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F.J. Palacio Lines Shipping Schedule

One of the passenger shipping lines in Cebu, Philippines, F. J. Palacio Lines Incorporated announces their latest shipping/travel schedule.

For your guidance, you can refer to this schedule anytime you want to travel along the locations indicated in the table.

F. J. Palacio Lines Shipping Schedule

Day of Departure
Name of Vessel
Departure Time
Arrival Time
Cebu to Calbayog
M/V Calbayog
7:00 PM
7:00 AM
Calbayog to Cebu
M/V Calbayog6:00 PM
7:00 AM
Cebu to Tagbilaran
Don Martin Sr. 8
2:00 PM
6:00 PM
Tagbilaran to Larena
Monday/Wednesday/FridayDon Martin Sr. 87:00 PM
10:00 PM
Larena to Plaridel
Tuesday/Thursday/SaturdayDon Martin Sr. 82:00 AM
6:00 AM
Plaridel to Larena
Don Martin Sr. 811:30 NN
4:00 PM
Larena to Tagbilaran
Tuesday/Thursday/SundayDon Martin Sr. 89:00 PM
12:00 MN
Tagbilaran to Cebu
Don Martin Sr. 81:00 AM
5:00 AM

F. J. Palacio Lines Main Office Address:
corner Mabini and Zulueta Sts., Cebu City 6000

Contact/Telephone Number: (032) 255-4540 / 255-4538 / 254-4540
Passage Telephone Number: (032) 254-6629
Freight Telephone Number: (032) 255-5492
Pier 1 Booking Telephone Number: (032) 253-7700

Subject may change without prior notice.
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44 rocilly a. jimenez   (02 November 2016 3:31 PM)
magkano na ba ngayon ang pamasahi plaridel to larena?thank you

43 Maria Elena Pailden   (25 September 2016 8:51 PM)
How much is the fare of strada mitsubishi plaridel to tagbilaran?

42 Russell Haney   (16 July 2016 5:09 AM)
Please tell me the fare from Cebu to Calbayog. May be going there in a week or two and want to know the fares and also if there is a senior fare as well. Please contact me as soon as you can.
Thank You

41 Elven Perino   (07 August 2015 6:06 PM)
Please give an estimated fare of one SUV vehicle plus 2 passengers, leave from cebu to calbayog city, thanks

40 jojo yabs   (15 April 2015 3:19 PM)
how much the fare of four wheel vehicle, strada and toyota wigo from plaridel to tagbilaran.thanx

39 cliremie   (12 April 2015 9:02 PM)
Good eve...how much is the fare for the four wheel car and the fare for every person. i need your immediate response to my query. thanks!

38 andrew hunter   (02 June 2014 11:02 PM)
Do you have a route Cebu to larena, if so what time and which boat. Thanks

37 Mark   (02 June 2014 9:11 PM)
how much is the fare from cebu to calbayog city? pls txt my number 09102799490. thank you.

36 lon go   (23 April 2014 10:34 PM)
good day pls extend your schedule from cebu-larena-iligan-larena-cebu this april and may 2014...

35 Charlene Verano   (18 March 2014 5:28 PM)
I need to book a ticket for tomorrow from cebu to plaridel but i don't know the location of your ticket net so can i just book the ticket in the pier? I need your quick response coz i badly need the ticket tomorrow.Thank you!

34 chris   (11 March 2014 10:54 AM)

How much is the fair from Calbayog to Cebu for one person (cheapest rate)? I am planning on going that way within the next 10 days. Thank you very much.


33 Irene   (28 February 2014 10:42 AM)
Good day!

I would like to ask, how much is the fare from Plaridel to Larena per person? As well as if the Departure and Arrival day/time schedule wasn't change? Would like to know if possible.

Thank you!

32 JESSIE   (10 February 2014 2:07 PM)
good afternoon! just want to ask the schedule from plaridel to larena and how much is the fare for the four wheel car and fare for every person. you may send your nformation thru this cel# 09228644623. thanks!

31 JESSIE   (10 February 2014 2:02 PM)
good afternoon! i just wana ask the schedule of your ferry boat from plaridel to larena and how much is the fare for the four wheel car and the fare for every person. i need your immediate response to my query. thanks!

30 lorena   (21 January 2014 6:31 PM)
Hi good Day!

I would like to ask if this shipping line is still operating this time from siquijor to bohol?

thank you.

29 Anna Lauranilla   (06 January 2014 11:33 AM)
Hi There,
Can anyone give me the rate please from Plaridel going to Larena. Please text me at this number 0907 533 8137 or you can send a reply thru my email add. Hoping for your swift response. Thanks.

28 myrna macahindog   (10 December 2013 11:53 AM)
how much the fare cebu-plaridel at 4yrs old?09056797671..tnx

27 dalia a. engracia   (30 October 2013 11:10 PM)
how much the fare from plaridel,mis.occ. to siquijor?

