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Beware of Scammer Stealing Your Yahoo User ID and Password

I received today in my yahoo email inbox, an email from a person using the name Mohamed Sali and an email address, mofibiz@gmail.com.
I don't personally know this person and I'm just quiet amuse with his message. The subject of his email message is "payment slip" but when I opened the content, there's no real message. It was just a snapshot picture of a blurry form that is unreadable.

Well, to my curiosity. I click the picture to zoom it in. Look at the picture below.

This is blurry picture of the form send by Mohamed Sali

But when I clicked  the picture I was redirected to a website that looks likes Yahoo Mail Website. Here's my snapshot picture of that Yahoo-Mail-like website.

Click this to zoom in and see the url of the website and how it looks the same with the real Yahoo Mail website.

Do you see the url of this website? It's http://gator1212.hostgator.com/~brianel/yahoo/index.html. This is not the real Yahoo Mail website. Yahoo called this kind of website, a Phishing Site.
What is Phishing?
According to Yahoo, "Fraudsters send fake emails or set up fake web sites that mimic Yahoo!'s sign-in pages (or the sign-in pages of other trusted companies, such as eBay or PayPal) to trick you into disclosing your user name and password. This practice is sometimes referred to as "phishing" — a play on the word "fishing" — because the fraudster is fishing for your private account information. Typically, fraudsters try to trick you into providing your user name and password so that they can gain access to an online account. Once they gain access, they can use your personal information to commit identity theft, charge your credit cards, empty your bank accounts, read your email, and lock you out of your online account by changing your password".
The real Yahoo Mail website is https://login.yahoo.com/. But what you can see in the website layout/design of http://gator1212.hostgator.com/~brianel/yahoo/index.html is really similar to the real Yahoo Mail website. Look at my snapshot picture of the real or genuine Yahoo Mail website below.

This is the web layout/design of the real or genuine Yahoo Mail website.

Do you notice that fake Yahoo mail website and real one is similar? Recently the Yahoo Mail is frequently using a background picture of their website.

Now what could be the danger if you unknowingly enter your Yahoo Mail user id and password in a fake Yahoo Mail website? Primarily, your private information will be stolen such as your financial accounts and other sensitive private information about you.

If you save some important passwords in your Yahoo email such as your bank account passwords and someone is stealing it because you enter your Yahoo Mail user ID and password in a fake Yahoo Mail website, it is such big mess in your financial or bank accounts. As I see it, maybe you will feel a lot of discomfort and trouble in your mind if you see that your hard-earned money in you bank accounts are gone. Gone in a flash!

What should you do in order to prevent or eventually stop this kind of SCAM in the internet?
  • First, you should be always alert of the url of every website you go where you enter your username and password. Compare the fake and the real one.
  • Don't use the same username and password in every websites you have been registered.
  • Use a very strong password, a long alphanumeric password (a combination of numbers and a small and capital letters). For example is g62ldZQf3Mvd5d9mX. Yahoo Mail accepts alphanumeric and special characters ( such as #^':>! ) for your password.
  • You can read a lot of information about online security in the Yahoo website, http://security.yahoo.com.
  • Share this information to others so that they will also be aware of this kind of SCAM - stealing of username and password through a fake website.
I hope this will help you as you surf online. BE ALERT always!


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