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MageNet.com Activities To Increase Link Sales

MageNet.com are doing a lot of activities to increase the number of of link sales of their web publishers. Here are some of their main activities:

(Picture) MageNet.com - a buy and sell (marketplace) of website links
  1. MageNet.com spend ~$20,000 per month to advertise LinksManagement.com and find more clients for web publishers (LinksManagement is the system, through which MageNet.com sell links from websites). A few thousands of new clients are signed up at LinksManagement monthly.
  2. MageNet.com spend ~$30,000 / month for a team of programmers, marketers & other staff to improve LinksManagement and increase the number of link sales for web publishers.
  3. On April 5, 2011, MageNet.com are going to start charging their clients on a monthly basis instead of once each 6 months (right now MageNet.com charge them for 6 months upfront). So for them it will decrease links' prices by 6 times. As a result, this will seriously increase the number of link sales for web pulishers . (Note: links' prices and payment system will NOT be changed for web publishers. Web publishers will continue to receive payments on a monthly basis).
  4. On April 5, 2011, MageNet.com will start to sell links from web publishers' sites based not only on exact keyword match (like now), but also based on broad keyword match. This will increase the number of offers for MageNet.com clients by 5 times, and so, will seriously increase the number of sales for web publishers.
MageNet.com is still working hard to increase the number of link sales from web publishers' sites and sooner or later MageNet.com will start to sell A LOT of links from web publsihers.

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