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Transfer of Funds from Metrobank Account to Unionbank Account Through Online Banking

Sometimes you might want to put some money in your Unionbank account from your Metrobank account through online banking. You might need this because maybe you have a Unionbank EON account and you want to deposit some money on that account. We know there are only few Unionbank branches in the Philippines. For those who live in small cities or remote areas, online transfer of funds might be necessary.

Is it really possible to transfer funds from your Metrobank account to your Unionbank account through online banking?
The answer is "NO". Transferring funds with other banks (local and international) is not yet available online in Metrobank. Online fund transfer is available for Metrobank accounts only.

Let's just wait when will Metrobank add this needed service on their online banking system. 

Do you want Metrobank to allow online fund transfer to other banks (such as Unionbank, BDO, BPI, Landbank, PNB, etc.)? Tells us in the comment below.
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berna abella   (07 March 2014 0:09 AM)
yes please, i'll be happy to hear if metrobank will add this feature online.
it'll be much appreciated, hassle free on our end.

thanks in advance