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Negros Navigation Trip/Shipping Schedule for Cebu, Manila, and Cagayan de Oro

One of the major shipping lines in the Philippines, Negros Navigation introduces their trip/travel schedule for Cebu, Manila and Cagayan de Oro and vice versa. For your shipping or travel guide, you can refer to Negros Navigation schedule listed below.

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Negros Navigation Boat picture
Picture of Negros Navigation Boat/Ship

Negros Navigation Shipping Schedule

Cebu to Manila
Day: Wednesday
Time of Departure: 8:30pm

Manila to Cebu
Day: Thursday
Time of Departure: 11:59pm

Cebu to Cagayan de Oro
Day: Friday
Time: 11:59pm

Cagayan de Oro to Cebu
Day: Wednesday
Time: 9:30am

For more information such as ticket reservations, freights, and more schedules, you can contact Negros Navigation at their phone number: (02)554-8777
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104 leoncio cinco   (03 July 2016 9:12 PM)

How much is the total cost to transport a new SUV from Cebu to Manila and what is the procedure.
Thank you very much.

103 roselyn oquindo   (09 June 2016 8:08 PM)
how much is the fare from manila-bacolod? is there a july 2016 schedule?

102 roselyn oquindo   (09 June 2016 8:06 PM)
How much is the fare from manila-bacolod? is there a schedule for the month of July this 2016?

101 larriza   (05 June 2016 8:54 AM)
how much is the fare from cebu-manila? what is thetravel schedule?

100 Marybeth B. Descartin   (16 May 2016 3:30 PM)
How much fare for cebu-manila,boat fare for one way and schedule for the month of may 2016.

99 alma delen   (04 May 2016 8:23 PM)
hi how much the fare cebu to manila?? thank you

98 merle geonzon   (23 February 2016 6:12 AM)
Hello!how much is the fare from cebu to manila?Thank you.

97 Jun pino   (02 July 2015 2:29 PM)
I will ship my Chevrolet optra 2006model, valued at 220k...how much is the cost? And what is the procedure? From Manila to Cebu?
Travel will be on the first week of August 2015...
Pls reply..

96 Jun pino   (02 July 2015 2:26 PM)
i want to know how much will it cost if I have to ship my old car Chevrolet optra, valued at 220k...
What is the procedure...travel period shall be on first week of August 2015..
Please reply...

95 noel duallo   (22 June 2015 8:20 AM)
here ismy cp # 09071896987 09214002966

94 noel duallo   (22 June 2015 8:19 AM)
how much the promo fare manila to cagayan de oro city

93 justine faye arcamo   (16 June 2015 1:23 PM)
Good day, i would like to ask how much is the fare price rates economy accomodation cebu to cagayan de oro june 19, 2015 thanks. Hoping for positive feedback.

92 mirriam marquillero   (15 May 2015 1:18 PM)
text me 09297232826 because i need now!!!

91 mirriam marquillero   (15 May 2015 1:11 PM)
thank you

90 mirriam marquillero   (15 May 2015 1:11 PM)
manila to iloilo schedule on may 19 or 20 and how much the amount of ticket

89 emil cabales   (12 May 2015 10:13 AM)
how much is the fare manila to cebu on may 17,2015

88 alexjuanian   (08 April 2015 10:29 AM)
cagayan-bacolod schedule please. thanks!

87 Welyn N. Sabornido   (07 April 2015 7:40 PM)
I just want to ask how much is the fare from Cagayan De Oro City to Cebu City?

86 Zyb Scott   (23 October 2014 11:31 PM)
cebu manila one way please how much is the fare

85 Rico Yanoc   (27 September 2014 7:40 AM)
me i asking if NN travel tomorow sundy at 4;00am?

84 Prescious Casulla   (19 June 2014 11:08 AM)
just asking if how much fare cebu to manila .. thanks ,

83 mary jane natividad   (11 June 2014 4:58 AM)
how much is the fare from cagayan de oro to manila ? and the schedule. When is the departure .. Thank you.

82 Emily   (29 March 2014 6:31 PM)
How much the cost traveling with pet (Siamese cat) and what is the requirements. via from Manila to Cebu? thank you!

81 Bill   (23 March 2014 8:45 PM)
how much is the fare in cebu including scooter? I'm planning to travel this april 2

80 Jose Alejandre   (20 March 2014 2:25 PM)
Hi, can you please tell me what the total cost would be to ship a Mitsubishi Pajero from Cebu city to Manila and how long will the voyage take? Would you also happen to know what papers would be needed?

Thank you.

79 marivic m.tribaco   (13 March 2014 7:52 AM)
good am.po mam/sir, how much is the freight/fare for motorcycle and what are the documents needed to bring? manila to bacolod. and pls send me ur answer on this no,09083116658..thank you im looking forward your respond pls..

78 ramon modesto   (05 March 2014 10:18 AM)
good am sir/mam how much is the fare going cebu round trip po ( Manila/Cebu/Manila)

77 avelino concordia   (29 January 2014 6:31 PM)
sir/mam, how much is the freight/fare for pick-up vehicle? Thank you.

76 rachelle fuentes   (17 December 2013 3:30 PM)
just asking for available schedule for cdo-cebu dec 27, 2013?

75 crismay sanson   (06 November 2013 8:08 AM)
hi!!! good morning may I know if do you still have fare manila to zamboanga????? pls send me your answer on this number 09051163268 thank you Im looking forward your respond

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