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Metrobank Fun Savers Club Account Initial Deposit and Maintaining Balance

How much is the initial deposit of Metrobank Fun Savers Club Account?
  • The initial deposit is P500 (for PESO).
  • The initial deposit is US$100 (for DOLLAR).

How much is the maintaining balance of Metrobank Fun Savers Club Account?
  • The maintaining balance is also P500 (for PESO).
  • The maintaining balance is also US$100 (for DOLLAR).
In order for your Metrobank Fun Savers Club Account to earn interest of 0.25%, you should maintain a balance of P4,000 for PESO account and US$200 for the DOLLAR account.

And how much is the service fee/charge if your Metrobank Fun Savers Club Account falls below maintaining balance (minimum monthly Average Daily Balance for 2 consecutive months)?
  • P300 (for PESO)
  • US$5 (for DOLLAR)

Do you have any concern with your Metrobank Fun Savers Club Account?
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Total comments : 4
Dina Nga-awan Codio   (12 November 2014 3:36 PM)
Can we apply fun savers club here at Hong Kong?

Joyce   (07 August 2013 7:34 PM)
Is it possible to apply online with this kind of account? What if you don't have the time of the day? Is Metrobank open every weekend?

Denise Lou M. Bulao   (04 March 2013 4:23 PM)
I would just like to know what are the benefits in having this kind of account for my daughter? Also, is an atm-based account or passbook based account or I can choose between the two?

Hoping for an answers on this matter.

Thank You

Charie Maniquis   (25 January 2013 5:06 PM)
hello, good afternoon!

Just want to ask what should be done if another person will encash the money thru passbook. Is postal or company ID accepted?