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Philippine Span Asia Carrier Corp. Shipping Travel Schedule
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Formerly known as Sulpicio Lines Inc., Philippine Span Asia Carrier Corporation (PSACC) is one of the major shipping lines in the Philippines.  Here's a list of their shipping travel schedule.

PSACC Philippine Span Asia Carrier Corporation Picture
Picture of PSACC Banner (the new Sulpicio Lines)

Philippine Span Asia Carrier Corp. Passenger/Cargo Shipping Schedule

Day and Time of Departure
Ticket Price
Princess of the South
Princess of the South
Express Siete / Sulcon

Wednesday (8pm)
Sunday (9am)

(Cargo only)
Princess of the South
Princess of the South
Express Siete/Sulcon

Tuesday (8pm)
Friday (9am)

(Cargo only)
Princess of the Earth
Princess of the Earth

Wednesday (7pm)
Saturday (7pm)

Princess of the Earth
Princess of the Earth

Thursday via Butuan (12noon)
Sunday (7pm)

Princess of the Earth
Princess of the Earth

Monday (7pm)
Wednesday via Cagayan (7pm)

Princess of the Earth
Princess of the Earth

Tuesday (7pm)
Friday (7pm)


For Cebu to Davao, General Santos (GENSAN), Cotabato and Cotabato and Zamboanga:
Express Siete / Sulcon XII/XIV (Once a week - Cargo)

Philippine Span Asia Carrier Corporation (PSACC) Cebu Office Address:
Sulpicio Go St., Reclamation Area, Cebu City
Telephone Number: (032) 232-5361 to 79 / 233-1100

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109 arlou   (28-September-2015 4:49 PM)
good day ma'am/sir, I would like to apply to your company as a engine cadet (apprentice). are you hiring for that position? I am hoping for your reply. you can reach me at this mobile number: 09126634278 or at this e-mail ad: arzel_02@yahoo.com, thank you and godbless.

108 Jay Layton   (15-September-2015 6:04 PM)

We need to have six 40' containers moved from N. Manila port to Iloilo (pier to door). We own the containers. Can you offer this service?

Pickup: North Manila port
This is a farm located in the Bgy of Palanguia in Pototan. It is about 7 km to the west of the town of Pototan on a good farm to market road. From that road need to drive on a bgy rough road for about one kilometer. It is in good shape.

Weight of containers range from 10 mt to 22 mt

Commodity: Prefabricated buildings for housing poultry

Value per container approximately 900,000 Pesos

As mentioned we own the containers.

globe cell: 0917 862 0007

107 Isabell   (11-September-2015 9:58 AM)
Would you know what port i need to deliver a rolling cargo for container loading with psacc? From Manila for cebu

106 malyn holoyohoy   (29-August-2015 4:00 PM)
i'm so sorry i didn't notice that the time of the departure is 7 pm

105 malyn holoyohoy   (29-August-2015 3:59 PM)
another question is how much is the fare? thank you

104 malyn holoyohoy   (29-August-2015 3:58 PM)
good afternoon, can i ask if your schedule from cebu to butuan nasipit is already fix this monday? if it is fix, what will be its time for departure and what pier?

103 Jessie quintinita   (22-August-2015 6:32 PM)
Hi! May I ask your contact here in your manila branch for my cargos? And also your complete address where we can deliver our cargos for shipment to Cebu. Thank you

102 Jane Estella Reyes   (29-April-2015 2:56 PM)
Please invest in your customer service.
Your sales team is very unaccommodating.

101 MARY ANN HERMOSO   (18-April-2015 9:50 AM)
good day! I would like to know if our cargo has departed in manila bound to Cebu. I don't even know who will i call or ask, don't know when will i get my cargo, don't also know how much would i pay, all i have is this W-91310 200969.. please need to hear from you. thank you

100 Ethan Tanghal   (21-February-2015 2:26 PM)
can i know what is your contact number here at manila city?

99 Tong Tupas   (26-December-2014 8:20 AM)
How much is the freight of Mitsubishi L200 pick up 1994 model manila - gensan?

98 Paulo Genious   (03-September-2014 8:31 AM)
MV Dona Paz

97 Ted Eisenhut   (20-July-2014 11:25 AM)
i need to know if the equipment I paid for and was shipped through you has departed Manila for Dipolog city

96 Ted Eisenhut   (20-July-2014 11:24 AM)
how can you not have a way for people to track packages that they paid for and are shipped through you

95 Julius Santes   (24-June-2014 10:52 AM)
how can i contact psac zamboanga, pls. give me no. of zambo branch.

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