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How to Get Chicken Permit To Travel in Cebu, Philippines

If you want to travel your chicken or chickens by sea (ship, ferry boat) or air (plane), the authorities in the ship or plane will require you to bring a Permit to Travel/Transport of your chicken. Without the permit, your chicken is not allowed to be transported. So, you must get this permit to avoid inconvenience. Here's a very short procedure on how to get a Permit to Travel for chickens in Cebu, Philippines.

1. Go to the Bureau of Quarantine (located near Pier 1 - Cebu City). If it's your first time to go to the said office, just ask someone in Pier 1 where is the Bureau of Quarantine located.

2. In the Bureau of Quarantine, ask the security guard or someone in the area regarding the particular office where you can request a Permit to Travel for your chickens. There are many small offices in the area, so don't hesitate to ask questions regarding the place.

Requesting or getting the permit is free of charge. If you have a big heart, donations are accepted.

Are you having a problem getting a Permit to Travel for your chickens?
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1 cadalsoanthony@gmail.com   (29 January 2017 5:47 PM)
Paano Kung nasa pier na ako tapos my dala ako manok at Hindi ko Alam na my permit pala ang manok ...