013 6:24 PM)
Is this not some kind of a malware?

19 maximino gamido gamido   (12 September 2013 4:44 PM)
I tried the indicated steps above however, i did not find Land Bank of the Philippines listed therein.

18 jane   (07 September 2013 6:39 PM)
where can i find my atm card number?

17 teng masa   (24 August 2013 10:22 AM)
its my first tie to receive my pay....,,and all i have is p100???? while my colleagues were able to withdraw already.....what is this?

16 edna m. solis   (22 August 2013 10:14 AM)
i just want to inquire my total balance current account at landbank

15 jhon ywayan   (13 August 2013 7:39 PM)
atm problem

14 Bill A Dalisay   (08 August 2013 8:17 PM)
I want to inquire my total balance accnt

13 SHARON GUIRIBA DAGO   (07 August 2013 10:34 AM)


12 Maylyn   (02 August 2013 5:01 PM)
I want to inquire my Landbank account but How?

11 ERICSON TAFALLA   (01 August 2013 3:07 AM)
i inquire the total balance of my atm account

10 melchor d espinosa   (28 June 2013 10:46 AM)
i correctly entered my atm card and pin numbers and followed the intructions on checking my balance online but it was not identified by the machine..

9 Renato A. Labbao   (22 June 2013 6:30 PM)
can't access the landbank balance inquiry.. am pretty sure that what i have entered are the correct digits but it says: you have entered an incorrect card number/pin.....

8 Edelyn T. Candelario   (19 June 2013 11:07 PM)
Thanks and more power!

7 Edelyn T. Candelario   (19 June 2013 11:06 PM)
Good evening madam/sir! Kindly help me for my ATM card is now empty.. I did not intend to withdraw all my savings money..hence, it is recently empty. Do I have to change my ATM card with the coordination of the employees in Landbank Tug.madam/sir? Shall I pay any sunction for changing my ATM card if unless it is unnecessary?

6 ROSE aNN ELENTE   (17 June 2013 4:05 PM)
plesae always begood to the costumer

5 HHM   (14 June 2013 3:53 PM)
can i change my REGULAR ATM CARD (for savings only) to DEPED ATM CARD (for salary received). Need ur answer. Thnx and more power.

4 alinasser B. Carim   (30 May 2013 5:47 AM)
good why i ask why my card pin I cant use. for this banknetonline.

3 risam   (20 May 2013 7:00 PM)
can't access the landbank balance inquiry.. am pretty sure that what i have entered are the correct digits but it says: you have entered an incorrect card number/pin.....

1 walter wagas   (08 April 2013 11:06 PM)
why BPI and BDO are not availabe?

2 admin   (09 April 2013 9:56 AM)
walter wagas, BPI and BDO have their online banking facility of their ATM transactions. You can access them on ther online banking websites.