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Cokaliong Shipping Schedule for Cebu-Ozamis-Iligan vice versa

Cokaliong Shipping Lines, Inc. proudly presents their M/V "Filipinas Ozamis" and M/V "Filipinas Iligan" which will travel to the following destinations: Cebu-Iligan-Ozamis vice versa. Below is its shipping schedule:

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Cokaliong Shipping Schedule for Cebu-Ozamis-Iligan vice versa
Destination Departure Arrival
  Day Time Day Time
Cebu to Ozamis Tuesday 7:00pm Wednesday 4:30am
Thursday 7:00pm Friday 4:30am
Friday 7:00pm Saturday 4:30am
Saturday 7:00pm Sunday 4:30am
Sunday 7:00pm Monday 4:30am
Ozamis to Iligan Monday 7:30am Monday 9:30am
Wednesday 7:30am Wednesday 9:30am
Friday 7:30am Friday 9:30am
Saturday 7:30am Saturday 9:30am
Sunday 7:30am Sunday 9:30am
Iligan to Ozamis Monday 4:00pm Monday 6:00pm
Wednesday 4:00pm Wednesday 6:00pm
Friday 4:00pm Friday 6:00pm
Saturday 4:00pm Saturday 6:00pm
Sunday 4:00pm Sundayy 6:00pm
Ozamis to Cebu Monday 8:00pm Tuesday 5:30am
Wednesday 8:00pm Thursday 5:30am
Friday 8:00pm Saturday 5:30am
Saturday 8:00pm Sunday 5:30am
Sunday 8:00pm Monday 5:30am

For more information you can visit:

    Cokaliong Tower
    Don Sergio Osmeña Avenue
    North Reclamation Area, Cebu City


    Mrs. Anna Lynne Cokaliong (General Manager)
    Mr. Leo Anga (Freight Section Head)
    Ms. Evelyn Lebita (Passage Section Head)

    Telephone no.: (032) 232-7211 to 18
    Fax no.: (032) 231-6826 / 231-6825

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83 Michael Gauvin C. Dollsoo   (17 November 2017 12:47 PM)

I would like to ask if you have a schedule of travel for December 25, 2017 at 8 pm from Ozamiz to Cebu.

Thank you so much.

82 Raul Abing   (25 September 2017 5:53 PM)
Good day maam/sir, i would to know if the schedule of cebu-ozamis thursday is full or not? thank you!

81 Jay-ar Segundino   (30 August 2017 5:57 AM)
hi po..may byahe po kayu thursday september 14 2017??pano po magpa reserve

80 Jay-ar Segundino   (30 August 2017 5:55 AM)
hi po!!!
magkano po rate cebu to ozamis?may byahe po kayu thursday september 14 2017?at pano po magpa reserve?salamat

79 Wynlove sato   (18 July 2017 11:05 PM)
Fare iligan to cebu economy tnx poh

78 Mel Arps   (18 July 2017 5:10 AM)
Good day!

Inquire lang po kung may schedule kayo n
from Ozamis to Cebu on August 25, 2017 (Friday)?

Magkano po ang fare sa economy class?

Salamat po!


77 Job balmadres   (23 May 2017 4:14 PM)
Hi,, is there available schedule for 3 person's for tomorrow or thursday, or friday??

76 goldenkalcoomarie d. eduria   (25 April 2017 4:10 PM)

Magkano po fare ozamiz to cebu? 2 adult and 1 child (4 years old).

Anticipating your immediate response po.
Thank you.

75 Joy Maghinay   (23 April 2017 9:51 AM)
Good am. Would like to ask if there's a vacant suite or cabin room for ozamis route this tuesday?

74 miles away ginian   (18 April 2017 1:08 PM)
hello good afternoon po.!mgtanong Lang poh may byahe ba kayo ngayong lunes April 24 cebu to iligan...thanks poh.

