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PNB ATM Card Balance Inquiry Online

Do you want an easy balance inquiry of your PNB (Philippine National Bank) ATM Card? No need to go a physical ATM machine. Just few clicks of your mouse, you can check your PNB ATM account balance online. Here are the steps.

1.  Go to the official website of Bancnet (https://www.bancnetonline.com).

2.  Browse the list of Bank websites.

3.  Choose and click PNB (pointed by red arrow in the image below):

Bancnet website

4.  A new window will open which is the Philippine National Bank/BancNet Online Terms and Conditions. Click the I Agree button.

PNB Terms and Conditions with Bancnet

5.  You will be redirected to Philippine National Bank (PNB) Online ATM Banking interface. Enter the appropriate information in the given fields (ATM Card Number, Account Type and ATM PIN) and view your account balance.

PNB Online ATM Banking Interface

Do you find it convenient to inquire your PNB ATM account balance online? Did you encounter any problems in checking your PNB account balance online?
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Total comments: 57
57 avadhesh   (11 July 2016 1:43 PM)
Balance check online

56 Gaurav kumar   (09 July 2016 0:59 AM)
Sir my balance inquiry ATM no 5126522000509241

55 cleofie perez martinez   (04 July 2016 2:02 AM)
Gusto ko po malaman kung paano makita ko yong balance ko sa atm card ko po para alam ko po kung pumapasok pa yong hulog namin

54 Satyendra kumar namdev   (29 June 2016 9:35 AM)
check my balance

53 rowena jubinal/novie salatan   (14 May 2016 4:35 PM)
why i can't check my balance inquiry

52 Reinalyn   (29 April 2016 6:52 AM)
Why is it keep telling I entered the wrong number? Please help I want to check my balance

51 Reinalyn   (29 April 2016 6:50 AM)
Why it is said that may ATM card number/pin is incorrect?

50 jocelyn b. federico   (28 April 2016 1:35 PM)
i cannot check my balance on bancnet even i follow all the procedures why? bagong bayani card holder

49 arshadkhan   (23 April 2016 2:31 AM)
Balance chek

48 Raj   (27 March 2016 6:53 PM)
Hii forget my pin no

47 jenelyn andales   (21 March 2016 10:18 AM)
I check balance

46 Mary T. Apellido   (16 March 2016 7:37 AM)
Cant balance in online banking pnb

45 ferdinand tepaci muncada   (16 March 2016 3:15 AM)
Please balance atm global pilipino atm number 5921080413524767

44 cleofie Perez martinez   (12 March 2016 7:54 PM)
I check my atm balance

43 Robert Gerard J. Lapingcao   (23 February 2016 11:18 AM)
just wanna check my balance

42 Ajay   (16 February 2016 10:26 PM)

41 Mylin de villa   (31 January 2016 8:35 PM)
How can I check my balance online now.

40 Mylin de villa   (31 January 2016 8:34 PM)
Hello I want know how to make balance inquiry in my atm.I can't find where is it.long time I didn't check my balance account.kindly please help me.

39 rhon   (07 January 2016 1:15 AM)
balance check

38 Sunil   (02 December 2015 3:15 PM)

37 ivy jasmin borac   (09 November 2015 10:56 AM)
how can i check my balance online?my atm number keep on invalid

36 Raidis Guevara   (01 November 2015 11:49 PM)
I want to check my balance ATM card in PNB, and how?

35 jocy calvo   (28 October 2015 1:00 PM)
balance check

34 shivendu singh   (26 October 2015 3:14 PM)
good banking

33 shivendu singh   (26 October 2015 3:13 PM)
good banking

32 jocy calvo   (25 October 2015 8:32 AM)
i want check my atm balance

31 Mensalina Umpa   (13 September 2015 8:57 AM)
I want to check my balance in my pnb account

30 jean t.puyat   (06 September 2015 10:05 PM)
how to check my pnb account
Thank you

29 Meriel delos reyes   (06 August 2015 11:10 AM)
Im just want yo check my balance on pnb but still rejected its always says you hve entered incorrect card number/pin..pls help me thanks

28 Liezachrise   (01 August 2015 11:48 PM)

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