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Super Ferry and Negros Navigation Latest Promo for December 2011 Trip
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Super Ferry and Negros Navigation are joining forces in offering a very affordable travel rate for September 17 until December 15, 2011 travel dates.

Super Ferry Latest Promo 2011

From Manila to Visayas and vice versa, they offer 450 pesos ticket price all in plus 75kg free baggage allowance. While the Manila to Mindanao and vice versa destination, they offer 750 pesos ticket price all in plus 75kg free baggage allowance.

Selling date is on September 16-19, 2011 and the travel date will be on September 17 to December 15, 2011.

The all-in promo (which has 75kg free baggage allowance) has limited slots. It's exclusive of terminal and optional charges.

Year-round promo is also available for as low as 550 pesos for Visayas destination and 850 pesos for Mindanao destination.

  • Promo is available for both with and without meals ticket.
  • Tickets are non-transferable and non-refundable but can be revalidated with applicable surcharges plus fare difference.
  • Promo is available for open voyages only.
  • Other discounts such as Student, Disabled and Senior Citizen are not available.
For more details, you can call Negros Navigation at (02) 554-8777 and Super Ferry at (02) 528-7000.

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95 deoguanzon   (15-August-2013 11:14 AM)
maam @ sir want to ask how much is the fare and do you have promo this december..thank you please contact. this is my cellphone number: # 09187560494

94 deoguanzon   (15-August-2013 11:08 AM)
do you have promo this coming december manila to zamboanga.. how much is the fare...tnx

93 etchieochia   (14-December-2012 9:22 PM)
good evening. May I ask if how much is the fare this december?

92 Arnelyn Pielago   (05-December-2012 11:31 AM)
is there a new promo this coming december ?from manila to zamboanga ?

91 Mary joy blazo   (28-November-2012 9:27 PM)
Good evening. Do you have promo this january 6 2013. Please contact at 01089506045 bacolod to manila thanks you

90 alberto frias   (11-November-2012 2:04 AM)
I'll be on vacation on june 2013 , going to cagayan de oro from manila , we are three. how much is the cabin?

89 rezelmae and langz queen   (08-November-2012 2:20 PM)
hello good afternoon. how much is the fare manila to ozamis. I'll get a ticket tomorrow. thanks

88 gino   (03-November-2012 3:22 PM)
Good pm how much is the fare this december 24. Please send to my email gcayudithan@yahoo.com

87 kayle llenes   (15-October-2012 11:53 AM)
hello! I want to ask if you do you have promo this december 20 & 21 2012. Update me please! how much and when? thank you! You can text me at 09066361484

86 sasheen flores   (18-September-2012 9:18 PM)
do you have promo for december flight?
how much is the fate
december 21 2012 departure
please text

85 wella joie oliver   (03-September-2012 4:47 PM)
just wanted to ask if available do you have available promo for cebu- mindanao, i want to book?

84 rea lamado   (20-July-2012 2:35 PM)
Good pm. I want to inquire ticket dis coming december.manila to bacolod. This is my phone number. Text me 09199222781

83 leonard marcelino   (10-July-2012 7:34 PM)
Good pm. I want to ask if you have promo this month of july schedule pls reply or text. from manila to bacolod thanks... 09103471050

82 Maryjane Fernandez   (28-June-2012 10:44 AM)
Gud morning. I want to ask if you have promo October..? please text at this number 09199741224..thank.

81 Sany natchor   (25-May-2012 8:46 AM)
May promo po ba kayo ngayong august?

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