73 Jerken   (01 April 2017 8:31 PM)
naay shiooing this april 9 sunday cebu to iligan please reply asap.

72 Jovi James Robillos   (18 March 2017 9:05 PM)
magkano po student rate ozamis-cebu tapos saan po pwede bumili ng ticket

71 Ellen arpon   (03 March 2017 5:10 PM)
Magkano rate cebu-ozamis po?

70 denneth   (26 February 2017 1:02 AM)
Hello ask ko lang magkanu ang fare ng car na iisakay sa barko from cebu to ozamis?at paano ang proseso?

69 HARVEY MANIEGO   (21 February 2017 12:19 PM)
hi!! how much your rate dated, dated march 1,2017 OZAMIZ TO CEBU THANKS AND GOD BLESS

68 jonnel   (18 February 2017 12:09 PM)
rate po,, cebu to ozamiz

67 Derick Colanse Dionson   (21 January 2017 3:04 PM)
Hello po, may available ticket pa po ba kayo sa january 22 2017? (for 1 Adult only)

66 joann miñoza   (17 January 2017 3:56 AM)
hello poh pwwde po ba mag tanung kung may byahe ba Wednesday January 18 2017...

65 Luiben Magto   (27 December 2016 2:37 PM)
Naa pa available ninyo pra kron gabii paingon Ozamis 2 adults 1 child

64 Jarelle   (26 December 2016 5:23 PM)
Hi,, may available tickets pa po ba kayo sa december 29,30,31 and january 1?

63 Misael D. Augusto   (20 December 2016 12:11 PM)
Vacant Ticket from Cebu to Ozamis for two (December 20,2016)

62 Misael D. Augusto   (20 December 2016 12:09 PM)
Hi,,,meron pa ba vacant ticket from Cebu to Ozamis (December 20,2016)

61 christine   (06 December 2016 7:59 AM)
hi po. just wanna ask if may travel kayo sa january 1? ano po site nyo for online booking?

60 ronel calinahan   (05 December 2016 5:45 PM)
good evening po.may ticket pa po kayo para ngayong dec.29 2016?magkano ang pamasahi sa batang isang taon at isang buwan?

59 Ralph Angelo L. Quirim   (16 November 2016 2:50 AM)
Magkano po magpa shipping ng car cebu city to ozamis city ? Thank you po

58 Niza mahusay   (12 August 2016 8:52 PM)
Hello good evening do you have a promo this coming october 2016?.from cebu to ozamis??.then how much would be the rate of a single motor???....09157021217

57 Jose Fuller   (18 July 2016 10:38 AM)
good morning! Can you please tell me how much it would cost to travel from Ozamis to Cebu on 7/29 to arrive on 7/30? There are four passengers - ages(58,33,10,6).

do you also have ships that goes directly from Ozamis to Tagbilaran?

Thanks you.

56 Alma   (30 May 2016 7:21 PM)
Do you have schedule and promo fare on december 22, 2016 or December 23, 2016 going to Ozamis from Cebu. Thanks. Please send me your reply to this message in my email add and thank you again.l

55 Alvis Paradero Tamparong   (12 May 2016 1:24 PM)
Good afternoon sir/maa'm how much is your fare ticket from ozamis to cebu, one way?
and how about the roundtrip? i need your response sir/maa'm ..thank you

54 criselle sarcol   (15 March 2016 4:13 PM)
Good afternoon, i would like to ask for the fare of a four year old from cebu to iligan (march 26, 2016) for a suite room for 2 persons and for tourist accommodation? Thank you.

53 christine ramos   (23 September 2015 8:00 PM)
good evening sir/maam, i would like to ask how much the cost of shipping a vehicle from cebu to iligan and the economy rate per passenger? please do reply and thank you

52 Eunice   (14 September 2015 5:20 PM)
Good evening!I would like to know if I can buy a ticket using my credit card?

51 Eunice   (14 September 2015 4:45 PM)
May I ask f I can buy a ticket @ ur net using my credit card?

50 floramay   (08 September 2015 1:15 PM)
Hello good afternoon!do you have promo this coming december!!cebu to ozamis

49 Rainer   (31 August 2015 3:11 PM)
Good day, Mam/Sir. How much would be the shipping cost of a vehicle from Cebu to Ozamiz? Thank you. Hope to hear from you soon.

