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How to Choose a Nutritional Supplement to Sell

Too many companies.. which one to join?

There are so many nutritional supplements available in the market, especially in the Philippines. But which company do you want to represent ? Find out why you want to sell these products.

Ask yourself:

1. Is it for the profit, the money to be made, the compensation plan ?
2. Are you in it for the effectiveness of the products ? Do they work ?
3. Is it easy to sell ? is it marketable ?
4. Does your business rely on the recruits you make ?
5. Is the company a reputable one ? Good standing ? at least 5 yrs old ? Allows expansion ?
6. Does the company allow a buy-back return on the products ?
7. Do you have a 100% 30day, money back guarantee ?
8. Is shipping free ?
9. Can I do business ordering online ?
10. Is the startup low enough that anyone can join it ?
11. Can I make money immediately ?

Tell me what you are looking for in a business, and I can show you a company that will stand out..

That's it for now.. If you are interested in joining a network company, tell me about it.. I can give you a few advice..

Have a great day,

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