26 jay ar   (29 October 2013 8:59 PM)
magkano pamasahe tagbilaran to plaridel

25 Ester   (06 August 2013 11:29 PM)
How much is the fare from Cebu to Calbayog?

24 jun   (17 June 2013 10:48 AM)
Good day! ask lang po kung tagpila ang fare from tagbilaran to plaridel?

23 tim taylor   (14 June 2013 8:26 PM)
how much is the tourist fare, or cheapest fare from cebu to calbayog?

22 jovelyn tero   (06 June 2013 6:44 AM)
i would like to ask how much is the fare from cebu to plaridel.. i need your response as soon as possible.. thank you, please send me a message.. 09059299176

21 lourdes deryn leomore severo   (03 June 2013 1:28 PM)
good day, i would like to ask how much is the fare from calbayog to cebu, thank you,

20 RYAN   (03 June 2013 9:48 AM)
good day. i would like to inquire how much is the fare from cebu-calbayog????plz text me in this nmber 09489714044,,tanx...

19 rebecca baluyos   (12 May 2013 5:21 PM)
i would like to ask how much is the fare from tagbilaran to plaridel?? i need your reply pls

18 mike   (29 April 2013 11:55 AM)
good day, i would like to ask how much is the fare from Plaridel to Larena? whether its economy, tourist, cabin, first class.

Hoping for your Response.

Thank You.

17 ednalyn sumile   (15 April 2013 10:24 PM)
how much is the fare from plaridel to larena?pls.pm me 09475673331 thanks.

16 edelyn   (04 April 2013 4:52 PM)
how much will be the fare from plaridel to larena,siquijor? thanks

15 lyn gonzales   (23 March 2013 5:26 PM)
i would like to inquire how much is the fare from tagbilaran to plaridel.thanks and more power!

14 Boying Fajardo   (21 March 2013 12:30 PM)
I would like to ask how much it would cost to ship our drilling equipment (for soil testing - loose cargo) from cebu to larena. Total shipment weight is about 2 tons and valued at Php200,000.00

Also fare for cebu - larena route. Hoping for your quick response. Thanks and more power.

13 Roseline cabador   (05 March 2013 2:10 PM)
i would like to ask the fare from plaridel to tagbilran travel period is March 24, 2013 sunday . thanks po

12 Roseline cabador   (05 March 2013 2:07 PM)
gd afternoon po!, ask ko lang po, how much is the fare from plaridel to tagbilaran , possible travel date March 24, 2013 sunday.

11 robert wakeham   (04 January 2013 9:35 AM)
i would like to know the cost of transporting a suzki multi cab loaded from Plaridel to Larena,Siquijor. If possiable could you reply to this request today,as i wish to travel as soon as ican,thank you

10 C.Q. WORLD OF ARTS   (22 October 2012 8:21 AM)
Good morning...where is your office here in Cebu? How much is your minimum charge for the cargo? pls keep us posted. thank you. We have cargo for Calbayog tonight.



9 *Rey Rosal   (20 April 2012 6:06 PM)
Dear Sir/Madame,

I would like to ask how to apply for an apprenticemate on your company.What are the requirements and I would like to know the email address of your HRO department so that I can direct my application letter and my resume to the in-charge.

Thank you,
Rey Rosal

8 james b. bongcawil   (20 April 2012 2:02 PM)
i do hope updated ang naka post coz i have to travel on sunday from plaridel to larena.......

travel day: APRIL 22, 2012.......... HOW MUCH IS THE TRAVEL FARE?


7 stephen   (26 March 2012 4:07 AM)
is the schedule updated? i just want to ask the schedule for plaridel-larena and larena-plaridel. thanks!

6 Gil   (10 March 2012 2:26 PM)
Gusto ok magtanong okay Lang ba na magdala ng car s boat? Pls answer me.thanks:)

5 PAHAWA, Inc.   (01 February 2012 11:29 AM)
hi po... magkano po ang rates ng Plaridel-Larena?

4 eugene cimeni   (12 January 2012 10:17 PM)
i jzt ask a reservation 1 ticket for me from tagbilaran to cebu tommorow january 13, 2012 @ 1:00am. plz contact me through this # 09082296730 thak you....

3 sandra jean omandam   (30 December 2011 8:09 AM)
good mornng! may i just ask if you could reserve 1 ticket for me from cebu-larena this afternoon?..you can reach me through this #: 09324337205..pls. I need your reply..thank you & god bless..

2 Ivy   (08 November 2011 10:25 AM)
nalilito lang kasi ako baka iniipon nyo muna ang mga pasahero bago kayo umalis pero Tuesday/Thursday at saturday ang sched di ba peo bakit walang byahe last saturday at tuesday?

1 Ivy   (08 November 2011 10:21 AM)
gusto ko lang sana malaman kungbakitlastsaturdayatngayong martes wala kayong byahe nagtataka lang kasi ako may problema ba ang shipping lines nyo??