48 jenelyn   (20 August 2015 4:16 AM)
how much was the ticket for cebu to ozamis?needed urgent please thank you

47 jenelyn   (20 August 2015 4:14 AM)
how much is the ticket for cebu to ozamis?needed to know urgent..thank you

46 Ardel   (26 July 2015 8:18 PM)
I would to know if there is any available ticket for tomorrow (July 27, 2015) schedule ozamis to cebu?thank you

45 miraflor cañeda   (20 May 2015 1:36 PM)
I would to know if there is any available ticket for tommorow schedule cebu to iligan?kindly response please for urgent booking today..thank you

44 kent dareil tamparong   (25 April 2015 2:50 PM)
ASK FOR PROMO ON JULY 2015. If de have Cebu to ozamis ... call or text me this number... 09392948493

43 kent dareil tamparong   (25 April 2015 2:42 PM)
Do you have a promo on july 2015

42 jade1980   (22 April 2015 8:47 PM)
Is there available slot on Friday from Ozamis to Cebu?

41 fevekyn   (22 April 2015 2:27 AM)
How much is the price of the ticket.

40 Orchids Glodove   (10 January 2015 10:38 PM)
Hello good evening what pier would be arrive the cokaliong tomorrow. Thanks

39 Glenn Bazar   (20 December 2014 8:28 AM)
Good morning...naa pay ticket from cebu-ozamiz. Tonight(december 20) ako depature. Thank you

38 Ambot Kinsa Ko   (12 December 2014 8:23 PM)
do you accept reservation for Iligan-Ozamis-Cebu? departure date is on Dec. 20, 2014. Thank you!

37 Arlyn Lorete Ojales   (03 November 2014 11:53 AM)
do u have office here n sibugay ?were?

36 Mov Jimz   (05 October 2014 11:22 AM)
do you have an online booking?

35 Miraflor Flores   (13 July 2014 10:54 PM)
how much is the ticket for cebu-ozamis?

34 ern uayan   (13 June 2014 2:51 PM)
Good afternoon. What pier in cebu is for cebu ozamiz route, its not indicated in the ticket. Thank you

33 che   (27 May 2014 8:09 PM)
what pier is the cebu-ozamis? my sched is on may29 7pm.. it doesnt indicated on the ticket what pier it is.. pls do help me.. thank u

32 che   (27 May 2014 8:06 PM)
wat pier is the cebu-ozamis?

31 Reymar Palomares   (22 May 2014 10:39 PM)
Sa sat..pa po ako sasakay....fullybook p po bah.?

30 Reymar Palomares   (22 May 2014 10:36 PM)
May available p ba para sa ozamiz to cebu..?

29 Princess   (19 May 2014 11:27 PM)
Fullybooked po bah ds coming 28 coz were going to cebu po eh

28 Princess   (19 May 2014 11:26 PM)
Gud eve poh how much po bah ang fare nang 5years old na ozamiz to cebu

27 marjon   (15 May 2014 12:14 PM)
how much the fare of cebu to ozamis city.meron bah moy dicount price anne

26 marjon   (15 May 2014 12:12 PM)
my promo poh your company

25 irene lagura   (14 May 2014 9:50 PM)
gud eve. tanong lang po kong may ticket pa kau 4 monday pa May18 2014?

24 cyrus molina   (13 May 2014 6:22 PM)
pwede po pa reserve ng tekit papunta cebu galing ozamis po bukas po ang departure 14 apat po kami pls lang po?malayo kasi sa amin sa ozamis baka wla na tekit pls lang po apat kami plss???

23 nesie arcala   (05 May 2014 5:55 PM)
Good pm. Pwede po magtanong kung may byahe po ba kayo ng MAY 10? Thank you po.

22 arjen andagan   (22 April 2014 10:04 AM)
Hi, pwedy ko po ba malaman any fare nang bata ages 8 years old sa barko, thanks pro,,,,!

21 Romel pancipanci   (17 April 2014 4:08 PM)
Nitawag ko sa cockaliong karun lang jud nangutana ko ug tarong nganu gi syagitan man ko? Plihog lang ko ug pasbot..ayaw lang ko syagiti..

