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How to Get Senior Citizen's Identification Card (ID) in Cebu


This service is available to all senior citizens of Cebu City only. the objective is to provide the senior citizen with a nationally uniform identification card to avail the legally mandated privileges. The end result of the service is to have an actual list of registered senior citizens of Cebu City. This service is mandated under R.A. 9257 of the "Expanded Senior citizen Act of 2003. (This is applicable only in Cebu, Philippines).
Senior Citizen ID
Senior Citizen ID in Philippines - photo


All Senior Citizens of Cebu City

Contact Person/s

Sarah Ponteras, Ecisila Mansueto, Noel Cabezas, Richard Figues
Contact/Telephone number: 256-3148 / 412-2834


Office for Senior Citizens' Affairs (OSCA)
Temporarily located at 2/F, Rm. 2-1,
Legislative Building, City Hall, Cebu City


Monday to Friday; 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Duration of the Service

2 weeks, 4 minutes & 40 seconds


  • 2 pcs. 1x1 pcitre
  • Cedula Number
  • Photocopy of any proof of birth (i.e. birth certificate, baptismal certificate, driver's license, passport, postal I.D., voter's certification, etc.)


  • None for New Application
  • Php 100 - for replacement / lost ID

Procedures on How to Get Senior Citizen's Identification Card (ID) in Cebu

1. Get the the application form for ID. The OSCA personnel provides an application form to the applicant and advises him/her to attach the needed requirements.

2. Fill out the application form and attach all the requirements, and submit it. The OSCA personnel verifies and reviews the application form and the attached requirements.

3. The senior citizen waits while the OSCA ID is prepared.  The OSCA personnel verifies in the computer if the applicant / senior citizen has been issued with a senior citizens identification (ID) card.  The OSCA personnel keeps the application form and the attachment in the file.  He/she prepares the ID and typed all necessary information in the ID card. He/she gives the duly prepared ID to the applicant senior citizen for his/her signature.

4. Sign the ID and give it back to OSCA personnel for OSCA Head and the City Mayor's signatures. The OSCA personnel advises the applicant senior citizen to come back after two (2) weeks to get the duly issued ID. OSCA Head signs the identification card. He/she forwards the ID to the office of the City Mayor for signature. The City Mayor signs the identification card and returns it back to the OSCA.

5. The senior citizen or his/her duly authorized representative signs the logbook of claimed ID's. The OSCA personnel releases the identification card and asks the senior citizen or his representative to sign the logbook.
Source: Cebu City Citizen's Guidebook
This information appeared first on the 2009 Version of the Cebu City Citizen's Guidebook published by the Cebu City Government through the efforts of the Mayor's Management Team.

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JOSEY   (16 June 2017 1:38 AM)

I would like to ask if we have to pay for card application. I had applied for senior citizen card when I turned 60 last October. I paid for it for P120 pesos and I paid a P10/month "butaw". I got my Senior Citizen card through our barangay coordinator.

I actually, tried to apply for it through the OSCA in our town , however they said , I need to get it from our Barangay which I did and I was charge P120 and have to pay P10/month "butaw".

Can you please clarify.

Thank you.

Marius de Jess   (17 October 2015 3:52 AM)

I have already a senior citizens id card in Quezon City where I have a home. This card enables me to enjoy the common privileges granted to all senior citizens regardless of where they have their home, but also the privileges which are available only to the senior citizens of Quezon City, like free parking space in Quezon City, free movies in Quezon City.

I am going to buy a home in Cebu City, and live in it some parts of the year every year, can I also get a senior citizens id card for Cebu City, so that when I stay in my Cebu City home I can also enjoy the privileges peculiar to senior citizens living in Cebu City?

Val Yrastorza   (27 January 2015 9:16 PM)

Why can't the office issue a temporary card right there and then while the seniors wait for two to three weeks to get the duly issued card? You may not realize it, but every waiting moment for them seems forever.....

Susiefi Sildora   (29 April 2014 4:09 PM)

When is the financial form will be released? My father had already Senior Citizen ID but to think of it he was not able to get any OSCA assistance since he reached 60years old. He already 61 years old this year. Why is it there's another requirements such as Financial Assistance to be filed. In fact OSCA ID is already with the beneficiary. If that so, it would take time of the beneficiary because its another additional expense, additional stress for the old man and sometimes it will not entertain properly at the OSCA City Hall Cebu. Most of the government employees are not approachable. Hope that you can do something as a government official. Thank you.

arle   (19 April 2013 10:21 AM)

i wanna know if how old start can avail senior citizen i.d
please provide me email how to apply online i.d for senior citizen

Fidencio Pongan   (14 February 2013 8:54 AM)

Is the Senior ID application form available online or through email? Please email it to this address if available. Thank you very much.

Fidencio Pongan

Jelly L. Guzik   (15 August 2012 5:13 PM)

Dear Sir/Madam:
My husaband is US Citizen. He is 73 years old. Kasal kami sa Catholic Church, dito na kami nanirahan sa Cebu City almost 10 years. Itanong ko lang maari ba siya mag apply ng senior Citizen at maka avail ba siya tulad sa mga Natural born Filipino.
Thank you.

Jay Hanson Sevilleno   (04 July 2012 4:31 PM)

To whom it may concern:
I've lost my lola's senior citizen I.D. Please give me any information how to file another one, what are the process and step in claiming one. please email me. I'm from Cebu City.

Emilia Gema S. Patindol   (24 April 2012 11:45 AM)

Dear Sir/Ma'am:

I would like to request the form of application for Senior Citizen " OFFICE OF THE SENIOR CITIZENS AFFAIRS (Information Sheet)"

Respectfully yours,

Emilia Gema S. Patindol