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How to Avail of Site Development for Urban Poor in Cebu

To provide basic services such as foot path, drainage and access to water and electricity to relocatees in Cebu, Philippines.

Want to Avail Site Development for Urban Poor in Cebu? Follow the procedures below.

CLIENT/S : Relocated Community Associations

Carmelin Daniel
Support Services Section Head
Contact/Telephone Number: 253-7068 / 253-8124
Division for the Welfare of the Urban Poor, 2nd floor Legislative Building
AVAILABILITY : Monday to Friday, 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

DURATION OF THE SERVICE: 8 Months, 4 weeks, 2 days & 5 minutes

REQUIREMENTS: Letter request approved by the Division Head


Follow these steps…
Wait while Person-in-charge…
Approach …
It will take…
1. Submit letter request to DWUP Division Head.
1. Receives letter request
Arlene Uy,

DWUP receiving clerk
Five (5) minutes
2. Follow up the letter request
2. Endorses letter request to Division Head for approval
Arlene UyFive (5) minutes
3. Wait for schedule of the survey
3. Endorses the approved letter request to the Technical Section staff for the setting of the schedule  of the site inspection
Arlene UyFive (5) minutes
4. Ask for the schedule of the site inspection
4. Sets the schedule for the site  inspection

Technical Section staff
Five (5) minutes
5. Accompany staff during inspection.
5. Conducts site inspection
Michael Masiglat
Three (3) days
6. Waits for the result of the lot survey6.  Makes a report on the site inspection conductedMichael MasiglatThree (3) to Four (4)
7. Waits for the preparation of the POWE7. Prepares  the POWEMichael MasiglatOne (1) day
8 Follow up approval of the POWE8. Endorses the POWE to DEPW for approvalCyril Devota;
Support Services worker
One (1) month
9. Waits for the approval of Purchase Request9. Processes Purchase RequestCyril DevotaOne (1) week
10. Follow up budget allocation for the site development10. Finds source funds for the siteCyril DevotaOne (1) week
11.  Wait processing of procurement of the construction materials11. Support Services worker processes the procurement of construction materials.Cyril DevotaThree (3) months
12. Client awaits release of construction materials12. Support Services worker releases the construction materials.Cyril DevotaTwo (2 ) day
13. Client participates in developing the site, either by taking part in the labor itself or by employing others to work on the developments.13. Support Services worker implements the project or developmentsCyril DevotaOne (1) month
14. Client  documents the progress of the site development.14. Support Services worker makes a liquidation of the project’s expensesCyril DevotaTwo (2) days

Source: Cebu City Citizen's Guidebook
This information appeared first on the 2009 Version of the Cebu City Citizen's Guidebook published by the Cebu City Government through the efforts of the Mayor's Management Team.

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CABALLERO, JOHN BILL M.   (05 July 2020 10:15 PM) [Entry]

I just want to ask what are the availabe lots for urban poor ownership. I literally do not have a property of my own but I am very open to own my first one. Can I have lists of available developments. I am located in C. Padilla St. Cebu City.

Cherie   (30 September 2018 10:58 AM) [Entry]

pls text me or email me po 09271690401

Felicitas N. Jaque   (10 October 2016 7:29 AM) [Entry]

Good morning...can we be partner in Mindanao Housing Projects?

Bebelou Palanas   (07 February 2016 5:54 PM) [Entry]

Good day,

This may be a very long message but I beg you to take a look on this. I've been living in Sitio Rio Lahug Cebu City for 9 years already together with my parents. I am now planning to renovate our house but before spending money, I want to make sure I'm not gonna waste it after few years. My neighbors said this area is an Urban Poor which we are not really sure about it. By the way we paid 5,000 for having the right to stay in this place (where our house is built)- we give the money to the one who lived here before.

So my question is, is this area an Urban Poor? Our exact location is near Hacienda Sallenas - 20-houses away from the river going up in the mountain/hilltop (well its not really a river. I would say big drainage perhaps, since the water will only flow during heavy rain). You can actually see a lot of big houses here but I don't really know if they own the lot.

If this is an Urban poor, what will be the process in having this lot be under my name (maybe), who will be the right person to talk to or at least we can make sure that nobody will easily threaten us to be driven away. We actually dreamt to have one of those "Affordable Housing Program" but sad to say, we can't really afford it. I wonder why they call it "Affordable" (well, maybe for the rich people).

I hope you can make these things clear. I've been searching this kind of website that could answer my concern and I was happy I was able to find it. I just want to make sure that everything's good before spending another money. Looking forward to your response.

Thank you so much.