20 JC   (15 April 2014 1:43 PM)
Good Afternoon Sir. I just want to ask if there is a schedule this coming April 16, 2014 (Wednesday). If there is a schedule, can you please contact me in this number +639058284879. Thank you and God Bless.

19 elvie   (21 February 2014 9:44 AM)
hello..sir and maam..i ask if there is sche. from ozamis to cebu this coming monday or tuesday..i want to know the right sched...thank you...god bless

18 Emily Rosauro   (30 January 2014 5:00 PM)
H!mam/sir ask lang sana ako saang per ba dd2 ang cocaliong from cebu to ozamis..plz pm me.coz im planing to travel ds cming sa2rday feb1 2014..tnx..ds s my no.09192260715.plz pm me.tnx

17 shenkai   (17 January 2014 7:10 PM)
may byahe po ba Ozamis to Iligan ngayong January 19, 2014?

16 lieal d.hilig   (12 January 2014 9:51 PM)
hello pila ang pamasahe sa barko gikan ILINGAN CITY TO CEBU CITY ..... pila ang pamasahe sa estudent, my privelage ba, puwede ba mag book thru online bali round trip ang paliton , tag pila ang bayad by person , og pila ka kilo ang puwede dalhon sa usa ka pasahero, kung pananglit mag sobra sa kilo pilay bayad , per kilo , hope i get a reply from the you !

15 Raymund ondon   (10 January 2014 9:31 AM)
Gudam.my trip po ba ngaun araw ozamiz-cebu at magkanu ang fare regular.

14 Kingstonly Trance   (21 December 2013 7:16 AM)
Mam, di pa po ba fullybook ngayon na sked?

13 Arabel   (19 December 2013 10:10 AM)
M sa dec 20-21 na sked cebu-ozamiz...

12 Arabel   (19 December 2013 10:07 AM)
Mam, di pa po ba fullybook bukas o kaya sa saturday na sked?

11 maisie l. malinao   (17 December 2013 9:45 PM)
if you have ticket promo or we dont have can i resrved ticket from dec30 to jan2 plz,,,

10 maisie l. malinao   (17 December 2013 9:42 PM)
hi,,good evening can i ask if you have ticket promo from dec 30-jan2 2014

thnx .. maisie,, can you txt me if you have? this is my number.. 09491804500

9 Carel Jean Gula Uy   (03 November 2013 7:02 AM)
My son will be sailing home tonight to Ozamis City , he's from Tacloban City. His name is Carl John G. Uy. I hope he could avail of a reservation considering that it's a connecting trip.



8 ace   (17 October 2013 6:30 PM)
cebu to ozamiz reserve po saturday

7 Misyel   (30 July 2013 10:34 PM)
gud pm...i just want to ask if my promo po kau by october...cebu-ozamis...i plan to buy in advance a roundtrip ticket for 2....dis s my # 09328825324...tnx

6 frankln masayon   (13 July 2013 8:47 PM)
hello. I am inquiring about freight procedures. I am shipping some household items to my sister in law in Ozamis tomorrow, July 14, 2013. and how to locate your office easier. I am not too familiar with the address.

5 renan   (16 May 2013 4:24 PM)
will you please send me a letter,,,,or memo that your trip from ozamis to cebu last may 13 is fully book,,,because my supervisor is asking me a proof...please please please,,,hrs is also my contact number 09309830510...GOD BLESS COKALIONG,,,

4 danilo   (03 May 2013 10:57 AM)
Dear Shipping Lines,

Hopefully for this year you can provide the online ship ticketing. It's convenient for us to buy tickets through internet.



3 bryan vallar   (26 May 2012 7:29 PM)
Do you have schedule may 27, 2012 from ozamis to cebu

2 Russ Peter B, Trocio   (02 May 2012 5:38 PM)
meron ba kayo schedule bukas..? cebu to ozamis..?

1 harrah kirstie villaruz   (27 March 2012 5:29 AM)
hello..good morning..
im planning to buy a ticket from iligan to cebu.. i leave in iligan,.. hmmp were i can buy a ticket?? do you have an outlet here in iligan?? can i ask where can i find it??