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Metrobank Account Inactive (dormant) for 1 year: Will it be closed?

Let's say you have a Metrobank account: a Metrobank ATM card, Passbook or other types of account. And that you haven't use or transact on that account for a year. No deposit. No withdrawals. No transactions ever done in 1 year. In short, the account is dormant or inactive for 1 year. Will that account be closed?


No. A Metrobank account which is inactive for 1 year will not be closed. According to one of the Rules and Regulations governing Metrobank Savings Account, a Metrobank account is regarded as dormant if it's inactive (no transactions are performed) for 2 years. So if your account has no transactions in less than 2 years, it is still active. Meaning you can still use the account. The money is still intact.

On the other hand, if your account is inactive for 2 years, Metrobank will charge a corresponding dormancy fee, regardless of account balance. The dormancy fee will be automatically debited from the dormant savings account.

Therefore, to avoid dormancy fee, you should at least perform a transaction (deposit, withdraw, fund transfer, pay bills, etc.) to your Metrobank account?

Are you worried with your inactive Metrobank account?
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5 jayson   (04 July 2017 9:06 AM)
how much it cost or the charge if your not sending your metro bank account with in one year?

4 Cheryl   (14 October 2016 9:23 AM)
Great day Metrobank,

How do I reactivate my savings account which has been inactive for 1 year?

Your response will be highly appreciated

Thank you!

3 Vaneza Villorejo   (09 June 2016 9:51 AM)
I opened a metrobank account endorsed by company for my salary. After the contract of working in their company, i deposited money for my savings. My problem: Will my account have the said maintaining balance to follow or none? and also, Will it be close automatically because i haven't done any deposits? only checking my card in the atm if it still works.

2 Madel   (19 May 2016 6:27 PM)
How much is the dormancy fee for every month of inactivity?

1 ariel   (06 June 2015 8:30 PM)
hi metrobank said my account is closed and said the my salary is now float? what to do now with my salary that has float? how can i receive the money float?