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Cokaliong Shipping Schedule Cebu-Maasin-Cebu and Ticket Price
Here's the shipping schedule and ticket price of Cokaliong with a travel destination from Cebu to Maasin and vice versa.

Cebu-Maasin-Cebu Shipping Schedule

Cebu to MaasinMonday7:00pmTuesday12:MNM/V Filipinas Iligan
Wednesday7:00pmThursday1:00amM/V Filipinas Dapitan
Friday7:00pmSaturday1:00amM/V Filipinas Dapitan
Sunday12:00nnSunday6:00pmM/V Filipinas Dapitan
Maasin to CebuTuesday8:00amTuesday12:00NNM/V Filipinas Iligan
Thursday12:00MNFriday8:00amM/V Filipinas Dapitan
Sunday10:00PMMonday4:00amM/V Filipinas Dapitan

Fare Rate/Ticket Price of M/V Filipinas Dapitan and M/V Filipinas Iligan

AccommodationTicket Price
Cabin with CR and TVP1,015
Suite RoomP2,345 per room
Suite Room for 3 with CR and TV (available only in M/V Filipinas Iligan)P3,517.50 per room
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